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  1. dzilla77

    move to 1 tier spread in battles

    Also, the variety of ships you face will be much smaller. Yeah, it sucks being bottom tier in a stock ship, but you can use FXP to remedy that.
  2. This is one of the main issues. The planes are available from the start of the game and can fly to the enemy spawn area in less that 30 seconds. The ships don't even have a chance to get under full power which is what is required to have any chance of out maneuvering the attack. I'd like to see a warm up period before CV's can launch planes, just like every other ship has a warm up for their weapons.
  3. dzilla77

    Hostile Waters: Tier 5

    I know this is your opinion but I couldn't disagree more. I love the game play at T5, and I especially love the cruiser game play. Upping the EXP required to go from 4 to 5 would probably cause more players to quit at T4. I am basically FXP'ing 50% of the XP required to get through T4 on almost all of the CA's and BB's. T4 ships suck eggs compared to T5 ships (and once you start playing T5 ships, this is painfully obvious) so making take longer to get through that grind is not a good idea. Also, T4 doesn't qualify for the missions and events, doubling the pain. T5 vs T7 is no more unfair than T6 vs T8 or T8 vs T10. By making it protected, you are just delaying the inevitable. 10pt captains should be earned. In fact, I try to earn them at T5. You learn very quickly at T5 to WSAD hack, not sail broadside and how to angle. Dumbing it down is just going to make people quit at T6 when mistakes are punished even harder.
  4. Didn't realize this was an option. I will have to investigate. I doubt I would. My Omaha is usually the first ship I play daily. It does sound like I should grab it, though.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I should clarify, I am not looking to train me (I am getting the hang of the Dallas and the Omaha is one of my favorite ships). I tend to keep my T5 and above ships and I want to have captains in all of them, but I want to have 10 pointers or higher.
  6. I need a USN premium cruiser to train captains on? Is she worth the $10 for that? Are there better options? Note: I don't really want to get a much higher tier ship as I am still uncomfortable at T7+.
  7. dzilla77

    Carry on my Wayward Son!

    I'm guessing the answer is yes - the Reds stopped shooting.
  8. dzilla77

    AA is sure tasty in the hotfix...

    Damaging planes does not delete the ship from the battle, so it apples and oranges. CV's have infinite range but the detection doesn't match it. If a BB/CA/DD fires its guns, its detection range goes to its max range. When a CV launches planes (or even does damage) that doesn't happen. So it is a "special ship."
  9. dzilla77

    AA is sure tasty in the hotfix...

    CVs are special. They are the only ship class that can attack and not be in range of anything else on the map.
  10. I wouldn't be opposed to this but I think the DD mains would whine that this would limit their ability to line up ambush torps from behind an island.
  11. I saw that and here are the issues and the resultant game play that it is going to drive: The interface is really only designed for 3 looks. Free look (RMB hold), normal view/binocular view (LSHFT toggle). You need another view. Plane speeds are 100 knots + compared to 40 knots for the fastest ships. Additionally, those planes are <5k away compare to ships that are 7+ km away. The rate of change of the angle "torpedo type aiming cone" will probably 5-10 times faster than the torpedo aiming cone. When planes are within 5k of a ship, that ship will spend the majority of its time in AA view and you will reduce the rate of fire of many high DoT cruisers (cause you can't aim at two things at once). This will further encourage "death balls" as one ship will be the "AA" ship and spend the majority of the game protecting 5 or 6 other ships from aircraft. Unless the reward system changes, that player will not earn anything for that role on the team.
  12. The problem is the UI is 2 dimensional. It would need to better 3D implementation (how do you distinguish from normal aiming view, free look and "AA view.") Also, plane speeds would have to be slowed way down. This isn't a twitch game and that's the reason a lot of people play it. If it becomes a twitch game, a lot of people will quit.
  13. dzilla77

    Make an Opt-Out Part of HotFix Please

    Don't hold your breath.
  14. So how do you balance plane suviability vs AA? T6 planes get obliterated by T8 AA and T8 planes are immune to T6 AA and get obliterated by T10 AA based on a lot of the reports I have seen on the forums (and a from a few friends who drive CVs.) And T10 planes seem to be immune to T10 AA (and below.) The fact that T8 planes (and T8 AA) has to be balance across 5 tiers makes this very difficult unless all planes at all tiers have the same hp and all AA is roughly the same - and then what's the point of having different Tiers of carriers.
  15. Its not impossible. If you can code the matchmaker to keep the number of each particular class the same and limit the number of CVs in a match, you can code the matchmaker to not put T6 CV in a match with T8 ships or T8 ships in match with T10 CV. Its just 1's and 0's. WG just needs to choose to put them in the right order. It may result in longer queue times, which is why maybe 2 CV should be the norm.