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  1. Cpt_Cupcake

    Mass Speculation time

    I'm going to be the outlier, but... Nippon steel will win. 1.) The "kawachi waggle" brings 10 guns into play, while keeping bow on target, thus reducing damage recieved. (Nassau can do it almost as well, the other "wing" turreted BBs not so much.) 2. Tenyru has decent guns and 7km torps. (Caledon while it has repair party, can be HE citadeled by DDs.) 3. Wakatakes are excellent little ships. Besides the GP101, I dont think any DD has better concealment.
  2. Cpt_Cupcake

    Moskva... in general

    @Crucis yeah, lots of crusiers die trying to use radar or hydro...
  3. Cpt_Cupcake

    Repair Party Mechanics

    @Midshipman_Hornblower yes, damage recieved while repairing can be repaired, amount dependent on type of damage recieved.
  4. Cpt_Cupcake

    Total number of players per side

    I've noticed it at all tiers, thus the reason I think it's a bug. When the smolensk was first released and the ques were choked full of them, the shells rendered then. It's the last couple patches that I've seen it.
  5. Cpt_Cupcake

    Total number of players per side

    Yeah, what's up with that? These last couple patches have been breaking crap.
  6. Cpt_Cupcake

    Total number of players per side

    I see no issue with 15v15 mm for randoms. If population is an issue, MM can revert to the current system. Would be interesting to see the effects on random meta...
  7. Cpt_Cupcake

    Remove planes and CVs from WowS

    Isn't that the core of why people want CVs removed, "hate?"
  8. Cpt_Cupcake

    Players that won't push

    Then why do they do it even when theres no CVs?
  9. Cpt_Cupcake

    Remove planes and CVs from WowS

    Its cause the commander of HMS Glorious was a putz and a submarine commander... Despite being in a hostile environment, he made no preparations to ready his aircraft squadrons for combat.
  10. Cpt_Cupcake

    Why I've ditched concealment mod...

    I did monty purely for the increased DCP time. I may do @Kizarvexis s build for missouri...
  11. Cpt_Cupcake

    Why I've ditched concealment mod...

    Concealment builds, in my opinion, are good early game and if your team has the DD advantage. Beyond that, the dispersion nerf, is of limited utility.
  12. Cpt_Cupcake

    Closest game ever recorded!!

    I would have cried if that was my team...
  13. Cpt_Cupcake

    Remove planes and CVs from WowS

    Actually, quite a few. Some CVs also exchanged gunfire with other surface ships... But hey, why let facts get in front of your narrative.
  14. Cpt_Cupcake

    Why I've ditched concealment mod...

    That looks nasty...
  15. For the ships montana and conqueror for now, I've swapped concealment module for the new ship consumable modification. For the Montana, that equates to an additional 1600hp per charge and brings my DCP to a active period of 30 secs (I'm running DCP modifcation as well.) For the Conqueror, that equals an additional 4ishk hp per charge and 22 secs of DCP. With the 4 charges of repair, that's a potential 16ishkhp increase. I'll be testing other ships, particularly MRB, TRB, and speed boast ships later.