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  1. Be nice if we could get the captains, could use some more KMS Captains, and these four have fun lines in the game.
  2. knightmagi

    Mouse's Previews of Yukikaze and Montpelier

    Thanks for the Previews Mouse, I hope these get some more flavor added. On a side note there was a leak about an AL KMS collab with Blitz for those who are interested, Here si a link to the reddit where I found it. I know Blitz is separate but the camos look cool.
  3. knightmagi

    Thank You WG For My 30% Off Jean Bart!

    I went for Massachusetts with my coupon, always wanted it but $55 was a bit much and I only need like 2k coal for JB. Well played WG... well played.
  4. knightmagi

    Premium Loot Box Transparency

    I got lucky and got the T5-7 ships out of 5 premium and 8 regular boxes. Was stocked to get jervis. But I agree it would be nice to see the percentage chance or even some basic fractions like 1/10. But I guess I am used to these as I have played a few Gacha games like Kancolle and Azure Lane.
  5. knightmagi

    [edited] of the RN DD mission

    I wasn't sure if I could pull it off either, took jervis out and all flags and camo to help. Ended up with a good game, I think I love this boat (sorry for phone pic, not at my comp)
  6. knightmagi

    Premium Ship Review #102: Monaghan

    Thanks for the review Mouse, it was very informative and a little lewd. Not sure I I will enjoy the ship or not but if I get one in a crate I will probably hold on to it as I do enjoy the Farragut.
  7. knightmagi

    Premium Ship Review #101: Kronshtadt

    Great review Mouse, it seems like an interesting ship. Time to restart the Freexp grind...
  8. knightmagi

    Premium Ship Review: Z-39

    Thanks for the great review LWM, the gudbote graphic was great, needed a good laugh this morning.
  9. knightmagi

    Premium Ship Review: Duca degli Abruzzi

    Thanks for the Review Mouse, great as always, really loved the angry youtube gif. Kinda sad about the ship though as I love the other three Italian ships. As an upside there might be fewer BBs in game or in range due to asashio for a bit.
  10. knightmagi

    Premium Ship Review: Asashio

    Thanks for the great review mouse, always great to see Throne of Skulls and Black Beast of Aaargh references. As a proud(som say masochistic) cruiser player I welcome the hoards of Asashios we will see for awhile.