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  1. FayFay731

    An "interesting" ranked game

    They enemy had more points at the end and I died a second before their last ship died.
  2. The result (for me) was a defeat...
  3. FayFay731

    For Whomst've thinks Stalingrad is op

    Stalingrad is under performing in CB, the ship needs a massive rework in the form of buffs.
  4. I'm collecting data for the Minotaur and only the Minotaur. If have other RN CLs, great, but this poll is for Minotaur players' votes only please. Please keep the topic civil, there is no "better" consumable (I don't want to see discrimination against either smoke or radar users). All I'm doing is collecting data for the present, note this poll also refers to random battles and random battles only please. Playing 1 game in either smoke or radar and voting for that 1 game you played isn't accurate, I'm talking about playing at least 50% of your games using 1 specific consumable. If you use Minotaur in CB that's cool, but the only real reason is really for the radar. If you could explain when and why you use either consumable that would be great (optional). Personally I use the radar because it has larger influence on the game usually leading to a higher win rate, but yields less damage potential. I play Minotaur as a kiting ship when I can (early game) and I camp behind islands whenever I can to help out with radar. The Minotaur has been the first RN CL I have used radar on because of its manoeuvrability and stealth. You can still manage to deal decent damage with a radar Minotaur, but I have to warn you, it's literally one of the hardest ships to play in the game. If you can make it work, then it is extremely rewarding and well worth playing without the smoke. If I bonked up the poll please let me know, I haven't posted polls in a while.
  5. The invite should be in the top left corner of your screen, unless you've disabled dynamic division invites.
  6. FayFay731

    Premium Ship Review: HSF Harekaze

    For a Gudbote right? I guess if you have an Akizuki you might as well buy this one.
  7. FayFay731

    Forum Game - Word Association

  8. FayFay731

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Umm... weeaboo stuff?
  9. FayFay731

    campaign task 8?

    Just play a DD, spam torps, hide in screens, spot people and most importantly cap the points, holding those caps reaps in tons of exp.