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  1. chrisope

    Weekend Spree 20-22 Nov 2020.

    I played the Key Battles mode (thanks to @Nevermore135 for his post; too early this AM, I could not remember the name) most of the weekend and got all three ships to elite status (for what that's worth). Have enough special tokens for the T8 camo; but will have to play a lot more to get the T9. Pondering if it is worth my time. I also bit the FXP bullet and bought the Smaland. I figured another T10 ship in port is another container during the snowflake event(s), and I had 3+ million FXP and anticipate building it back up since I'm still on furlough (although I have some training to do that will eat significantly into my playing time). Otherwise did a bunch of stuff in the real world instead of being on the computer.
  2. chrisope

    Weekend Spree, 13-15 November 2020.

    I got my new laptop computer (my good one died back in early October and I had to wait for a new one, using an old, slow one temporarily) this past Wednesday (11/11) and was able to download the game and updates over the weekend. Played a variety of coop and then tried the Key battles. They seem to reward progress a bit faster towards the BB tasks, so have been playing them a lot. Trying to keep sane too.
  3. I did pretty good on the Black Friday crate; a Scharnhorst B!
  4. chrisope

    Weekend Spree, 6 - 8 November 2020.

    Due to considerable help from customer service (CS), I was able to play 3 or 4 games last week on this old computer, before WoWs crashed again. CS tried to help, but I think it's an impossibility on this computer. Hopefully, my new laptop arrives when scheduled (so far) on the 16th and I can resume play that week. Have missed playing and doing the various missions, etc. Much less having some better capabilities for getting onto the Forum, etc. Hopefully I haven't missed too much during my hiatus. If so, oh well; it's a game. Did play pretty well in the few games I was able to play (coop as I didn't want to crash during a random match, of course).
  5. chrisope

    Weekend Spree, 16-18 October 2020.

    My laptop (my only computer) died on Friday :-( I ordered a new gaming laptop (including 32GB ram), but won't be ready until November 13. Doing this on my old laptop, but haven't been able to download and play WoWS yet (not sure I'll be able to in the long run). Kinda sucks....
  6. FYI, rewards are available as of noon EDT (I was just able to click)
  7. chrisope

    Weekend Spree, 9 to 11 October 2020.

    I did the same with my Munchen, getting the 200% on the battles (mostly coop, some randoms). I do like that ship; fragile but with a kick to the opposition. Played a bit on the PTS on Saturday. Then just worked on the USBB missions and spammed a little random play here and there.
  8. chrisope

    Weekend Spree, 2 to 4 October 2020.

    Finished the 4th stage of the Epochs missions and started on the 5th stage today (tasks 1 & 2 so far), as well as trying to finish the Dockyard stage before the last one unlocks tomorrow. Still need one more task (the base experience one), so will have to finish it hopefully tomorrow. Got a California in a SC late last week, so played that a little when working on the above tasks, mostly in coop. Did play a few randoms and had my usual 45%-50% success (I'm strictly mediocre). Also found out I had neglected to fit out my Benham while playing for the flooding/fires task by US/German DDs. So did that, which was quite costly in credits (but it plays much better with the slots filled). Still have 297 million credits, but I like to keep it around 300 million to give me wiggle room for my next tech-tree ship(s) (hopefully another TX in one of my lines sometime in the near future).
  9. chrisope

    I Received a SC

    Thanks! I can honestly say I am pleasantly surprised
  10. chrisope

    I Received a SC

    On my second crate of the day, when I received a super container with a ship inside! Been a while since I received either a SC or a new ship. Nice early BD present to me
  11. chrisope

    Weekend Spree, 25-27 September 2020

    Played sporadically all weekend. Still working on my snowflakes; hopefully have them finished before they disappear with the next update (only have the camo's at T6 and T5 to go; and have most of the T6 ones done I think). Almost finished the 4th mission of the Epoch campaign, and continued getting progress on the Dockyard. Nothing special really, but continued to play.
  12. chrisope

    KOTS Mission (not Container) Code

    Worked for me; thanks OP!
  13. chrisope

    Crunch time - 1 million FXP reached (again!).

    I have Alaska, Friesland, and Agir, and like them all. But I would agree with what @Navalpride33 said as far as waiting a bit until you see what else may be on the near horizon, and of course garner more FXP along the way.
  14. chrisope

    Weekend Spree, 11-13 September 2020.

    True, but I also have the Honorable Service campaign staring at me for the last 4+ years that I would like to finish and get the shinonome some day.