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  1. warp103

    Salem or Georgia

    do not waste your time man. He does not have the ship { Salem } at all. And he trying to tell you about the ship lol.
  2. warp103

    Salem or Georgia

    lol again if your worth depends on Radar this is a big deal. If you can play with or without it the radar mean nothing. all radar does it put you in range to get Nuked,. Nothing going to buff that out. WTH am I doing I defending a ship to player the either do not have it or have very little time in it. GL players I am out.
  3. warp103

    Salem or Georgia

    Again you do not know what you are talking about. I have both the de memes and the salem. Most get in trouble with the DM because of RADAR. You get close to use it and get NUKED from orbit. Both can hand Georgia is butt if you know how to kite and BBQ it. Both are going to see t10 most of the time. Salem out spots it {that the vision game}. Out DPM it { the damage game}. And if you know how to use the salem it can out heal it {it heals cits}. So it all about the person that capt the ship. If you are in BB then go Georgia. But stop acting like the Georgia is better. OH and again since you only have 2 games in the ship WTH are you talking. As though you have the knowledge what DEFINES it.
  4. warp103

    Dev Livestream

    this is B S same stuff was said about the CV 2.0. you must be new here lol
  5. warp103

    Flawed Logic Behind Training Center

    Pls NO to this Bull wow WG. Event for noobs and mid tier you would get more players there. Let see event for t4 camo with only t4 ships. Requirement 6pt max capt skill. I mean come on Lots of way to make lower tier play
  6. warp103

    Salem or Georgia

    lol wow if you depend on Radar the you miss the point of the ship. No the defining strength of the ship is to hold a side and be a DMP monster. Oh and take a punch that other cruiser can not recover from. But you would Know that if you avg more then 23 604 in it. NO offence but pls do not try to tell others what a ship is define by unless you are at least OK in it{ And I am only ok in that ship}. You do not have to be Good but know at least the basics of how the ship works.
  7. warp103

    Salem or Georgia

    it does not have the credit income of the MO. An how is it nerf if it has better heal.
  8. warp103

    Salem or Georgia

    lol it prints credits because it has 50% repair cost and plus 20 to credits
  9. warp103

    It's hard to take CV feedback to the devs when...

    Wait wait . This is bull, these are action just from a Few months ago. So this was not just your predecessors actions. This in action that the current team Fail at as well. Like this threat basically blame the Community for the errors of WG. Can I say we told you so........
  10. All I can say is I told that nerf too all premium were coming. I find it funny the lies that we said. It just a test. Wallet closes. This for a guy that has alot of gold ships. being a kid of the 70's I will say liar lair pants on fire lol. Sorry I could not resist.
  11. lol Do you know how many time WG say this it just a test and say this is going to happen. Ps man we all know this will be push through if not alot speak up on this. Let see the last time that happen OH wait the CV rework FAIL.
  12. I have the same issue and 3 others in my clan that have ryzen systems have the same issue did not happen till this updat
  13. warp103

    Population Decline? Data shows otherwise...

    If you don't believe they should be here and hate them a with a flaming passion, why did you start playing to begin with? 
  14. warp103

    Population Decline? Data shows otherwise...

    I played also on the EU server were cv were almost in every game. CV were not the issue. New Cv are and do make the other class obsolete. Old Cv knew not to go in a area were a CL/CA with good AA. Why because that though ship denied a whole area. IF they did they would be Deplane super fast New Cv can go in any area and do what they want. CL/CA even with full AA can now only cover it own ship . And Late game it can not even do that. why because it still as a Lots of planes still to thrown at you. IF you kill one wave with DF. the next and the next and the next would get you. SO CA class obsolete. Old system took awhile for cv to get to the DD. If the dd was not capping it would have to search for that dd. Even if the dd was in the cap it still would take time to get to them. And if it use it arms. it would have to fly back to rearm and then come back after searching. New systems DD spotted even before it get underway good. Rocket damage dd super fast , OH no need to search planes have RPF. SO DD class obsolete. I know you are a CC but really come off this B S. that it the amount of CVs. Again some of us have been around were cv were in every game on NA. And some of us have played on other servers were OLD cv were in almost each game still. So get off this adapt crap too. any one can adapt but at some point it not fun to play and move along. LIke hey you played this way let change it, adapt {open water firing} LIke hey you played this way let change it, adapt { radar added} LIke hey you played this way let change it, adapt {rpf added} LIke hey you played this way let change it, adapt { concelment nerfed} I can go on but at some point straw meets camel. Then guy like you blame the player for not keep adapting.
  15. warp103

    Population Decline? Data shows otherwise...

    This is B S. Plane were not that fast to get to the dd, that barely left the spawn come on man. You know it service time then flight time and that was just to get to the cap were the dd was. Then they had to flight back to the carrier to rearm. that also took alot of time. Now it strike strike strike. A few moment later HE BACKKK