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  1. Drahtesel

    Higher tier destroyers and AFT

    Thanks for your replies. I picked AFT when I played the Ashan / Fushun and they have the russian gun arcs. I was worried that the T9 / T10 boats would switch back to them.
  2. I unlocked the Hsienyang (but I noticed it on the Gadjah Mada too): Is it worth to have a captain with AFT on the heigher tier pan-asian destroyers? The shell flight time seems quite long with AFT und my aiming skill with such long flight time (14sec) is... not that good. With the upcoming CV revamp we get a free respec and I would have a chance to drop AFT for free.
  3. Drahtesel

    How can I get Mushashi?

    A side not: I got my Musashi from a Santa Box. AFAIK the boxes are still available in the premium shop. But be warned that this is kind of gambling and only buy them if you can spare the money. If you are missing many premium ships from the list your chance to get the Musashi might not that great.
  4. I think I was one of the lucky guys. 20x big crates gave me: Massachusets (Supercontainer) Kronstadt (Supercontainer) Musashi Z-39 Ashitaka (converted to dubloons) Krasny Krym (converted to dubloons) 1x 7500 coal 3x 1000 dubloons 3x new years camo 1x type 59 camo 6x flags I was thinking about to buy the T9 premiums since I had enough free XP / coal saved up and now this... I'm happy I waited a month :)