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  1. I'm in, thanks and good luck to all!
  2. Are you sure you have a spotter plane and not a fighter?
  3. I also agree; the ST's and CC's do a great job sharing their experiences and opinions with the player base at large.
  4. Had to laugh at this.... :-)
  5. Ditto, I learned something new also!
  6. If you have a few premium ships in the lines your grinding, that will help getting captain's experience (and add a change of pace from the grind if you want)
  7. I concur on the AC/DC part of the soundtrack for the movie
  8. But...but....they're staring at me! LOL I like LWM's version, more determined looking (we're coming for YOU!)
  9. Congrats! Nice luck
  10. Attention on Deck! From the Update Notes: "This update is a big one at 3.8GB -- the last record holder was Update 0.5.7 at 2.7GB. We did generally reduce update sizes to around a gig, but this update's size is because of all the especially awesome things like Scenario Mode, a revamped sound engine, new technology integration and new feature development."
  11. Same
  12. ^^^ This
  13. You forgot about 'Battleship' the movie with the Missouri in it also
  14. Very nice game!