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  1. Actually I withdraw all previous comments. This entire story is for the birds, just realized it came from the UK Enquirer. I was never here.
  2. Yeah well I got your speculation hanging bud. Nice try.
  3. You must be joking but I'll entertain it just in case; why would a naval fleet sailing around the world carry with it a treasure Ali Baba would crave?
  4. The number in the story is completely absurd. Someone is excited about the find, perhaps was misquoted by an idiot reporter. The largest shipwreck draw in history was around 500 million, eclipsing even the Atocha treasure galleon. Somehow this Russian naval fleet from 1905 has 100 Billion in one single ship?
  5. So the Russian fleet was carrying tens of billions of dollars worth of Art, in one ship, to fight the Japanese?
  6. 1905, doomed Russian fleet, 100 BILLION dollars in today's value, in one ship no less. Show me how this can be possible.
  7. Do some real math and show me 100 BILLION dollars in that fleet.
  8. General Belgrano

    They've modernized quite a bit in Ecuador since then; at that time ten cents US equaled one dollar, and a dollar was worth more to them than us. Hit a roadblock once outside Otavalo replete with burning tires, machine guns and cans of gasoline ready to pour on the car. I recall vividly looking around from the back seat of our rented car for anywhere to run but the area was too exposed, zero chance. They came to the car and demanded 100 sucres. One dollar. My mom's boyfriend driving refused to pay them, and he was no tough guy but maybe he was, it worked. One friggin US dollar. They came to the back of the car and I was sick from Montezuma's revenge still, but played MUCH more sick and they changed their demeanor completely and waved us through. I can only infer from that now that they were allowed to do roadblock by the corrupt local government for highway robbery as long as no one got hurt. Our German friends close behind us paid the 100 Sucres.
  9. General Belgrano

    The whole of S America has always been a hot pot of revolutions and oppression. I'm going to say Brazil has emerged strongest, and that is almost certainly due to German influence. I spent several weeks in Ecuador in 1990; only time I've been driven around in a '58 De Soto with no tire at all on the left rear. Yeah that's right, the cabbie was driving a 30+ year old cab on a bare wheel rim, in the capital city. At 11 years old I got out and looked for the source of our weird rough ride and that's what I saw. No tire at all.
  10. I have an extremely difficult time accepting 100 billion.
  11. Oh, thought you were aware of the Battle of Tsushima; this was 1905 when the Japanese annihilated an absurdly run Russian expedition that traveled around the world to get its as* handed to it. The Japanese at the time had done all they could to replicate the British naval standard, Mikasa itself was built in Britain for the Japanese. The Russians had goats on the deck and pickle jars in the gun barrels...it was a massacre however apocryphal those accounts may be. Still I can't see 100 Billion. Makes no sense.
  12. Corgi Event new one?

    We're THROUGH running from These Basta*ds
  13. I cannot imagine such a large fleet as it was carrying expenses beyond a few to several mil at the time. This was a naval fleet, not a Spanish treasure galleon. You say 2.6 bil in 1945, then say the value of historical finds are augmented. We're either missing something or the number in the story is enormously exaggerated.
  14. So the story says it may contain essentially the payroll and expense account for the entire (or majority of the) fleet. How does this get us to a figure of 100 BILLION Dollars? Is it all supposed to be in gold, has gold increased that greatly in value over the past century? 100 billion is a VAST amount.
  15. Losing credits

    If you want to play ONLY T9-10, you've got to be really good or run a lower tier premium here and there, or actually spend money in one of several ways. Best way if you want to stick with one high tier ship is to buy the premium camo for it. You'll make credits even on mediocre to bad games then, permanently.