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  1. Telastyn

    Smoke on Italian BBs

    In addition to the above point about turning, it is also useful to close the distance. There are many things at the higher tiers that you don’t want to trade fire with at ~15km. The smoke can let you close to a range where the Italian gunnery is less outclassed. And in randoms, rushing in smoke will occasionally panic an enemy to turn away from you, giving you some prime broadside shots.
  2. Telastyn

    Pleasantly Surprising Ships

    I’ve done well with the UK CVs, which most people struggle with. The Colorado wasn’t nearly as bad as people make it out to be. The Minnesota was good. And once I figured out how to use it, the Emerald was surprisingly effective.
  3. Telastyn

    Admiral Schroder, Is it worth the 7k gold?

    I concur with other posters. It is better than I expected. Great conceal, reasonably tough, main guns are punchy and less terrible than I anticipated since conceal lets you play closer to the battle than Agir. On the downside, it seems like the turrets are damaged often, particularly the superfiring ones. And the off the deck depth charges are a real [edited] punch.
  4. Telastyn

    Question on High Tier Games

    T8 CVs are way more fun and effective than lower tiers (and higher tiers, honestly). And when I’m grinding missions, higher tier ships tend to get more bxp, more potential damage, more actual damage, more ribbons, etc.
  5. It’s better than it was, but it’s still bad. (unlike the Izumo, which is better than it was and has moved out of bad status)
  6. Kitakaze, Alsace, Johan, Rupprecht (now that she has a 14 point captain)
  7. Yeah, cruisers vary. The London plays similarly to the Flint and the pan Asian cruisers. Find some spot where the reds will push, smoke up, then pound them as they advance. Other cruisers need islands to float shells over (IJN CLs, Worcester, RN CLs when they’re out of smoke). Yet other cruisers need open water to dodge in (French CLs, some USN CLs, IJN CAs). One important common strategy is finding a flank. If you engage many ships, at least one of them will be able to blap you. By being on the edge of the flank, you can protect your broadside and limit your engagement to one or two enemies at a time.
  8. It’s probably because the fake guns on the fake German ships are historically underwhelming and are operated by drunks.
  9. Telastyn

    New IJN CL line

    I’m not sure how they could possibly be worse!
  10. Telastyn

    US hybrid BB

    After the Zeiten, lots of ships seem pretty.
  11. Telastyn

    Very close game

    2.2m? Even for a hindy, that’s probably not close to a record.
  12. Yeah. Subs don’t do a whole lot of ram damage. You have hydro! You are faster and more maneuverable than the sub! Figure it out.
  13. And it’s still light years better than the T5-6…
  14. Telastyn

    1v1 CV brawls are insane, and i love it

    28k with Haku secondaries eh?