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  1. Yep third stage of winter mystery stuck for me did 58K main battery and killed an Akatsuki....nothing.
  2. 0.5.9 Update Bug report

    The audio of ambient (wind, waves, etc.) breaks looping and randomly resets leading to breaks in sound flow. Also for the first time ever the port interface got stuck on my Murmansk, could change the various capabilities of the Murmansk itself but could not select any other ship. So I hit battle and upon returning to the port it was a fade between the last battle end screen and the port (graphics were also flashing) and locked. Edit: No mods being used, stock client.
  3. Koenigsburg weakly armored

    Having played the Kberg now, it truly is weaker than the other cruisers of the tier. The slightest hit and magazine/steering/engine go out and the next hit does the same. Yes I am angling etc. and the Kuma and Iwaki are at the tier Kberg should actually be in, in regards to her durability. She loses a lot of speed in turns and just cannot wiggle quick enough leading to getting double balled. Just my two cents, Don Edit: By the way does anyone know if the XP in the Ognevoi and Kberg are going to just the COs or also modules/ship?
  4. speaking of aslains

    Eddie, Aslains last I checked has no XVM like ratings whatsoever. It is pretty much a collection of ship skins, reticles, and silhouettes. Don
  5. The 76mm OTO Melara in the SR version shoots 120 rounds per minute, the version on the old OHPs did 60. Standard 5 inch on DDGs and CGs nowadays do 20, the new OTO Melara 5 inch can hit 35 rounds per minute....so yeah more than a round every 2 seconds. Don
  6. Lert's review on the Tirpitz

    Scruffy, Near certain WG would do the same as tonks and have them available for creds too. Try to tone down the preemptive "pay to win" kvetching, till they actually implement something? Don Edit: Of course with Troll in your name I could be missing sarcasm?