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  1. knightmagi

    Italian Token Code

    Guess they are being more stringent on the time window for these as I doesn't seem to work for me either. I have to work when they are streaming so I can't watch and input the code. Guess I will be skipping these. I remember the last ones being a bit longer on the time frame but oh well.
  2. knightmagi

    Italian battleships: Dead on arrival

    Well I guess if this pans out then it will be par for course of all italian lines paying the price for Giulio Cesare being good. As a postaboo I am saddened but this seems to be a meme as Italian ships are pretty crappy in Kancolle and Azur Lane as well. Hell in AL the whole nation introduction was overshadowed by one Royal Navy CV which will Probably repeat when they add in the fourth Illustrious class to roflstomp the rest of the Italian ships when they add them in the same event I bet. But that aside I do enjoy trying to make Italian ships work so I will give these a go.
  3. knightmagi

    Mouse's Take on the Short-List Fiasco

    Great post mouse,sadly most will ignore it and complain. I just love the fact that their shortlist consists of all of the most likely least sold premium ships as they know most people don't have them or want them. Though I guess a $5 California port queen will make some US players happy. I will just spend my money on getting teh USN fleet for Victory at Sea
  4. You post it int eh comments on their facebook page. For those who do not know they are giving away a different ship each day if you post a randoms win in the ship type the specify. I do not get to participate as I am currently on a losing streak, so much fun being top scorer on the losing team every game.
  5. i got all camos and nothign else so not at all, glad for anyone else who got stuff worth it though.
  6. knightmagi

    Lots of ARP Yamatos

    I have seen quite a few as well, it is cheaper to play than the tech tree one credit wise and it will be one more snowflake come the holidays. I have been kinda tempted to buy the 10k doubloons I need for her just so I will have a premium ship for every tier of IJN BBs except T3 so I don't need to worry about needing a ship when I reset it.
  7. knightmagi

    Premium Ship Review - Oklahoma

    Thanks for the review Mouse. Kinda of sad to see her end up like this as she was a real ship at least, but WG seems determined to make all new USN BBs crap. I have a haunting feeling that they want to apply the 40 sec. reload to all USN BBs(even premiums and say it is a blanket change). Hope I am wrong. Guess this will be another reward ship port queen joining Hill, Genova, Kansas(i know tech tree but still), and many more I am too lazy to list.
  8. knightmagi

    ST, changes to the commander skills system.

    Yeah Ia m not stoked about this, part of the fun was making some meme or nonstandard builds for ships but that is now dead. So long secondary CVs and cruisers or longer ranged light cruisers. And once again Graf Zeppelin takes it below the belt, that poor ship.
  9. knightmagi

    So much for summer sale!

    Just an FYI seeing how it is not explained well but supposedly those purchasable tokens renew each day so you can got 60 per day for 7 days if you want. Might be worth it for the xmas containers or something i guess.
  10. I have a feeling this is in response to the 899 and AKK divs designed to frustrate people into not playing CVs as the spotting changes and AA changes will make both a little harder to do. I figured those divs would result in a blanket change the same way that triple Belfast divs resulted in the smoke firing changes. I rarely if ever play CVs in randoms and mainly play cruisers so I guess I will watch what happens. Though I guess the smaller detect will help DDs as a CVs has to nearly trip over them to even find them already.
  11. My guess is a long time from now seeing how the Italian ships tend to be not liked by naval games (treated pretty bad in Kancolle and Azur Lane as well) but also the fact the french Carrier Bearn hasn't even been mentioned to be on any horizon and italians don't even have destroyers or battleships so...Probably after the Russian CVs. Don't get me wrong I would love Aquila in game as I love all Italian ships having family from the country.
  12. knightmagi

    Premium Ship Review #149 - Ragnarok & Ignis Purgatio

    i only had a small khorne fleet but a good size eldar and moderately sized imperial fleets. After the model quality i have seen in Titanicus and Aeronautica I look forward to seeing the new ship models when they decide to do them.
  13. knightmagi

    Premium Ship Review #149 - Ragnarok & Ignis Purgatio

    Yes Grandfather Nurgle sure has been generous with his gifts this year. So much so that I fear the other three are getting restless...
  14. knightmagi

    who is buying these ships

    Warhammer is too expensive for teens to get into and it has been around for over 25 years so a lot of it's fanbase is a bit older. Add in the fact that the over the top design and story are something people enjoy about it. Something about a 5km ship with massive manually cranked turrets manned by whole families over generations is so over the top and that it is both funny and interesting. But to each their own, I will probably get one of them as I like this game and 40k.
  15. knightmagi

    Premium Ship Review #149 - Ragnarok & Ignis Purgatio

    My guess is probably around August as that will be the Azur Lane 3 year anniversary and they have teased about PR3 ships, no source just guess though. As for LWM, thanks for the review always a good read, will probably get one of them as I do love Amagi and am a 20+ year 40k player so am used to giving up my wallet to the dark gods. Strange to talk about Amagi and not mention coughing...