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  1. Well technically, in game pen formula is a cribbed version of USN empirical so most of the gun and shell data is mostly correct, at least from the pen tables Ford_disc made. Areas that have armor grade plate usually have those numbers within rounding error also.
  2. This derail was pretty funny at least. Should've broken out the F-35 bingo board.
  3. I mean, if your navy was treated as expendable and you had to blockade run a city under siege for 6 months straight, I doubt there is much choice in not running at full powah the vast majority of the time.
  4. Or you know, different navies have different endurance requirements (130,000shp power plant on a DDL hull does not make for easy maintenance) not to mention blockade running Sevestopol for 6 months continuously sorta puts a hamper on getting proper maintenance done. Like the Leningrad is a ship where you can laugh at as high speed trials caused severe vibrations and damage outside of normal conditions which forced it to be down rated Max speed wise IIRC.
  5. The Frankenstein refit is what's turn8ng me off from her TBH.
  6. Well, didn't they just uncover the Musashi's builders yard plans? If some has access to that, we'd have a definite answer.
  7. Different Kiev, the one in game was laid down but abandoned statue slips.
  8. Wow, who knew that saying the Type 91s inefficiency due to its vain attempt at mining effect would be the equivalent of saying all things IJN sucked. Someone link that MilitaryHistoryVisualized video.
  9. Considering how calculations are done server side, this is at worst exploiting some gameplay quirks, not some mod that hides his ship from WGs server and not get chcksumed.
  10. I see that OP still doesn't understand that primary interclass balancing philosophy of, if you want to make a 2000 ton ship equally useful to the team as a 45000 ton ship, some Nerfs are required if one insists on not having class limits in MM.
  11. >Implying the Commonwealth is actually a conventional threat to the US. >Implying you have cities worth a damn in the tundra while you give up major ports and centers of commerce and government. >Implying America can't prepare for winter. Piggybacking off of the Brits (Lancashire Fusiliers) in 1814 just because you were technically still a colony means you might as well say Australia burned down the White House also, since they were (eventually) part of the Empire also.
  12. Lol, and compare the relative power of the US then Vs now. And this delusion that you were the ones the burnt down the White House when the forces involved in DC were primarily Peninsular War veterans such as the Lancashire Fusiliers.
  13. Oh no, is it that time of the year again for a rocketdrive thread?
  14. York and County could work if you give the British 8" Max RoF 5rpm. Brings York into line with the buffed Aoba and allows the County to match Myokos/Pcola broadsides weight per min.