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  1. warp103

    Jingles has Arrived

    another commander that will never be used. I like jingles but at 3 points, It worthless. why Any commander can have 3 points after 1 game with the right flags
  2. I brought her a month ago I feel like I been shafted,if I knew it would be a coal ship I would not have used gold
  3. Again you are not Listening. He Said Capped . That mean it was stable. IF the cap was remove he would get more FPS just may get micro Stutters back down to 75. He never said his I7 specs. Sp your direct tests regarding the hardware in question with the same software. Is Meaning less if you do not have his system front of you. You are the type that IT guy like me hate working behind. You never listen to the customer and think you know more the the Software Developer. Even when that say Multiple WG said WE are working on a patch to fixes the Bugs. You would still blame the customer. I give up and have now I have block you. I have no time for your type of NON Sense giving bad Tech advice.
  4. As a IT pro 30 years plus, I will take that bet {use to work on the old tandy computers}. Again it a issue with the sound ENG that they switched to. It is bugged. WG has said that but you still want to argue a point. The short answer is he change nothing was at 75. Sound engine changed, it is buggy and is not optimized. GPU has Zero to do with bugs eating cpu clock cycles in this case.
  5. sound is CPU not GPU so his 1050 has zero to do with it/ Most likey it is the bug that is in the new sound system. Till it is optimize you may have a issue. Guys that are tell you it is a issue with GPU do not have a clue. Could it be a issue with mem or cpu on you end, possible but not likely. If you were getting 70 before and have no other changes then most 90% of the time it is a optimize issue. A great example of this is the new FL map. most are getting lower fps then on the other fl map. Why because all thing need to be optimized.
  6. warp103

    Creaking Sounds--REMOVE asap

    Person that think like this, is the reason why WG thinks this will be ok or that this is the users PC issue. This change was the same change that WOT did before patch 1.0.. . 1.0 was the super major revamp. Guess what the lighting and sound eng still sucks 1 year later. Tanks for most tiers sound like a Lawn mower engines. We still have tanks that the fire and effect sound it super delay for some tanks. Then every 3 -4 patches the sound get mess up for a micro patch to fix again. WAKE up. If you make a revamp make SURE it works before you make it live . IF you are told in YOU PTS. Hay the lighting on some map are wrong , The sounds are not working. It going to effect game play. Push the patch till it ready. Do I need to call out all the F up s. just this year alone were they were told in PTS. This is broke do not make it live and they did. Before you start doing as you say "brain transplant" when learn to get a Surgeon first
  7. warp103

    Creaking Sounds--REMOVE asap

    it should not have been made live. This was told int he PTS what part of that do you not get. As to what you said to me. Again we did not ask for this change. So if you put out a busted product, who fault it is the community or the producer. What are you saying other do not agree with pls tell me ??? So I guess the sound are not broken then no need of a patch.
  8. warp103

    Creaking Sounds--REMOVE asap

    "People are complain" you said. Why you said because " People want a more realistic game". That is calling people out. Zero ask for this change. People are complaining because WG was told it was busted on the test server. Others are complaining because it making their ears hurt. So why do you not call out Wg and not the community that did not ask for the change
  9. warp103

    Creaking Sounds--REMOVE asap

    sorry but these are not realistic sounds. To loud and the have even said they are broken. Plus they were told this before it went live. Before you call someone out have the facts right.
  10. Need NO. Will it make sure you are the best Fire starting Troll ship. yes. But you would know that if you played against real players. That will damage con at the right time.
  11. warp103

    How Long Until Smolensk is Retired?

    wth are you taking about. The mino , Salem , DM all can do that and hit. it just take practice. But you cannot got from and RU rail gun to a DM or it will mess you up.
  12. Well if you like the mino or are any good in any brit CL. The ru mino is for you . I had to buy on my main account after RU testing. I did not believe that they would let her out in this state. I said the same as Flamu it OP. I wish I got the Kutuzov when it first came out. This is Kutuzov 2.0. Better, Stronger, Faster. Oh and I dissagre with Flamu on using the t3 capt skil BFT I went with DE like I did in testing. You really start Fires.
  13. Skill vs RNG . I will take skill every time. Ships that have Great AA should {IF the player use right} kill any strike coming in. No way should a strike get though if the player is actively looking to kill planes. IF a ship that has bad aa but the player is active trying to kill it should kill much more planes, Versus a guy that does noting or even a great AA ship doing nothing
  14. warp103

    weekend teams

    That what I do to normally but this was a week I had limited play time. So I only had 2 hours 1 before my stream and 1 hour streaming. If only I did not play before stream it would not be 0 and 10 lol.
  15. warp103

    weekend teams

    Sad that I have to wait till late a night to get ok games.