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  1. He's trolling you because he knows you can't complete the operation.
  2. I've been struggling to keep my win rate above 60%, and it's a colossal struggle. My WTR is fine however, but it's been pretty stagnant, hovering around 1400.
  3. It feels like the order of most useful ships is Igor, Blade and Jackal or Blade, Igor and Jackal. The battleship doesn't really have much of an impact in this operation.
  4. Since it doubles plane takeoff time, DCP will be ready before this perk will actually be used. Just spec BFT instead.
  5. My highest damage games were all defeats.
  6. I'm super close to the Taiho, would you like it if I div with you? We'll eventually get it, just message me in-game. I'll try to bait as many planes as possible to you.
  7. But hey, the concealment is pretty nice.
  8. WG has noticed my credit troubles lately and has rewarded me with a supercontainer! Inside the super container was 14 days of premium time, as a standard account user, I will happily take this reward. Anyways, thank you RNGesus and WG for giving me free goodies, I hope the rest of the player base gets some too!
  9. Budyonny, Akatsuki, Bismarck, Bayern, La Galisoniere, Charles Martel, Kirov, Clemson, Wakatake, Umikaze... There are a LOT of ships you should keep, these are the ones I currently have kept.
  10. WG recently did a captain re-training discount a couple weeks ago, unlikely they will do it again.
  11. I have a similar rule regarding ship type. DId I do the best as a destroyer? Battleship? Cruiser? Most of the time if I see I did above my average stats I consider that I have done my part.
  12. Kutuzov for sure. It's a strong ship which can be made even stronger with a good captain build. It also handles getting up-tiered easier than other cruisers of her tier.
  13. I think it'll come in late November, early December.
  14. My Mikhail Kutuzov.
  15. 100 Bismarck flags and the hydro mod is pretty good. Only bad thing you got was a spotter plane mod, nice luck!