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  1. but everything else I do online works fine. I am on a ATT Fiber service so usually everything screams and like I said I am talking to a lot of other people in game having the same issue. my hope is there will be a patch shortly and things will go back to normal fingers crossed.
  2. I am seeing huge FPS swings I mean the rate bounces up and down like a rubber ball. Since the update the game has been so laggy and choppy it's almost impossible to play right now. I will skip the usual attack on WG just please do something to address the issue. I have talked to enough people in game to know I am not the only one fighting these issues so the problem is most likely on the Server side. Or if anyone knows a fix that I can perform to address this would be grateful to hear it
  3. RebelBadger001


    Yeah and the game also is having huge ping and FPS issues I mean it's awesome playing a choppy laggy game. The last few days the FPS has been bouncing up and down like a rubber ball Guys must not be spending enough on dubs to buy early access ship crates to get ships that you can grind in a month lol
  4. RebelBadger001

    Fighting chat bans how do I do that?

    ask to see what actually got you banned you will not believe how low the bar is set. I mean they cater to the snowflakes even saying a ship is a POS is a bannable offense. I mean typing the initials POS not the words I have gotten chat banned for things not even said at another player its kind of a joke. At this point I just mute chat all the time. it has actually improved my game experience. I always laugh that a lot of WOWs players heads would have exploded in a Call of Duty 4 game back in the day lol
  5. I wish WG would understand that only Eastern Time Zone matters in US and start using that when they list times lol I hate having to convert
  6. RebelBadger001

    Why the rocket plane redo ?

    was he actually shooting at you lol? for your secondaries to have time to do that much damage I am thinking you were not his main target
  7. RebelBadger001

    Why the rocket plane redo ?

    how does one adapt to a CV taking on a DD in a gun battle? I will Wait For It the rocket planes and running was the one tactic that worked in that scenario
  8. RebelBadger001

    Why the rocket plane redo ?

    Yeah so no more ability of the CV to actually defend itself when your team of potatoes leaves a path open for a DD to blitz the CV
  9. RebelBadger001

    Why the rocket plane redo ?

    As usual the WG devs have to change stuff just to change stuff have to ask why did the rocket planes aiming need to be changed? Seriously why do the Devs always feel the need to tinker. War Game motto if it works we must fix and break it when we are not building paper ships that we will then ban because we made them too good. This game just gets stupider with each patch
  10. RebelBadger001

    Update 0.10.5, Clan Battles restrictions

    Imagine being the guys who did the grind to get the 33K in steel getting the FDR and then WG Devs just say sorry we let you buy a broken op ship so now we are going to punish you for our mistake. Personally think they should allow any FDR owner to get their steel back screw their if you played it no refund games. Also think its funny that a CV you can grind in normal tiers is considered OP nice job by the WG devs somethings never change lol
  11. RebelBadger001

    Thoughts on the ISE

    I will admit I am usually very anti WG Devs(except the graphics guys they are Gods) but (there is always a but) I have to admit I really like the Ise so far and love the fact it's actually a real ship not the usual WG Dev fever dream paper ship. It's fun trying to do BB and CV stuff in the same game. Yes the torps are weak but I don't mind. It is a nice refreshing change to not be bitterly disappointed in a new premium ship Just one man's opinions and your mileage may vary What are your first blush thoughts on Ise and any other weird real ships you would like to see added to the game.
  12. RebelBadger001

    Austin Vs Wooster?

    Plymouth just by default has to be a better option the Austin is that bad 07
  13. RebelBadger001

    Austin Vs Wooster?

    I have the Austin and I hate it with the power of a Thousand Suns I totally regret wasting my 29K steel on it and believe me it was wasted. No Smoke No Radar super soft yes it goes BRTTTTTTT for 15 whole seconds than has a 1:18 cool down on the reload boost. and the vast majority of the wave of shells you launched during the 15 seconds of BRTTTTTTT will be non pens or ricochets. Its puny 5" main battery is for the most part useless against most tier X ships even with SAP. as stated it can be citiadelled from any angle bow on stern on and god help you if you catch a broadside from anything bigger than a DD when you are broadside you will just get erased. Very Good AA but you wont be alive long enough to use it much and it does have Repair party which you may get one use in before you are erased. Only way to play is to hook up with a clan mate who has smoke and sit with him hoping you have teammates spotting for you. seriously if I could give it back and get my steel back I would in a heartbeat I have never hated or regretted getting a resource ship as much as I hate and regret the Austin
  14. RebelBadger001

    Shikishima Or Auston?

    The Austin is Garbage I so regret wasting my 29k steel on it no smoke no radar super long cool down on the gun fire booster and the 5 inch guns are practically useless verse most Tier X ships. And its super soft I have never hated a special or premium ship as much as I hate the Austin. I would rather take my Atlanta or Flint into a TierX game than the Austin. I am sure its because I suck as a player and the Austin is the greatest ship WG has ever created (at least that is what the comments will say) But if it was possible I would return the dumpster fire and get my steel back. My fault I should have researched it more I am sure there were videos warning me not to buy it but I got suckered by WG with the look shiny shoots fast (but only in short little bursts) ship
  15. RebelBadger001

    Division Stars

    The part I dont get is what are they trying to promote? Are you promoting Divisions then any division should work are you promoting Clans well there are plenty of things like Clan Battles and Clan Bonuses to get people into clans. And not everyone in a clan will be a social butterfly we have 23 guys in my clan 10-14 of us are very social on our discord we div up and do clan battles even Naval Battles is a big thing in our clan. But we have other guys who dont like to play with other people they do play they support the clan with their steady 30 barrels of oil a day and get their clan bonuses in return. Not everyone likes to play with a group. So I dont understand the reasoning by the Devs on this one. I mean I was excited about this until I started figuring out how it worked. I mean 500 oil is 500 oil etc. but not worth the effort of trying to find guys I have not already been in a Div with. Meh