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  1. Premium Ship Review #100

    Well played LWM...well played. Congrats on the 100th review was a fun and interesting read. Love the fakebote gif
  2. Seven was my best so far, quite a few 6’s as well. Sometimes you just can’t carry enough...(sorry only phone pic)
  3. Thanks for the laughs this morning Mouse, good start to a Monday. I guess I will enjoy the Helena as I really like the Mogami if they are similar. I do have fond memories of the Pensacola so I look forward to playing it at T6.
  4. I love Richelieu but the Lyon was surprisingly fun. AA specced it for fun and the 90 something AA rating really makes CVs salty, even Saipan.
  5. Premium Ship Review: Z-39

    Thanks for the great review LWM, the gudbote graphic was great, needed a good laugh this morning.
  6. Lyon OP

    I do love the Lyon, mine is setup for AA and it does wonders, though the armour and gun angles do leave a lot to be desired. The 36 or so secondaries are also pretty fun.
  7. Thanks, for the updated review mouse, always fun and informative to read. Got one back on black friday and have enjoyed it since. Though Atago has still been my go to for ranked.
  8. Thanks for the Review Mouse, great as always, really loved the angry youtube gif. Kinda sad about the ship though as I love the other three Italian ships. As an upside there might be fewer BBs in game or in range due to asashio for a bit.
  9. Atago or Prinz Eugen

    My vote's for Atago as well, the PE is fun but I haven't played it enough get a good feel. Used Atago last ranked and managed 70%+ win rate so that was nice. it's also nice to see how one of the earliest premiums is still doing well after all this time and still manages to let the Mogami be relevent.
  10. Premium Ship Review: Asashio

    Thanks for the great review mouse, always great to see Throne of Skulls and Black Beast of Aaargh references. As a proud(som say masochistic) cruiser player I welcome the hoards of Asashios we will see for awhile.
  11. Thanks for the info/pics Fem, pretty interesting. A little sad the Texas isn't getting it's float plane.
  12. Premium Ship Review: Varyag

    Thanks for the review as always, was a good laugh read.
  13. Thanks for this new review for these ships Mouse(and supporters). Always enjoy reading these and have learned a lot form them. I also have to say this is one of my favorite ships.