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  1. Since I started (my profile says June of 2015, can't believe it's been that long), I've been grinding all the lines. Started mainly with the IJN and US, then the German and Russian. For those I'm at T7 or T8 on most lines (BB, CA/CL, DD), with most of the premiums (started out with the Tirpitz, just expanded from there). Then the UK and French lines, with the Pan-Asian DD line and the Italian premiums. UK and French I'm finally up to the T7/T8 range; haven't done much on the Pan-Asian DDs though (maybe T3 or T4?).. Also a plethora of free ships from the various WG opportunities (working on the Cossack now of course). I was able to save up the free xp to get the MO, and have enjoyed playing that on occasions, and just recently pulled the trigger on the Musashi with coal. Still have enough free XP for the Alaska if/when she comes out I think (over 1,000,000), although I might pull the trigger and get the Nelson soon. The coal is starting to add up again also (I keep going for the resource boxes as I earn them). So I'm similarly diversified, and just doing the slow (very slow I'm sure most would think) grind. T8 takes awhile, although I keep cycling through my ships and see T9 on a few lines shortly (end of the year maybe). I should get the Chappy next.
  2. I was lucky to get the T5 and T6 missions and ships through crates I won. Got the Icarus (T6) mission in one of the first crates I received. Got the Acasta (T5) in one of the last crates over the weekend. Not sure what to do with the last sovereigns, but will try to use them up after work this afternoon. Also used the sovereigns I earned for the doubloon value of the Warspite.
  3. I'm in the same boat (pun intended). I unlocked the Helena a few weeks ago, but only bought it this weekend (glad there's the sale going on). It is a fun ship! Similar to the Boise.
  4. chrisope

    Another free code

  5. chrisope

    Weekend spree

    Some good, some bad games all weekend. Was able to purchase the Helena and Tier IX Buffalo at their reduced prices (my first T9 from grinding). Good weekend for experience on those ships I won in. Also got a random SC with 15k coal in it, so that was a plus.
  6. chrisope

    Free container code!

  7. chrisope

    New Bonus Code for Dasha Patch

  8. chrisope

    USS Ling vandalized, flooded, memorial plaques stolen

    I visited it once back when I was a boy scout. Was very interesting for an 11-12 y.o. But heard it has really been deteriorating without any place to take her (or that will take her). Probably end up as scrap or a rust heap.
  9. chrisope

    It’s not “Wooster”

    I believe so. Was there about a year ago, and it was going through some extensive rehab; but still looked good at that point. The museum is actually 3 or so buildings/areas. The main part is where the Nimitz family had their hotel; and the Pacific War info is extensive and very interesting. Where the PT boat is a short walk from the main museum, where they also have a plane (TBM I think), as well as a re-enactment area. Can spend hours there.
  10. chrisope

    It’s not “Wooster”

    @nagasakee they have restored a Higgins PT Boat at the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg, TX Here's a link http://www.pacificwarmuseum.org/ @nagasakee
  11. chrisope

    Kraken the 300 K damage milestone,,,,,

    Great game! Sorry it was a loss.
  12. chrisope

    Maritime Mondays - Creme de la Cruisers

    I'm really liking the Boise since I got her.
  13. chrisope

    The Autograph Thread

    I'm not a big autograph collector, but did ask Nancy Lieberman for hers at a NY Liberty game once (she went to the same college I went to, Old Dominion University, graduating the year before my freshman year [and winning a women's NCAA tournament]; then played, coached and was a broadcaster for WNBA games).
  14. I agree with the above wholeheartedly!