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  1. I see why cruisers are so OP now

    Why is it that all whine posts have such a similar writing style.
  2. The in game pen tables for the 16"50 match pretty closely with the 16"/50s USN empirical tables..... I don't know what kind of pen buff you want on top of that.
  3. Why is this even an issue.... Never understood the hate for paper ships.
  4. Japanese CL line?

    Oh nice. I just assumed we would just be seeing a repeat of the arcs we see from Kongo's 2ndaries.
  5. Japanese CL line?

    IIRC, the guns in the Agano class had some pretty poor ballistics (since they were WW1 vintage BB 2ndary guns).
  6. It's been a while since we've last had a rocketdrive troll rant.
  7. Why is receiving punishment for being afk/abandon in this game so controversial somehow.....every other multiplayer game had some sort of demerit againet these type of behavior but is so sensitive for me to proposition him.
  8. OP exemplifies what I hate in terms of entitlement and arrogance.
  9. Dev Blog: US CL Update

    I think it was all understood that the "arc" change was a combination off the increase in the visual shell ceiling for rounds to fly at before magically coming down at range table AoF and the blanket maneuverability buff.
  10. Dev Blog: US CL Update

    The Cleveland's AoF seems to match the IRL tables.
  11. Aim better. Amagi is a GD dream to play.
  12. Based off of the gist of the OP, presumably because the NA fanbase for said ship will throw a conniption if they [edited] up.
  13. If this is a test of late BCs as large cruiser concept, wouldn't it be better than it was used on a paper ship (i.e. no popularity) for a nation with a milquetoast fanbase? I mean I've no doubt Alaska being used as a test bed and ending up as an UP ship will piss more people off.
  14. ?? Are US Battleships so slow

    This has been the case in all WG games and this one since Beta? What's your point?
  15. ?? Are US Battleships so slow

    TL Dr finally the responses OP, being slow doesn't make the standards "inferior."