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  1. Cpt_Cupcake

    IFHE for Secondaries?

    They also added HE penetration to the ship stats, can confirm the value changes whether IFHE is elected or not.
  2. Its fine, Ill check tomorrow... they usually take a day to upload it
  3. Cpt_Cupcake

    FWIW, You are Wrong About the CV Rework

    This is my build, minus AR. This build is what I use for all USN CL ships. If you want a dedicated Atlanta capt, I would ditch SI for DE. Likewise, you could ditch SI for PM and CE.
  4. What I was saying, its not uploaded on replayswows yet. I was wondering you could provide the game file version
  5. Stop seal clubbing. P.S. It takes wows replays awhile to upload your video. Can you provide the replay as a game file?
  6. Cpt_Cupcake

    FWIW, You are Wrong About the CV Rework

    I'm amazed that you gave up range and dpm for your Atlanta with not taking BFT and AFT. I'm very curious to see a screen shot of you commander skills now... My experience with AA builds is, particularly the Atlanta, is to shut my AA off. Without CE, it has a air detect of 6.4, my long range AA is 7.2km. Once they actually detect me, I pop my DF, which turns on my AA automatically and I select them to gain a 30% DPS increase (I don't run MFAA). After the squadron(s) are wiped, I manually shut down my AA again to gain a few seconds for my DF to come back up. As for after the rework, I really don't see any appreciable difference happening, with the exception of reduced AA range. I assume, Atlanta will still be able to, for all intends and purposes, still be able to destroy aircraft in a reasonable timeframe. Just an assumption at this point.
  7. Cpt_Cupcake

    FWIW, You are Wrong About the CV Rework

    So what "AA" skills did you not take?
  8. Cpt_Cupcake

    FWIW, You are Wrong About the CV Rework

    Are you saying you didn't take MFAA or you didn't take BFT and AFT?
  9. Cpt_Cupcake

    Should I skip the Monarch?

    Yep. Don't HE spam as you would in KGV, not as viable...
  10. Signing up for the first gets you the second...
  11. Cpt_Cupcake

    level 11 and 12 and 13

    wth? Would have been overpowered under the old system with it's 15 squadrons. With the rework, you still only get one squadron and detection is 26km.
  12. Cpt_Cupcake

    Battle Strat

    @Firestartergold1 Don't sit still, kept you moving. That way you can react faster to threats and torps Use AP on broadsides or on cruisers, but don't switch shell types manually. Fire what's loaded first after selecting what you want next in the chamber. Don't show broadside, unless you can get away with it, ie, they just fired. Don't sail in a straight line when detected, cause torps also move in straight lines... Don't use you damage control party on single fires unless you're undetected or behind cover. And don't be afraid to take damage. Max gun range doesn't mean the same thing as effective gun range.
  13. Cpt_Cupcake

    Neptunes and Minotaurs completely gone

    wows stats and numbers disagree with you.
  14. Serious inquiries probably asked thru PM.