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  1. Can I shut off badges?

    So, I just made a mistake, and I get some bastards badge in my face, I wanna punch the bastard. Thats why its not good. Another reason, if you dont get it, come do it to me in person.
  2. I can't be the only one that play's to music goin. My specialty is killin DD's, and others, all be it on the average. But I always have music goin. What's your's? For fun. Runnin outta room for all the DD's I've waxed.
  3. p.S. If that's your goal, credits? Why play? The goal is to play your position well and help your team, no matter the boat, and WIN!!
  4. Yup, had a game today, did about 110k dmg and lost, still got 900k silver. But she is damm good fun to play, for many reasons other than creds.
  5. was razzin you guys, but, honestly, the games I've played lately since she was introduced, the players have failed over all, in my witnessing.
  6. Get's hammered by Mo nicely. Go get yur Jap boat, more for us Mo's to hammer.
  7. Can I shut off badges?

    lmarseoff these recent gens want bsbling with everything, no substance to it anymore, just worthless bling.
  8. Jockboot statement if I ever saw one.
  9. Marblehead or Murmansk, they rock T6cruisers.
  10. 10 letter word, isn't cussin frowned upon here?
  11. More Ships per battle

    True, but less likely hood of 5-7 min whoopins. Pun intended.
  12. Agreed, cappin always results in XP and coin, even if you have no support and get dead. Have noticed some glitches in this patch.
  13. What is this Shield?

    It's a form of in your face bragging for killing you.