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  1. Why is receiving punishment for being afk/abandon in this game so controversial somehow.....every other multiplayer game had some sort of demerit againet these type of behavior but is so sensitive for me to proposition him.
  2. OP exemplifies what I hate in terms of entitlement and arrogance.
  3. Dev Blog: US CL Update

    I think it was all understood that the "arc" change was a combination off the increase in the visual shell ceiling for rounds to fly at before magically coming down at range table AoF and the blanket maneuverability buff.
  4. Dev Blog: US CL Update

    The Cleveland's AoF seems to match the IRL tables.
  5. Aim better. Amagi is a GD dream to play.
  6. Based off of the gist of the OP, presumably because the NA fanbase for said ship will throw a conniption if they [edited] up.
  7. If this is a test of late BCs as large cruiser concept, wouldn't it be better than it was used on a paper ship (i.e. no popularity) for a nation with a milquetoast fanbase? I mean I've no doubt Alaska being used as a test bed and ending up as an UP ship will piss more people off.
  8. ?? Are US Battleships so slow

    This has been the case in all WG games and this one since Beta? What's your point?
  9. ?? Are US Battleships so slow

    TL Dr finally the responses OP, being slow doesn't make the standards "inferior."
  10. Nerfing the Sims

    A small segue, I do wonder how the makers of League of Legends never seem to get much flak for needing or buffing champions that players spend real money on? So how come nerfing a ship in here for balance somehow is heresy? This is honestly one of the few player bases I see go rabid over nerfs of things that cost money.
  11. Alaska class why?

    Well technically, in game pen formula is a cribbed version of USN empirical so most of the gun and shell data is mostly correct, at least from the pen tables Ford_disc made. Areas that have armor grade plate usually have those numbers within rounding error also.
  12. Tier 10 (battle)cruiser Stalingrad?

    This derail was pretty funny at least. Should've broken out the F-35 bingo board.
  13. Tier 10 (battle)cruiser Stalingrad?

    I mean, if your navy was treated as expendable and you had to blockade run a city under siege for 6 months straight, I doubt there is much choice in not running at full powah the vast majority of the time.
  14. Tier 10 (battle)cruiser Stalingrad?

    Or you know, different navies have different endurance requirements (130,000shp power plant on a DDL hull does not make for easy maintenance) not to mention blockade running Sevestopol for 6 months continuously sorta puts a hamper on getting proper maintenance done. Like the Leningrad is a ship where you can laugh at as high speed trials caused severe vibrations and damage outside of normal conditions which forced it to be down rated Max speed wise IIRC.
  15. Premium Ship Review: Kii

    The Frankenstein refit is what's turn8ng me off from her TBH.