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  1. 22 with a 77.27% WR. This one was quite easy. Most of it in Texas, O.R. at the end after they kept beating up on my Texas.
  2. Well I tried, but you can clearly see the pussboy in the thread. It was so easy, you could have simply played the game and showed me how inexperienced I am. I will just have to remember yet another name I guess, zarth12, whatever the hell that is. Cya round then, chicken.
  3. Waiting for the time and place, statistician. This is a Game after all. What are the statistical odds nerdboy will grow a pair and accept the challenge one on one?
  4. I'm pretty cool with it as it is; I have a hybrid 9.3km secondary build on my Yammy so any charging destroyer will suffer severe hurt whether I am actively shooting at it or not.
  5. This guy's a broken record. You intimated that I had little to no skill in destroyers, let's prove it out. You love data so much, how about you and me go create some current data?
  6. I am prepared to present you with a current sample. Would you like to witness it? No...because you're chicken.
  7. Bawk bawk, flap the wings he won't accept a simple challenge after saying I have no experience. My only emotion is humor. You'd lose and you know it.
  8. And you got lucky. Rarely does a khab go down so fast. He shouldn't have charged an alert Yammy. But of course, an OP DD should be able to do that and torp you right in the face, right?
  9. Haha double chicken. Why would you do this to yourself publicly in the forum?
  10. Well, I take your point. The way I look at it is that there is a different playstyle to fit a different type of gamer. I find that fun; it sounds like a lot when listed, but it is also that very same thing that makes the action fast paced and fun. In the reverse, if you're in a BB you have to anticipate deadly Shi*t coming your way from things you can't even See. This is not a simulation, it is arcade.
  11. Don't sit in smoke and assume you're cool, keep hyper map awareness, know all radar ships and their locations when possible, don't overextend with little to no support, work the caps Hard, as much as possible, spot as much as is practically needed, don't get into a CV spotting situation that you can't get yourself out of, try to have an island nearby when in a precarious situation so that you can spood beest behind it as needed, watch incoming fire from the rear and dodge it...etc. This all comes with time but you need to play all classes to master the game.
  12. I have little touch with DDs, as he correctly pointed out. Yet these days when I get in one I usually do quite well.