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  1. chrisope

    BF crate code - with a surprise?

    Both worked; thanks!
  2. chrisope

    5 new codes

  3. Congratulations and best wishes to you @Ahskance!! Hope you enjoy Austin (it's a great city)
  4. chrisope

    Very proud of our NA KoTS Casting Team

    I think your pre and post game analyses were very informative @Ahskance And, as always, great casting by @Lord_Zath and @SeaRaptor! And @Boggzy held things together with @Maredraco doing wonders behind the scenes. Very enjoyable to watch and listen to.
  5. chrisope

    Weekend Spree, 1 to 3 October 2021

    I finished the Dockyard, and started working again on the Minsk to get to the Khab. Otherwise, continuing to remove the "gifts" on my Tier 8 ships, then will continue on the T9 and finally work on the few T10's I have to get the SCs. Have off tomorrow after an excellent trip yesterday (Saturday) to Yosemite National Park. Birthday on Tuesday, but can't take it off, so enjoying now.
  6. chrisope

    PSA: Opt In Mission

    Thanks as always @AdmiralThunder
  7. chrisope

    Fair winds and following seas, friends!

    Best wishes for success in all your future endeavors @Mademoisail!
  8. Worked on my snowflakes (or whatever they are called) for much of the weekend. Only part way through the IJN line with that (up to T7 or T8 I think). Was trying to finish the current (then) DY task before Monday and the new one rolled out, but not there yet (still have to get the 39 million xp or 1200 BB main battery hits to finish that phase). Worked a bunch yesterday afternoon on the BBs (skipping my progress snowflake-wise for expediency on the DY tasks), but the server going down didn't help me much. Also tried to utilize the 200% first win experience on a bunch of my T8's and T9's that are close to the next tier (Fletcher, the T9 IJN gunboat DD Aki___; Seattle) as well as making progress on those that are a bit further from moving up. Server down-time ate into that plan a little too. At least we have until November for the snowflakes. Just planning on doing those at a steady pace. More important to get the DY event completed for the "free" Dutch cruiser (I know, dubs required).
  9. chrisope

    Server ist kaput?

    Still down for me also. Crappy way to end the weekend that's for sure.
  10. chrisope

    Missouri's Earning Data 10.6 vs 10.7

    Thanks for all your hard work @LittleWhiteMouse!!
  11. chrisope

    PSA: Opt In Mission & Free Patches

    Thanks for the PSAs @AdmiralThunder
  12. chrisope


    Worked; thanks!
  13. Thank you LWM for all your caring for the community. I've never written directly, but I want to add my sentiments to the myriad of supporters of you. You're premium ship reviews have always been invaluable to me in my decision-making process. They were never "the" deciding factor, but, influenced my final decision (the final decision, as with all people, is up to them of course). And I have always looked forward to your other posts and comments. I hope you embrace the support the community have given to you, and can get some relaxation for your mind and body in the near future. Take care of yourself @LittleWhiteMouse!
  14. Great video @Lord_Slayer! Thank you for sharing!
  15. chrisope

    Shipmate's going Ashore.

    Best wishes on your future endeavors @Kalvothe! And congratulations to you and your wife also!