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  1. Of note, I have no idea why they couldn't pair the prototype No. 3 gun with the non testing heavier 8" shells (135kg ones with an actual AP cap vs a 155 kg shell with mock cap and windscreen for testing) as opposed. I would imagine the current in-game MV would be far more feasible with a 55cal gun and a 20kg lighter shell for use on the T9 and T10 IJN cruisers. Just bump up the ROF or something to compensate. The thread where it was clarified btw, for your perusal. I would imagine that barrel life would also definitely a concern for the IJN (as opposed to the more continental naves like the cough.VMFcough) given the range and endurance requirements for all (of their equipment) of their desired island empire. That and as always, cost .
  2. I think it should he noted that even Azumazi only claims the origin for the guns performance is an IJN officer from their BuOrd equivalent stated in an interview of their desired MV coming out of the 55cal. WG seemingly just paired it with a IJN prototype SHS and had their in house ship guy do some quick working pressure calculations (per his own words in a reddit AMA) to see if the thing was feasible on "can this gun exist" nature as opposed to a "can the Japanese make this gun. " IIRC, even Azumazi believes the MV in game is too optimistic if you take into account IJN propellant efficiency and would probably need German propellant to be even remotely feasible.
  3. Well, clearly with the in game shell velocity, Zaou's gun must have used some of that 50s metallurgy. :trollface:
  4. I wouldn't say it's too out of bounds to give the GZ an optimistic air complement given a decent argument could be made to include deck park numbers and a more optimal use of GZs own hanger.
  5. Protip, the Stuka variants she was meant to carry were planned to be torpedo bombers.
  6. Technically, the number seemed to have been pulled from a WW1 formula coef. Let me see if I can find the link. The 14.3 autobounce seemed to be a gross simplification of this formula.
  7. Considering how many times premiums in this game avoids nerfed.....I don't think you're entirely correct.
  8. Yis, Harekaze get.
  9. Got screens for the NorCar.
  10. That extra air groups module gives the Enterprises one of the tankiest air groups in Tier8 despite only having "T7" aircraft. This numbers fudging allows it to keep her historical air complement.
  11. Main deck doesn't show up on the in game armor viewer, but is visible on the data mined models. I'll post links when I get home.
  12. IIRC, from the EU forums, fnord_disc, the user who reverse engineered the in game pen formula mentions one of hte functions of autobounce is to prevent the formula from going out of bounds when extreme angles of impact cause division by zero.
  13. No, in the past couple of patches, the data miners noted no changes to Scharnhorst.
  14. Oh god, not this guy again. Report and move on. This guy y is literally as bad as Kygore.
  15. "Fixed" is still assuming that you were right about a stealth nerf when the only recent change to Tirpitz was a change to the secondary range that had remained unchanged since it was released. "Fixed" when even on the threads you linked about an armor rework (that never went through) for T8+ BBs, Tirpitz was immune to due to being a premium ship...sure... Or "fixed" like a Kamikaze with Torpedo Acceleration? As for a list of sites that compiles datamines Gamemodels3dru is one of them. It's where most of the changes to the ST gets posted in greater detail. Virtually everyone on the general forums uses them for the RN BB discussions along side TAP (the armored patrol) and the Daily Bounce. /u/Vaexa compiles a list on reddit and has certainly caught all of the unannounced changes to the game by the sheer fact you have to parse through the actual game data. I don't like people that think their own crapdoesn't stink. That you believe I should just let someone excrete blatant falsehoods just because it's a "righteous cause" is delusional. If I believed a premium was stealth nerfed, I would not be arguing with you, and I'm certainly no WG shill. For example, during the Murmansk Humble Bundle fiasco I had filed a complaint on WG to the FTC negligent representation, on a matter of principle. And have put my support to many of Big_Spud and Iceyplanetthc's thread on BB armor inaccuracies for example. Believe me, when I disparage you, it is not out of love for WG.