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  1. Comm

    Come on smarty pants, done this before, this for real, tired of you smart guys Got the balls?
  2. Comm

    If you do not accept this challenge, you accept to never condescend on remarks to anyone again, or you are a wimp
  3. Comm

    Unless you you flee child
  4. Comm

    Perhaps you you will get some manners
  5. Comm

    I will hammer your condescending punk [edited]at 1900 on the morrow, as a challenge punk
  6. Comm

    Hey rusty, better polish yur crap. cause when I find you....
  7. Comm

    How about this, these 2 smart guys wanna drop their balls in here, how bout I chopem off in game? You guys got balls for that? Huh? you punks, face me in me game? I challenge you punks
  8. Comm

    You two [edited] hats, get a life
  9. Comm

    You too [edited]hat
  10. Comm

    FU condescending troll prick, piss off troll
  11. Comm

    No matter what any one says, no one comm's like they used to, hard to win that way, and not near as fun. Now close it will ya, or some other bastard will try to twist it
  12. Comm

    any way to close this? Just wanted to talk about in game comm. geez Didn't want an argument, just wanted on comm in game
  13. Comm

    huh? couldnt get pat the first line
  14. Comm

    Why is the real question is, why don't people talk/communicate in game?
  15. Comm

    For this lesson, how to be condescending.