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  1. BullHalsey

    No Apology, No Change, No Nothing

    I don't know, or particularly care, though did just notice that out of the 22 player contacts I've got, none of them are logged in. None. Haven't seen anything quite that impactful before. Reminds me of work too much, the inevitable drama and infighting.
  2. BullHalsey

    Can't Log Into Test Server

    So yeah, am I dense or something or is there a solution to this? Still get stuck on the loading screen, separate username it made me choose is no longer an option (gone), check and repair accomplished nothing... PTS is what I am trying to access.
  3. BullHalsey

    Can't Log Into Test Server

    I wonder that also; could be the case with the sub release. Still doesn't explain to me why the new username I had to make has now disappeared.
  4. My username for the test server recently disappeared; sometimes I can log in under my regular name, most times not. It just gets stuck with the spinning login wheel. Not certain if I'm missing something here or if there is an issue. Have tried the repair function with no change. As of right now, can't log into the test server at all. What's odd to me is that a few months ago when I downloaded the test server for the first time, it made me choose a new username, and that name is now completely gone from the dashboard.
  5. BullHalsey

    How to Kill a Game....

    Don't know, but T10 is nearly unplayable to me right now. It's a large circle jerk of ships steaming around at absolute max range, with destroyers and carriers having a field day and those battleships with the strongest "deadeye" skills brutally destroying any effort to push in. Not seeing many cruisers. Sit back and slaughter any spark of initiative with Repub, that seems to be the best, or Yamato. GK is virtually useless now, unless masochism is your thing.
  6. BullHalsey

    For Whomst've thinks Stalingrad is op

    Looking at WOWS Stats&#s, of eighteen T10 cruisers listed, Stalingrad has the highest average DMG, highest average XP, highest WR, highest average kills. In short, it beats them all, and comfortably. Interestingly enough, looking at the average DMG numbers, Des Moines is dead last on the list with a full 30% lower avg dmg figure. You know, the Des Moines that actually existed...is dead last.
  7. BullHalsey

    Torpedoes Not Firing

    Ah, I bet that was it. I'm always locking the guns as I maneuver around. Rarely play these days otherwise I likely would have checked that, thanks for the heads up.
  8. Hello, Been here since open beta; recently I've had a number of occasions where torpedoes refuse to fire in a turn. This can happen with guns, of course, but the torp thing is new to me. Reduce or stop the turn, still no fire. So I tried it in the training room immediately after it happened to me in Myoko; the torps fired just fine no matter how hard the turn. My system is certainly up to the game, not sure what is going on here.
  9. Ranked = Smolensk. It's a cruiser, it's T10, anyone worth a crap will slaughter your team in it. Half the time you won't even see it doing it. Here we go.
  10. BullHalsey

    So... Italian Cruisers

    It's been a couple years since I ground the Russian cruiser line but these things feel even more fragile, armor wise, to me. This is a thing I'd previously thought not to be possible. I got detonated in one of them by an HE shell from an Omaha, I've been citted not once but twice through the deck in the same salvo from a Yorck in the T7. The escape smoke is nice but the reload is very long and you only get two of them, even with premium. I suppose superintendent is a must. I've also been running Last Stand and the det flag; don't think I've ever put LS on a cruiser before but literally every time my a** end was touched in the lower tiers, either the engine or rudder became fubared. They're an interesting challenge so far, but I'm still undecided on their merits. They are very capable of wiping out dds, but the reload time means your aim must be basically perfect, regardless of their evasive maneuvers, in order to be effective. They can do good damage to BBs, but your aim is also more important there without HE; if you don't hit them in the center, basically, don't waste your time because a single AP shell from anything can easily do more damage to you than you might have gotten with 30-40 hits, at a fairly slow reload speed. Not crucifying them yet, but it's taking some work for me, frankly more work than I have left in me for this game, at times. Been around too long. High skill ship, certainly.
  11. BullHalsey

    SO um yea.. Italian

    I found the description of the Trento interesting, where it states that it outmatched its foreign counterparts in armor protection (though to a smaller extent); what tier 6 ship in game does the Trento outmatch with its armor? The Leander is better armored, the Pensacola, the Aoba. The Aoba alone gets 48mm deck armor vs the Trento's 16mm. Not sure if that statement was an error, a joke, or what.
  12. BullHalsey

    Any love for the Vanguard?

    Take the Bismarck, remove the resilience, remove the secondaries, add some decent maneuverability and a little better dispersion = pretty much the Vanguard.
  13. BullHalsey

    My Issue with the CV Situation

    Ok, perhaps I haven't played the new CVs enough to notice it. I've seen some losses toward the end but I still have had enough from the three squadron types to easily focus down and one lone guy struggling to make an impact. This is really my point anyway, not a direct attack on "CVs". Endgame is nowhere near what it used to be down there on the surface, at least not for me. This is not every match but is happening often, and it's bad enough that I'm here saying something about it. I mean, genuinely discouraging of effort at times when you know the carrier is able to come overwhelm whatever may be left of your AA and end your game right then and there. In the past, a CV may have had all of his aircraft shot down by this point but that is not the case any more. They may not be full squadrons, as I originally said, but they still come at you again and again and again, incessantly, until you are deceased. This is a real departure from what we had, endgame wise, before the rework.
  14. Not a rant here, I don't play as much as I used to; really just curious if and how others are seeing this one. When the rework was still being tested and I was watching vids here and there from various contributors, my main thought was centered on what this would do to the endgame, with isolated and hard fought ships facing full or near full squadrons of planes. The regeneration of planes and the whole concept, really, is designed to give the carrier player steady and effective action against an enemy team. And it works. I have played some CV battles myself since the rework to get a handle of it and gain the knowledge of how they attack. It's challenging, especially the torpedo bombers where any turn once you've dropped in for your run causes the spread to go to maximum. What I keep seeing though, as I expected, is that toward the last quarter or so of the match where I am beaten up to some degree and my team really needs my skill and contribution for any hope of a win, the same CV that has this regeneration and full squadrons designed to face an entire team simply focuses me down to the point where I can not counter it and am killed. Of course, they did this in the past as well, but that was with a limited number of planes, i.e., they took losses and effective damage through loss of aircraft also. Now they do not (clarification: they do not lose planes and subsequent attack capability nearly to the extent that they used to). Time and again I have been very close to pulling a carry which I almost certainly would have been able to do in the past (and would have enjoyed doing), only to be attacked over and over and over again by a CV commander who sees me for the threat I am and decides that I need to be stopped. It has gotten to the point that I can predict it with pretty good confidence; yep, I'm out alone, I've got these guys handled but that carrier hiding behind the island over there is going to come over here and casually kill me...and he does. It discourages the effort and has taken a lot of enjoyment out of the game for me.
  15. It's still very playable unless you are cv focused for the entire match until dead, which does happen here and there. Your game is nearly unplayable and you just have to let it play out (let the cv commander have his fun on you) until the next match.