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  1. I think the ones where it's a slow bleed are worse. Your team is winning like 900 points to 300. Then someone dies and sets it back. Hits 900 again, someone else dies. Keeps happening until your team ends up losing. Have had it happen too many times and it never fails to be maddening.
  2. That also means you've never lost a single game there. Why wouldn't they include an undefeated player in this tournament?
  3. Devastating Strike is an easy one - "I took advantage of the fun and engaging mechanic" or "I was playing Nikolai and the enemy team had multiple Danaes" Unsinkable - "I was drunk and didn't notice I was flooding." Personal experience...
  4. Uh... haha, that was the one exception to what I said above. He killed me over 60 times but I did eventually beat him. Abuse backstabs and parries. Even when he goes nuts in phase 2, you can pull off backstabs if you know what to look for. I actually found this guide a few days after beating it that points out the specific timing of stuff. (14:21)
  5. From these videos I'm not really seeing many similarities? What I like about the Soulsborne games is their deliberate pacing and battles that depend more on planning and learning the animations of both enemies and yourself, rather than pure reaction time. I guess I can't really tell without actually playing this but it looks to be quite the opposite. It's the other way around for me. I play these games to get away from the terrible teams and RNG of WoWS. Beating my head against difficult bosses is relaxing in comparison.
  6. Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne. They've ruined most other games for me because now I'm constantly seeking combat systems with a similar depth and feel and almost always end up disappointed. Hopefully Nioh ends up being good.
  7. There's sake with added citrus flavors also. Kizakura 5 Stars is cheap and pretty decent. One day you can work your way up to Japanese whisky and be a classy gentleman weeb like me.
  8. 17 seems more likely, I have a couple bottles of that, but I am not a sake expert so there very well could be ones that are 27. I think what you need is to find some Blue Curacao or Midori melon liqueur. They're decently strong by themselves and they're fruity and seriously mask the taste of other alcohols that you can put into a cocktail with them. Unfortunately I don't really know. I'm not much of a wine drinker myself, it's mostly just the rest of my family. I bought my sister a really expensive bottle of it for the holidays but I had to ask the store manager for a recommendation. I don't actually remember anything besides it being an Argentinian cabernet.
  9. Never tried it but Argentinean wine has become really popular around here lately.
  10. Sangria barely even qualifies as wine in most cases, it generally has more fruit juice than anything else. 27% is really high for sake though. Do you remember the name of it? Want to try it.
  11. Hi and best wishes to you as well. Sorry I missed this yesterday, these last couple days have been a blur. Thanks again for the containers as also. It would seem I am unfortunately unfit to be your Booze Master though, as I made a rookie mistake Saturday night and got myself sick. Note to self for the future - jello shots DO count as a drink even if they don't taste like it.
  12. Pro tip: cheap wine causes the worst hangovers.
  13. I appreciate the thought very much but that isn't necessary, I just sent those because I wanted to and I didn't expect anything in return. I know how hard you work for your money and don't want you to spend it on someone with a lot of disposable income like me.
  14. Awesome, hope you have fun with it. I am good at giving Atlantas I guess, I got one in the first container I bought myself too haha. Oh, there's so much I could teach you... You ever find yourself heading north, seek me out, lol.
  15. ...... :| Forget containers, I have to send you some quality wine. You're gonna kill yourself with that stuff.