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  1. BullHalsey

    My Issue with the CV Situation

    Ok, perhaps I haven't played the new CVs enough to notice it. I've seen some losses toward the end but I still have had enough from the three squadron types to easily focus down and one lone guy struggling to make an impact. This is really my point anyway, not a direct attack on "CVs". Endgame is nowhere near what it used to be down there on the surface, at least not for me. This is not every match but is happening often, and it's bad enough that I'm here saying something about it. I mean, genuinely discouraging of effort at times when you know the carrier is able to come overwhelm whatever may be left of your AA and end your game right then and there. In the past, a CV may have had all of his aircraft shot down by this point but that is not the case any more. They may not be full squadrons, as I originally said, but they still come at you again and again and again, incessantly, until you are deceased. This is a real departure from what we had, endgame wise, before the rework.
  2. Not a rant here, I don't play as much as I used to; really just curious if and how others are seeing this one. When the rework was still being tested and I was watching vids here and there from various contributors, my main thought was centered on what this would do to the endgame, with isolated and hard fought ships facing full or near full squadrons of planes. The regeneration of planes and the whole concept, really, is designed to give the carrier player steady and effective action against an enemy team. And it works. I have played some CV battles myself since the rework to get a handle of it and gain the knowledge of how they attack. It's challenging, especially the torpedo bombers where any turn once you've dropped in for your run causes the spread to go to maximum. What I keep seeing though, as I expected, is that toward the last quarter or so of the match where I am beaten up to some degree and my team really needs my skill and contribution for any hope of a win, the same CV that has this regeneration and full squadrons designed to face an entire team simply focuses me down to the point where I can not counter it and am killed. Of course, they did this in the past as well, but that was with a limited number of planes, i.e., they took losses and effective damage through loss of aircraft also. Now they do not (clarification: they do not lose planes and subsequent attack capability nearly to the extent that they used to). Time and again I have been very close to pulling a carry which I almost certainly would have been able to do in the past (and would have enjoyed doing), only to be attacked over and over and over again by a CV commander who sees me for the threat I am and decides that I need to be stopped. It has gotten to the point that I can predict it with pretty good confidence; yep, I'm out alone, I've got these guys handled but that carrier hiding behind the island over there is going to come over here and casually kill me...and he does. It discourages the effort and has taken a lot of enjoyment out of the game for me.
  3. It's still very playable unless you are cv focused for the entire match until dead, which does happen here and there. Your game is nearly unplayable and you just have to let it play out (let the cv commander have his fun on you) until the next match.
  4. In short, manual AA was removed as OP, general AA effectiveness has been reduced, some gimmicky visual and sound effects have been added to make it look like an "improvement". They want more CV players, and they currently have them. I say just go for it and find out for yourself; if you enjoy being under constant air attack from start to finish of a match, dodging so many torpedoes that it is difficult to actually engage other surface ships, you may even like it!
  5. BullHalsey

    Alot of Tension out there now.

    I log on every week or so now, play several battles, lose 2/3 or more of them at or near top score. I do feel like I am stuck on some losing algorithm, but I don't really even care. Start battle, steamroll loss, steamroll loss, occasional steamroll win. I've mostly quit playing.
  6. Simple solution? How about World of Warships? Guns, torpedoes, armor, damage control, angling...I don't know. Just played the match I had predicted before 8.0 so am still admittedly a little hot. T8, Vanguard, carry at the end. Capping C with a few ships behind and roughly supporting me. Before 8.0, I would almost certainly have had another enjoyable carry match, but here it was wave after wave after wave after wave after wave of full strength squadrons on me. Dodged every torpedo though took several bomb hits, but it was the gun damage I took dodging all those torps that killed my game and me. Why even bother? It feels roughly equivalent to the old torp spam area denial stuff we had long ago where you couldn't even get near a cap without dodging and being broadsided for it. I realize this is a business and this is a player base/profit move. Remove manual AA, add some visual and sound effects and a new interface to sell the fact that AA is now less effective, make CVs more enjoyable overall in an effort to broaden the player base. Warship gaming is and always has been a niche sort of market, since the beginning of the PC genre, however it is not as though the market is flooded with options. We're here Wargaming! I doubt most of us want this cookie cutter, gimmicky sort of gameplay. If it isn't making enough money to be viable, at least come out and tell us that, but this mess... Unless they really don't care about us all that much and figure a new player balance will establish itself and the requisite profits will follow regardless. It's a real disappointment.
  7. BullHalsey

    Post CV first impressions here.

    Yeah I get it, but like anything else it has been repeated so much that it simply signifies massive destruction to people now. Ask ten random people to explain the difference between decimate and devastate. Most responses will probably be people trying to guess which is worse based upon what they've heard in the past.
  8. BullHalsey

    Post CV first impressions here.

    A large number of people do this sort of thing generally, there is probably an official term for it, substitution or something like that. If they don't know the correct word or usage, etc, they substitute it with the next closest thing in their mind. Catalytic becomes "calculitic", diagram becomes "diaphragm". There's one, though, that I hear virtually all people abusing and that's the term "Decimated", when they mean "Devastated". Decimation means the removal of one in ten, or ten percent of the whole, yet a major storm, fire, etc, "Decimates" the region. That one is pretty bad.
  9. BullHalsey

    Post CV first impressions here.

    I play them all, though have probably switched to cruiser main. Cruisers are more useful and rewarding of skill. BBs are punching bags and rely heavily upon RNG by comparison.
  10. BullHalsey

    Post CV first impressions here.

    "It is full of bugs. It lacks polish, runs poorly..." Yeah well that doesn't sound too far off from the rest of the game so I can deal with it.
  11. BullHalsey

    Post CV first impressions here.

    Word is learned, not learnt. BB AP was changed because it was actually detonating some of the time inside the DD hull, which of course can't be realistic. This is an arcade game, I get the balance which is why I don't complain that destroyers get what is essentially a cloaking device. You don't know how I play, but immediately go on the defensive. My comment was perfectly reasonable. As to your original post, CV Demigods? CV Overlords, Map Clickers? I guess the map clicking thing was part of the whole change (to remove/diminish that) but I was only up to Ranger which is an odd number so I guess i don't have that anymore.
  12. BullHalsey

    Post CV first impressions here.

    Oh it's finally out? Sh** I'll be there tonight instead of here anyhow.
  13. BullHalsey

    Post CV first impressions here.

    Your signature quote is a great one; also it is notable that the entire ship designation we go by, BB, CA, CL, etc was US Navy originated. Wasn't the first Texas, BB-1, the beginning of it all?
  14. BullHalsey

    Post CV first impressions here.

    DD players don't complain? Wah I can be seeen, wah RADAR, wah BBs actually damage me with their massive AP shells, though the last was changed so AP can never pen a destroyer much over an overpen amount. BB players have to deal with and predict an often invisible enemy, cmon, I mostly play BBs and cruisers but DD players whine constantly.
  15. BullHalsey

    Post CV first impressions here.

    They're clearly trying to increase the overall player base to make the game more profitable; it is, after all, a business. Don't really blame them for that but the gamble has been made that they can keep us here or draw enough new players for the thing to sort itself out and ultimately turn a greater profit. We'll see in the next few weeks how well that will turn out.