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  1. ValeriusNaso

    Is there a USN bias in this game

    Just because the citadel is submerged doesn't mean it can't be hit. If we were using lasers that would be true, but since the shells travel in parabolic trajectories (I know they aren't perfect parabolas due to drag), they can hit the ship above the side of the water, and drop down to the height of the citadel before detonating. More likely to happen at longer range, but I wanted to be close enough that I wouldn't accidentally hit the rest of the citadel.
  2. ValeriusNaso

    Is there a USN bias in this game

    Except the citadels of all of the USN Tech Tree CLs from the Dallas to the Worcester do extend from the first turret to the last. The magazine areas under the turrets are narrower than the width of the hull in many places, so you have to turn off the exterior plating to see them. (I included an extra shot of the Worcester to make sure that the small rear magazine citadel was visible.)