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  1. Oh man, bummer. Great game in Arizona.
  2. lol, good stuff OP, check out your local anger management group. Just a suggestion.
  3. What the heck are you guys talkin about???
  4. They say clan battles are coming, that will cover it. Never see 12 player divs in random.
  5. And some of them are ship or tier specific.
  6. Got a Skipper and a Ho in the Tirp. Look's like a lot of them are ship specific, won't be getting them all this time.
  7. Seen that, an Oblivion gate?
  8. Can this recent influx of HE be frustrating? Yes, but like any other mechanic in the game, it can be adapted to and countered.
  9. I think the new visuals are fantastic. And the sound as well.
  10. Looks good to me, specs out more like a battle cruiser than a BB, i.e. Graf Spee.
  11. I agree, bring back manual drop for T4-5. Also need to balance load outs. Just those two things would make CV's a "little" better to play.
  12. WG apologized to the community and IChase publicly, admitted he was correct. Why not give him the option to be a CC again?