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  1. Nice karma flex. Here, have a upvote.
  2. Great, now they can miss twice as much further away.
  3. I believe xp is also dependent on percentage. Example: 2k damage on a 15k hp DD earns more than 5k damage dealt to a 70k hp BB. @Taichunger beat me too it.
  4. CV's ruin the game

  5. CV's ruin the game

    Hannibal is considered one of the greatest generals, yet his side lost. Admiral Yu Sun-si is considered the best, not cause he won every battle he led, which he did, but because he did so under extreme circumstances. Without him, they would have lost the war. Also, the "one-trick-predictable-pony" smashed that technology superior navy once Yu Sun-Si was demoted and almost executed, for the second time. Once he was recalled to service, his "successor's" defeat left him with 13 ships to defeat 333, which he did.
  6. CV's ruin the game

    I thought haikus' followed a 5/7/5 syllable format?
  7. You can change out you consumables. I would, if I were you, swap spotter plane for radar. That'll fix your issues.
  8. Boycott query

    To think, if only they didn't have the junk 25mm but an American AA suite...
  9. Still not a ship...

    I got yudaci, 1k dubs, think 2k steel, crap ton of coal.
  10. The state of WoWs verses Wots.

    That what drove me from WoTs.
  11. ST, hybrids

    I thought tone with spotter & fighter & musashi cooldown would have been viable at T7.
  12. I once played a game where all the ship & plane (except Kamikazes) types were balanced... It was called "Battlestations: Pacific."