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  1. Kaligula_Varyag

    Tattoo Contest: Voting

    The tattoo must necessarily be of naval inspiration or we can participate with another type of inspiration, for example, luck and protection on travels (naval or not). Thanks
  2. @Tabericos these commander portraits have been customized by you or are part of the modpack. Thanx in advance.
  3. Kaligula_Varyag

    Grade Cruzadores Russos

    Saudações Todos serão permanentes para pesquisa, exatamente como na captura que postou. A partir do tier 7 Shchors, você vai escolher qual das sub-linhas prefere, ou fazer as duas se quiser.
  4. Kaligula_Varyag

    ¡Más recompensas para los miembros de Twitch Prime!

    Hola, @eqp1975 verifique la administración de su cuenta para ver si Amazon está vinculado con WoWS.
  5. Thank you so much Ladies!
  6. Kaligula_Varyag

    About PT reward and new URSS premium ships

    Thank you Hapa!
  7. Kaligula_Varyag

    LF invite code / new on NA server

    Send PM to you too. Welcome
  8. Kaligula_Varyag

    LF invite code / new on NA server

    Send PM to you. Welcome to NA server.
  9. Thank you ladies !
  10. Kaligula_Varyag

    Ways to change Commander names?

    Did you find more than one file global.mo? In the non-steam version there is only one. Copy the global.mo for edit. Locate the folder "res_mods" in steam version [ex: C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\World of Warships\bin\2380178\res_mods\0.9.x.x(client version)] and create a folder "0.9.x.x\texts\en\LC_MESSAGES". Put a file global.mo edited in this last folder. Try this. My edition mode: Convert global.mo to global.po and edit with notepad++. Convert edited file .po to .mo again. Use the online service https://ezgif.com/mo-to-po for this. More info:
  11. Kaligula_Varyag

    Código bonus de las finales del King of Sea VIII

    Si esto codigo no funciona mas porque es de marzo de 2019.
  12. Kaligula_Varyag

    King of the Sea X Results!

    In the KOTS XI (october i believe): "The next eight elements will be available during the next King of the Sea tournament. We'll share more details on how to get them as the start of the tournament approaches. Stay tuned!"
  13. Kaligula_Varyag

    Are these graphics/logos editable?

    I understand now. I thought that being in PNG format it could be edited.
  14. Kaligula_Varyag

    Are these graphics/logos editable?

    The logo number 2 yes. File PNG in folder: gui\logos The WoWs logo i dont know.