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  1. Why? Might be some good things about having two accounts.
  2. Thanks, just want to make sure it doesn't mess up my current account.
  3. If I download the game on Steam, will it affect my current account? Or will I have two separate WoWs accounts?
  4. Every time you play it, or any premium really, put a PapaPapa flag on, helps build the FXP.
  5. OP boats? LOL, all boats get dead the same in this game. It's not the equipment, it's the operator.
  6. Thank you Mr. Squid, best damn sea goin taxi service on the globe. My father was a Navy lifer, so I grew up in the Navy and served in my Marine Corps. Semper Fidelis Marines, Happy Birthday.
  7. [Steam Release] Frequently Asked Questions World of Warships will become available on the Steam platform November, 15. Here is a quick FAQ to cover some important points for future release. We will keep it updated. Q: Will it be the same game as original? A: Yes, totally. Steam users will have the exact same game, but will be able to launch it from their Steam client. Overall game development will stay its course. Q: Which servers will the Steam users play on? A: We are using the same servers for all game versions, and you will be prompted upon initial login to bind your Steam account to one of them. The binding action is singular and you won't be able to move your account to a different region, so choose well. Q: What will the game login procedure be like for Steam users? A: Players will simply need to launch the game, after which they will be taken directly to the "port" interface. All the authorization/authentification is done on Steam level. Q Will I be able to use my Wargaming.net account? A: Unfortunately, not. World of Warships wasn’t initially designed as a cross-platform project. That means that if you've played the game already you would want to keep using the original client. If you log in using Steam, you automatically create a new game account, which binds to your Steam account. Important note: all updates to the game installed using Steam client will also be downloaded and installed through Steam. Same is true for the original client: you can not update a Game Center or launcher installation through Steam and vice versa. Q: Will we have Steam collectibles/achievements for the game? A: We do plan to implement collectibles, as well as achievements, but not with the initial release. Please follow our future patch notes (smile) Q: Which anti-cheat system are you planning to use? A: We are happy with our own anti-cheat system and we plan to keep it for the foreseeable future. Q: Will I be able to choose a different alias from the one I already have on Steam? A: Yes, you'll be able to choose a new nickname upon initial login or use your current one if it complies with our naming policy and isn't already taken. Q: Will I be able to use my Steam wallet to buy items in the game? A: Yes that will be the main payment method for our Steam release. Q: Will there be refunds through Steam? A: No. We will follow the existing Wargaming.net policy concerning refunds. You can find additional details in our billing support section. Q: Will the premium shop prices change? A: No, they will stay exactly the same for each region independent of which platform you play on. Last edited by WoWS; Oct 27 @ 5:27am Looks like getting it on Steam means an all new account, starting over. So one will then have 2 accounts.
  8. Great game. perhaps you found a boat that fits your play style.
  9. The hull is all rotten, unrepairable where it is now. The priority should be to first get her dry docked. Should be a, "Get the USS Texas out of the water" campaign. They get her out of the water, I'll donate. Heck I would even volunteer to help.
  10. Good point, exactly what it is, premcons are the major part of the cost. Hey Binkley, quit using premcons. I use them on all my boats, probably a misconceived thought of actually making the boats better.
  11. Even if you play well, but your team lose's, you will probably lose credits, even in T4.
  12. That's messed up management, whom ever runs that thing need's a boot to the head. Donate all you want, fact is, if they don't get it out of the water, it's dead.
  13. On the pay back? How much for buyin it back?
  14. How much for the Kut?????
  15. Dude, he's wasted.