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  1. DD-214 looking for a few good players

    I am looking for a clan...got my DD214 USAF 20 years retired. Thanks
  2. This topic relates to: Bug moving Commander from premium ship to original ship
  3. Developers, Players, WG et al., For instance, Claude Brown is one of my captains with experience on the Phoenix. I assign him to the premium Atlanta. I forget which cruiser I orginally trained Claude on and I miss assign and retrained Claude on the Cleveland I have in port. I retrain him because I though he was the captain on Cleveland. As a result, I lost all the training Claude had on the Phoenix. Steps to recreate: - Assign Claude to Phoenix - Play a few battles - Assign Claude to a premium cruiser, destroyer etc. - Wait a few days and forget to reassign Claude back to the Phoenix - Meanwhile, add more cruisers and captains Problem: Not having a way to identify which ship a captain was orginally trained on. Cause: Nothing in the captains information pop-up shows which ship the captain (Claude) is primarily trained on. Solution: In the identification information pop-up there should be the ship the captain is primarily trained on. Outcome: Players would know that Claude would have to be retrained in order to be trained on a Cleveland. Claude Brown in the above scenario would have the Phoenix as his primary ship identified. I found it frustrating to have a captain retrained after I mistakenly answered "yes" to retrain him...nothing is tagged to remind me which ship my captain was originally trained on (the retrain yes or no pops up regardless if he was originally trained on the Phoenix or not). Best Regards, Shart