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  1. The ranked battle matchmaker seems to be bugged. Almost every match this evening has been a complete steamroll (and usually a loss). The ranked matchmaker is not giving balanced teams or matches. It's especially having difficulty placing carriers and completely not taking into account the skill or success of the players on both teams.
  2. Mercsn

    Daily Mission Bug

    Still a relevant bug.
  3. Aircraft carrier bombers hitting a small, fast, maneuvering target (like a destroyer) consistently, repeatedly until sunk on the 3rd attack run is either bugged, a cheat, or terrible game design. I'm going to assume that WG's developers aren't terrible. I'm going to assume that WG uses sufficient anti-cheat to prevent such. Therefore, this must be a bug.
  4. You are correct that it's not always a very short time-to-kill due to hyper accurate fire. However, it often is. And, instantaneously as though people knew exactly where to have their turrets pointed. Sure, with experience, educated guesses about where players will be can be made (this is what you're describing with focus fire). However, there's still going to be a bit of delay while aiming in and judging holdover for aim. I often see instant evaporation of ships, red or blue and not just destroyers. The thing is, often times it really is "bam, headshot" quick deaths...except these are huge metal beasts and super short TTK is just bad for gameplay; there's no opportunity for counter-play. TTK in this game is just often (too often) very, very short. Also, I'm not talking about match survival time. As one troll poster misunderstood. I've seen plenty of BB or CV players last the entire match and contribute nearly nothing by camping in a bad spot with no line of sight or range to any targets. I'm not talking about match survival. I'm talking about time to kill once an engagement starts.
  5. Hi. I appreciate the step-by-step instructions. However, it's a rather involved process with very low, if any, return on time invested. In the past, when I was an avid planes player, I did this, hoping to keep the game on a more level playing field to help player retention and "fun" factor of fair matches. WG, at least with that title, never did anything and the same obvious cheats and cheat clans kept on flying. So, that's why I left this here in suggestions. I know WG won't see it or the devs won't care, but at least I'm doing my little part and leaving this here for posterity.
  6. I understand WG likes to claim that "cheating can't happen because it's server side". Anyone who knows anything about online games and/or cybersecurity will laugh at that statement because it's patently false. So, I would like to suggest an automated feature in-game to report players suspected of using cheats or unauthorized mods. I've seen clear evidence of them here and they're somewhat rampant in the title I came to this game from, planes (especially considering the very low player population there). I notice that there are other things that can be selected "plays poorly", "afk", etc, but there isn't a way to report players that are using cheats or unauthorized mods. Having an automated reporting feature could allow guilty players to be brought to Human attention if the number of reports against them reach a certain threshold in a given period. I've also seen smurf or alternate accounts being used for this purpose in warships. WG, you did a good job of leveling the playing field and providing more even matches since the last time I tried this game (3 years ago) by removing pay to win consumables and reducing the power gap in the modules. Now, I encourage you to do something to help eliminate players who are abusing your lack of sufficient anti-cheat or policing of unauthorized mods.
  7. Hey, bud. We already agreed that you're a troll and that, as such, I wasn't going to consider anything you typed. Thanks for helping boost the topic, though!
  8. The time to kill (how long it takes a ship to get destroyed) is frightfully short in this game. The pace of the game is relatively slow, which is deceiving. There' s 1 to 5 minutes in queue. Then 2 to 5 minutes maneuvering at the beginning of a match and then 10 seconds before a ship's hitpoint pool is demolished by hyper-accurate gunfire. I do have a related suggestion post to eliminate aim assist mods (and the mini-map assist). The actual "battle" portion of a match should be longer than the queue and start of match maneuvering. For perspective, I come from the planes game where the queue is very fast (usually 1 minute), although bot-filled due to poor management of that title from the Studia Persha game studio in Kiev. That aside, beginning match maneuvering and entry into battle is a relatively short time and time to kill (with active maneuvering) is relatively long. It's odd that an airplane takes longer to kill than a ship. Suggestions: reduce queue time, increase time to kill, increase ship acceleration or shrink map sizes to eliminate unnecessary start of match maneuvering to close excessive distance with the enemy.
  9. Mercsn

    Daily Mission Bug

    Continues to be a relevant bug.
  10. Mercsn

    Daily Mission Bug

    Still as relevant today as it was yesterday and the day before.
  11. Mercsn

    Daily Mission Bug

    Bumping for relevance.
  12. Actually, my suggestion is that WG level the playing field. That could be accomplished either by cracking down on such cheats or (since they even include a version of it in the mini-map) just make them allowed so it's something everyone has access to. I'm suggesting they level the field, not that they make the verboten mods legal. Doing such would, however, be one solution if they can't find another.
  13. Since you've already proven that you're just a troll, I'm simply not giving any weight to anything you type. Cheers.
  14. There's a bug with the daily missions. The "and win" portion of the daily mission is bugged. The game isn't permitting wins when the xp requirement is also met.
  15. Interesting, right? Perhaps that should tell WG it's time to do something about it.