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  1. Kaligula_Varyag

    Any CCs that do lower tier content

    Play low tiers regularly: ASHLEYakaASHLEY - https://www.twitch.tv/ashleyakaashley CaptainJiveTurkey - https://www.twitch.tv/jivturky Lord_Zath (commented replays) - https://www.twitch.tv/lord_zath
  2. Kaligula_Varyag

    Mode of the Week: Space Battles - 8th to 15th

    My WINNING end of game battle screen from the Space Battles Mode.
  3. Código bonus de las finales del torneo King of Sea VIII: LONGLIVETHEKING Activa una cadena de missiones del torneo KOTS, que regala un contenedor de Twitch y camos.
  4. Kaligula_Varyag

    Cross-Server Clan Battles: Second Test Round

    In my Clan only received the coal and steel the players who participated in 5+ battles that weren't NA (total 10 or more). Unfortunately that was clear in the rules of the event. I open a ticket in support and received the information that the oil and signals will be claimed together with the rewards of PTS 0.8.2, i think so for all players with 3+ victories a day.
  5. Kaligula_Varyag

    Cross-Server Clan Battles: Second Test Round

    I claim my rewards in https://worldofwarships.com/userbonus/ and received the coal and steel, but the flags and oil for 3 victories a day don't pay. Has anyone else received the same?
  6. Kaligula_Varyag

    Ship of the Week: T7 Cruisers - 18th to 25th

    For 5 Lá Fhéile Pádraig camos;
  7. Kaligula_Varyag

    Clarification on Rewards for Clan Battle testing

    You must play at least 10 battles in total. And by at least 5 must be in prime time of another server. As you have already played 10, but all on your home server, you must play at least another 5 today or sunday, necessarily on another server, to be eligible to receive the rewards. Sry for my poor english.
  8. Kaligula_Varyag

    So whats your favorite OP?

    I like mainly Killer Whale, Dynamo, Cherry Blossom, Hermes, Narai and Raptor Rescue. Basically for farm XP to upgrade and grind ships; and XP-commander to upgrade skills.
  9. Kaligula_Varyag

    Welcome Back Contest! - 6th to 11th

    What is your in-game name and the origin of it (as long as it is appropriate for the forums)? IGN: Kaligula_Varyag. It is the junction of three passions for me, the History of Ancient Rome, in the case a tribute to Emperor Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (Caligula), History and Mythology of the ancient Nordic peoples, Vikings, Danes or Varyag (The Varangians) as they were known in the old Russ, what is today Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, whose History and Mythology I also like a lot. How long have you been playing World of Warships? I played World of Tanks and on April 28, 2016 registered my WoWS account. At the beginning I played little, but from December 2018 started to feel a charm for the game, which is my favorite now. What got you into playing World of Warships? Love of Ships? History? Came from a different game? Explain what got you into the game. I came from the World of Tanks, and I really like Military History, in all aspects. And for being something new, multiplayer naval battles. What is your favorite ship? Why? Feel free to add a pic as well! Scharnhorst, for the combination of good speed, firepower and torpedos, which makes him a multipurpose battleship.