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  1. Since patch 6.9 I've had my game crash a handful of times. Today I happened to be playing with my friends and my game crashes to my amazement my ship continued to shoot after my game crashed. Loaded back in dead, so now I got two RNGs to worry about lols... Not sure how the *&^& this happens.
  2. It's coming some time this year...........................
  3. I love breaking things...
  4. Having an issue of the game not letting assign a captain to a ship. It's only letting me recruit a new one, any help? (Closing the game and restarting seems to be the only way to fix.)
  5. Don't tell me your still using windows xp...
  6. The potato, is strong with this post.
  7. My GTX 690 has been relegated to the job of being a paper weight. Honestly you will probably never see sli support for this game so just be happy the game works at all. lols
  8. Ok, so first off I'm having issues when I hit tab during the match, either one or more thing happen. 1- I can't turn my turrets, 2- Can't fire guns, 3- Esc no longer works, 4- Can't use consumables, Also have had some other guys in Teamspeak with this issue.
  9. When you playin supremacy and you get rammed the enemies aircraft carrier because you accidentally shot over him...
  10. Dude, one question what are you smoking cause I want some.
  11. Baltimore is the only ship I have this issue on, also it seems to be a bug with the model itself as this can happen to anyone driving a Baltimore.
  12. Decide to test it again and... well... see for yourself...
  13. Yes, and it only occurs near the area of the 3rd turret. Interesting and lewd glitch I do say.