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  1. Curious as to "Once Per Viewer" counts. Can that be explained more?
  2. Shadewe

    Lag spikes

    I logged into the EU server and not seeing the issue there. This is a NA server issue.
  3. Shadewe

    Lag spikes

    Yeah this is not an FPS issue. I have already changed that. the is ping MS going from 35 - 300.
  4. Shadewe

    Where Would You Ship?

    Nothing for Washington State...Bummer
  5. Shadewe

    CV streamers?

    Since the CV rework I have been playing CVs more. My first couple game of the stream is CVs.
  6. I also get Flags/Camo and Random.
  7. How is it not historically accurate? You can find videos of rockets being used during WW2. There were FFAR and HVAR (US made). They thing was it was US/RN/RUS I can understand if you don't have them on the biplanes/WW1 planes or nations that didn't have them. Even the Hood was using rockets for AA defense (They were not effective)
  8. Was all the rewards handed out to the Turkey's and winners?
  9. Shadewe

    Why you will never get Missouri

    I am glad they won't bring it back to the shop. It was never there in the first place. I was a limited release FXP ship. It was there in the game for 1 year. After that it was replaced with the Musashi. Again a FXP ship for 1 year. The Musashi's year is up this coming January. Likely to be replaced by the Alaska. (Maybe don't quote me on that)
  10. Umm Steven didn't withdraw he likeness. WG took it away due to his scandals. Also if he loses the contract for his image. Likely they would remove the ability to get the crates so you can't get the completion of the collections. Like the HSF.
  11. I just used the ingame new and it said "You are already participating in the promotion." Of course nothing is there.
  12. Well i hit accepted this morning and still no missions or collections.
  13. Not sure if anyone is seeing this issue. I was in observer mode (After getting disposed of). Was flowing the planes as they were attacking and heading back to the CV. I decided to rotate around to get a frontal view of the 2 planes. When I got just about 45 degree angle from the front. Major clipping started to occur. I appeared that the visual was trying to merge the 2 planes into one. (To no avail).
  14. Shadewe

    game crash pinky needs help

    Yeah. It may just be a bit coincidental that this happen just after the update. Could be a hardware/Driver update that was just installed too.
  15. One of my Uncles was there during the bombing and lost his leg. He always joked about his leg and the first time I remember meeting him. He did the leg pulling joke.