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  1. They Nerfed My Ship, Ma!

    Computer in french is ordinateur, but anyways, nice job once more!
  2. How about this? Ignore the defeat however.
  3. Please no, we don't need more battleships running this perk.
  4. This is just a shower thought I had yesterday, but what if players could purchase a unique commander with elite commander experience. I'm not talking about boosting a normal commander to as many skill points a player wants, but a commander for sale. It could be in the form of recruiting a new commander for a ship, but the point is, players could actually spend the mounds of elite commander experience on a new, unique commander (it would have better skills and be more expensive of course). The commanders don't have to have their skills to be too extreme, but the idea still stands, a unique commander for sale. It's similarnto how players buy free experience ships like the Missouri and Nelson using... free experience. Anyways, what do you guys think about commanders being for sale?

    Capitalize on the X3 win bonuses and put on some free experience flags. You can grind 4k+ free exp per game if you are doing it with all the flags.
  6. Harekaze in Ranked?

    Even with no cvs this is still very very risky. Smoke is also a better team playing consumable than the memey torpedo reload booster.
  7. I had a triple strike in my Kagero (so only a double strike, but 3 kills in 10 seconds!!!) but my team still loss. The outcome... 2.1k base experience.
  8. I mean Musashi is coming out soon, just wait and see.
  9. Confused about this game!

    The people who focus on shooting the red boats instead of kill stealing get more krakens than those who don't.
  10. I will never get the Hood or Dunkerque. I have the premium camos, and I'm short on credits (or doubloons hon hon). If I could sell these camos for doubloons I would in a heartbeat.
  11. The Realm of Dark has a traitor!

    via Imgflip Meme Generator
  12. He's trolling you because he knows you can't complete the operation.
  13. I've been struggling to keep my win rate above 60%, and it's a colossal struggle. My WTR is fine however, but it's been pretty stagnant, hovering around 1400.
  14. Ra-Ra Rasputin

    It feels like the order of most useful ships is Igor, Blade and Jackal or Blade, Igor and Jackal. The battleship doesn't really have much of an impact in this operation.