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  1. My Claim of Naval Service

    Thank you for your service!
  2. Went on a Trip to USS Hornet

    Thanks! Great pictures for both ships!
  3. Went on a Trip to USS Hornet

    Could pull up the Iowa pictures, but the Hornet ones say you have to be signed in for. Cool pics of the Iowa though
  4. It was a great event, and I'll second thanking the WoWS staff for their hospitality. It was nice to meet the staff and other players.
  5. It was a real nice event. I had a great time meeting the staff and the other players.
  6. Welcome to Austin! I came here about a year ago (May 3, 2017 to be exact) to work on a project in north Austin (which is still ongoing). Hope you enjoy the new environs. It's definitely a city packed with entertainment options!
  7. There hasn't been that much rain in Austin (yet)...
  8. Torpedo Hit Ratio

    7% with 3850 games played
  9. Happy Birthday LWM! Hope you have a great day!
  10. New Jersey BB Video

    Thanks for sharing!
  11. USS Olympia in Philadelphia; USS Ling in Hackensack, NJ (sub, visited years ago, I don't think its there anymore), USS Pampanito in San Francisco (sub), USS Torsk (sub) and USS Constellation (sail) in Baltimore, USS Arizona, USS Texas (most recent). Also PT-309 at the National Museum of the Pacific War (Fredericksburg, TX).
  12. One day late, but 100 years ago...

    Nice post! I just read about that on wikipedia the other day.
  13. Pearl Harbor Trivia (Easy)

    I did take the tour, but am a bit of a history buff and knew that was one of the things the attack missed (as well as not hitting the ship repair facilities, etc). Concentration on the battleships was a moral blow, but if the oil/fuel storage facilities and/or repair facilities were destroyed or severely damaged, it would have really affected any response by the US from Pearl.
  14. Pearl Harbor Trivia (Easy)

    Not destroying the fuel/oil supplies around the harbor
  15. Pearl Harbor Trivia (Easy)

    6. I believe is Nagumo 10. I think Schofield (sp?) (or it was Schofield barracks), with Wheeler being the army airfield on Ford Island. @HamptonRoads got the actor.