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  1. Telastyn

    The Grind for CVs is Just. Too. Much.

    Not sure. The 8 -> 10 grind sucks, only to get a T10 cv that is invariably the least pleasant CV to play in the line. But honestly, the tier 8/9 grind is hella grindy for every line. I’d argue that WG should lower the curve a little bit, but that’d remove much of the reason to play (since the game is less fun and the quests are less rewarding).
  2. Telastyn

    Ugliest ship in wows.

    +1 for Zeiten. The bow turret would be awash with so much spray, and the main trapezoid superstructure has literally no purpose. It’s like a Nurnberg had sex with an oil tanker.
  3. Telastyn

    The counter to CV it just works

    I am pretty brawlly, but even I won’t go there from the North side. South side has more cover, and you can usually sneak there if there is enough support.
  4. And how often does that happen? I have ~19000 games and it has happened twice to me (thanks, Richelieu). As for the OP, this is not a great idea and is solving a non-problem. Randomly exploding planes isn’t interesting, and CVs don’t need extra arbitrary nerfs that won’t balance anything or stop the whining.
  5. Telastyn

    Invincible AA and 2ndaries Going Away

    I am happy overall, it means my non-Russian CVs will be playable again. And I expect my Heinrich will still be a solid performer (though my Alsace is more sad).
  6. Telastyn

    Dev Blog 11.1 Super Carriers

    Really? Spending dev time on this rather than new maps or making subs not suck or getting the Essex/Hiryu/Independence/Taiho back into the game?
  7. Only half? luuuucky
  8. It depends on the CV. My RU CVs don’t care at all. My GZ is down 30% this release because the already fragile planes can’t take full continuous damage all match.
  9. They’ll be less powerful when WG fixes the “secondaries/AA can’t be destroyed” bug
  10. Telastyn

    Why are the accuacy on my ship so bad.

    Also, the Kongo is one of the least accurate ships in the entire game,
  11. If you think the Mac is good, wait until you get the Heinrich (and upgrade its hull)
  12. Telastyn

    I'm done putting up with invisible DDs

    What did you expect to happen? DDs are faster than you, out conceal you, and that’s not bad game design. It is pushing you to play as a team.
  13. Telastyn

    Is the G Kurfurst even worth the effort?

    Only for snowflakes. Even before the secondary nerf she was a giant, easy to shoot ball of HP to farm. Better than FDG (even after the buff) but still comfortably weaker than other tier Xs.
  14. Telastyn

    MM bug keeps me losing

    As much as I hate the MM and find it to force winning/losing streaks, 50 of 58 is well beyond it. Honestly, I doubt anyone has enough skill to throw randoms that reliably which makes me think the numbers are exaggerated.
  15. Telastyn

    1 in 1000 losing streak

    It isn’t random. Some days MM has decided you are winning too much and will consistently put you with the stinkiest randos in the queue. I’ll either switch to a ship I can carry with or play another game and come back tomorrow when the MM resets from my few losses.