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  1. Auspicious Crane is bored

  2. Sakatsuki_Miyu

    10:10 and Servers are still down.

    Well, Let's hope that WG fixes the unexpected issues soon eh?
  3. Sakatsuki_Miyu

    Update 0.8.2: From Britain to the Moon

    Agreed. DD players need to learn how to play their ships, and not whine that they cannot play them when they're hard countered.
  4. Sakatsuki_Miyu

    Ironium and legendary mods

    Pretty sure you can get 1 mod for free with all the missions and stuff taken into account, seeing as some missions have yet to be released Edit: I have been Ninja'd
  5. Sakatsuki_Miyu

    Carriers and Premium Consumables

    Please WG, Implement this...
  6. Sakatsuki_Miyu

    Log In problem.

    It seems like the server is up and running. I am in the game
  7. Sakatsuki_Miyu

    Log In problem.

    Server is still likely down Maintenance was supposed to go till 9:00 AM EDT
  8. Sakatsuki_Miyu

    Premium Ship Review #122 - Azuma

    Well, Time to Wait for Yoshino, or hope WG buffs Azuma...
  9. Sakatsuki_Miyu

    8.0.3 CV results

    How is the constant nerfs catering to the CVs? The entire rework is against them XD
  10. Sakatsuki_Miyu

    8.0.3 CV results

    I can honestly see that happening TBH. Which is also Sad T_T
  11. Sakatsuki_Miyu

    8.0.3 CV results

    There really is no need to hate on CVs man. They are likely never getting removed, much like Arty in WoT. CVs being playable and Balanced makes the game more fun, and I play all classes Sky cancer is also extremely hard to play, and player who can play it should be respected, not reviled. On the note of being able to play my Hakuryu, I find no problems if I spend the first bit of the match protecting the team, then cleaning up the enemy after the other CV is defanged/deplaned. DDs are still annoying when I can't see em till 2.5km away though... My biggest problem is the Invisi AA from a wooster or Mino TBH
  12. Sakatsuki_Miyu Vent Thread

    just shot down 60 planes because people don't read patch notes. 42 were with Fighters 18 Where with my Ship (I was in a Haku) I spent the Entire game protecting the team and frustrating the other CVs
  13. Sakatsuki_Miyu Vent Thread

    I've already tested this: DDs have a far greater chance now. Now, if you don't Evade, then it's on you. As a CV, if I get the right vector on you, I'm more likely to hit you than not though.