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  1. warp103

    Farewell Gneisenau013

    Persons making excuses from them it part of the issue. They think we have backers and have a free pass. As to how it effect your gaming enjoyment Tell me how the torp bug that is 3 month old does not effect you or how they were told deadeye {the capt rework in general} By almost everyone was a bad Idea. But no stay in that bubble were your enjoyment is great and we lose 2 great employees that were trying to help the game are out...
  2. warp103

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    nuke it from orbit that the only way to fix it/
  3. warp103

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Cab was not the scapegoat. Cab was the guy Quit because of the stupid F poop fest. One of the persons that made me a CC. This is a F disaster. When you have other Quitting because of this poop fest
  4. warp103

    Farewell Gneisenau013

    yea I just got verification when. I when on the CC Discord YIKES. What did someone say "we will do better". So let can "The fall guy" to appease the masses. Well I am not appeased, I am more pissed
  5. warp103

    Farewell Gneisenau013

    Why in 1 location is shows him as admin and in another it does not . ??? wth Nvm . On the WOWS side is shown him 1 way. WOT show another. So he still works for WG just a different studio.
  6. warp103

    Farewell Gneisenau013

    ?? what are you talking about Because he was WOT As of yesterday. So he got let go today?? http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/651351-amx-50-foch-b-fast-track-bundle-offers/page__p__12911936#entry12911936
  7. warp103

    Important message for the community

    So if not for the poop show the rates will would not be published. If this died down they still many not be. Sorry it you can publish on console then if it was fair you would publish tomorrow. On way you need lawyers if it not legal.
  8. warp103

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    oof . If the though of pulling the plug it there. They basically just lost a great asset. Because even if you stay, your heart most likely will not be totally in it.
  9. you sent to a page and no 4 an 5 like he said
  10. lol I was agreeing with your positions But ok glad that i can make you laugh in enjoy the day.
  11. That the 3 CC to tell him this. But he is not listening at all. He is right you 3 are wrong that his feeling. Even thought I was only a Player. I know he wrong because I been around for a long time. I am just not sure were he is getting this from.
  12. When persons that were there at the beginning tell you that you are wrong. Man please see post 3. In other works You keep digging and damn that hole it about to be a crater.
  13. dude. Again as a Fellow CC I am telling you This "you are digging an even bigger whole".
  14. yup here too. I have about the same amount of game in both. I for a while streamed and did yt for both. But I seen the writing on the wall and stopped doing WOWS. I still played in silence till 3 months ago. Hence why I am fighting 2.0 in WOT. Because I been though it here lol.
  15. He should have said WOWS CC's Only. For those that play both WOWS and WOT. Some think WOT CC get the goodies he posted. WOT CC do not get the gold or test Tanks. Some get Premium tanks{and tanks to give to the community}. Most do not get any tanks. And he did leave out Xmas boxes we both get that. The amount depends on if you are a jr CC or not