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  1. Torpedo Hit Ratio

    7% with 3850 games played
  2. Happy Birthday LWM! Hope you have a great day!
  3. New Jersey BB Video

    Thanks for sharing!
  4. USS Olympia in Philadelphia; USS Ling in Hackensack, NJ (sub, visited years ago, I don't think its there anymore), USS Pampanito in San Francisco (sub), USS Torsk (sub) and USS Constellation (sail) in Baltimore, USS Arizona, USS Texas (most recent). Also PT-309 at the National Museum of the Pacific War (Fredericksburg, TX).
  5. One day late, but 100 years ago...

    Nice post! I just read about that on wikipedia the other day.
  6. Pearl Harbor Trivia (Easy)

    I did take the tour, but am a bit of a history buff and knew that was one of the things the attack missed (as well as not hitting the ship repair facilities, etc). Concentration on the battleships was a moral blow, but if the oil/fuel storage facilities and/or repair facilities were destroyed or severely damaged, it would have really affected any response by the US from Pearl.
  7. Pearl Harbor Trivia (Easy)

    Not destroying the fuel/oil supplies around the harbor
  8. Pearl Harbor Trivia (Easy)

    6. I believe is Nagumo 10. I think Schofield (sp?) (or it was Schofield barracks), with Wheeler being the army airfield on Ford Island. @HamptonRoads got the actor.
  9. Theme music

    Definitely this at times....
  10. Same for me; although on rare occasions I'll take TYL
  11. Spotter planes help

    Are you sure you have a spotter plane and not a fighter?
  12. Props for the STs and CCs

    I also agree; the ST's and CC's do a great job sharing their experiences and opinions with the player base at large.