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  1. Zoot21

    Baked in cammo bonus

    (The quotes are all from World of Warships "Guide to Separation of Exterior Visuals and Economic Bonuses" of 7/12/2022 In-game Online News.) The camos no longer give you increased concealment. (For those claiming the "baked in" status offsets this, think a moment. It used to be when you added camo, you got reduced detectability compared to those who did not add a camo. NOW when you add camo, you don't. If EVERYBODY has the bonus, then NOBODY has the bonus -- they've just globally reset an aspect of the game.) The camos no longer give you increased defensive dispersion. The camos no longer give you ANY economic bonuses. So the purpose of camos now is . . . to make your ship look pretty? Bummer. I spent so much game-time in World of Warships trying to earn permanent camos for a lot of my ships, and now WoWs has turned them all into "window-dressing?" Wonder why Wargaming chose to do . . . Oh. Never mind.
  2. I’m just wondering what everyone’s “Go To” Ship is for your First (and second!) Daily Trial in the Recurring Combat Missions (winning battle while scoring 250 base XP). Anything you score above that 250 base in that first game doesn't count toward the second goal, which is to win the next battle and score 500 base XP. So you don’t want a ship that can’t reach the first goal – nor one that OVERREACHS and often achieves the second goal! You have to consider: BBs too slow to get into combat, Enemy team sails away from your BB, long range gunnery falls short of goal, Allied team sinks nearly all foes before your BB can take part, BB too powerful, consistently makes 500+ pt games, DD gets sunk early by lucky salvo/torp spread DD often has monster game scoring over 500 pts, DD just too durn weak and misses the 250 pts too often, CA with torps can easily have monster (500 pt) games = wasted game. My “Go To” ship for the first Daily Trial is the Dallas. My “Go To” ship for the second Daily Trial is the Cleveland. What’s yours?
  3. Presently (as of 6/22/22) when selecting a ship while in the port screen, as soon as you right-click the ship you want, the game slightly magnifies the “ship-and-box” image and gives the ‘box’ the ship image appears in a WHITE outline. Also presently a feature, when left-clicking a ship while in the port screen, a DROP-DOWN MENU of three options appears in a box next to the ship with the choices: “Set as a Primary Ship,” “Equipment,” and “Sell” displayed. Right-clicking these options activates them. How about adding a fourth option to these drop-down menu options, one that reads “Set Border Color.” If a player then right-clicked this (new) option, an additional drop-down menu would appear to the right of/overlapping the primary drop-down box, and inside it would appear a vertical list of color choices. Such as: Red Yellow Blue Green Black None (and others if you wish, such as Pink, Purple, Lime Green, Brown, etc. ... anything BUT White.) When the player would click on one of these color options in the secondary drop-down menu, the “box” surround the presently highlighted ship immediately would become that color – Red, Yellow, Blue, etc. – and this would be a “permanent” change, one that lasts and appears around that ship box (and that ship only) when the player returned to the port screen and began searching/clicking on other ships/options. Players would be allowed to alter this ship-box border color on as many ships as they choose to modify, and this modification would last on each and every ship they so changed. The Player could further change this color choice by accessing the drop-down menus a further time and choosing a different color. The ships could be returned to the standard “borderless” appearance that the ship boxes presently have by selecting the color “None.” (Thus, for those players who do not want to use the system at all, they can simply ignore it, or change all their ship borders back to "None.") The idea would be this: THE PLAYER could then further organize his/her ship inventory beyond the 40 ships that the Carousel System presently provides for. He/She could develop a personalized unique system. For example: Blue Borders = favorite ships, want to play these every day Green Borders = ships that need to be grinded in the tech tree (every day?) Red Borders = favorite ships for Randoms, Brawls, Clan Battles, etc. Yellow = this ship needs to be played in order to get some opinion about it, or to purchase further equipment for it, or to try out a Captain’s Build, etc. Purple = play these ships to advance the Commanders Black = this ship need not be played any more This is a single, simple example; the individual PLAYER gets to decide on whatever system he/she would like to develop. This system would not replace the present Carousel System, it would simply be used in addition to it. Finally, the only “forbidden” color for these ship-box borders would be “White.” White is already used when selecting a ship (for battle or examination) and so it should remain, exclusively. It’s just a thought, and seems like it wouldn’t take too much programming to implement, since you’d only be adding another drop-down menu system, and change the colors that the borders of the ship-boxes could appear, and make these changes be "permanent." It has nothing to do with gameplay or mechanics. It would just be something you would do as a favor to the players. Thank you for reading. Zoot21
  4. Zoot21

    The Battle of Midway, 80 Years Later

    Considering that Midway was one of the biggest aerial engagements of the Pacific theater (with perhaps only the battle of Leyte Gulf being larger) AND was almost exclusively a carrier-vs-carrier engagement, it would have been nice to see some missions reflecting this. Something along the lines of: shoot down 100 enemy planes, and/or sink ten ships using your CVs. In the future, for added flavor, why not have the missions offered reflect the actual battle? Just a thought. But thank you for the missions, and for the remembrance.
  5. Zoot21

    Damage on your spotting

    Two Tactics for Spotting Damage #1. Leading the Charge (Especially effect on Fault Line) Play a DD. Starting at either far East or far West of map, boost toward enemies (the cap zone areas) at start. When foes get detected, drop smoke (which conceals your approaching teammates) and continue through it, don't hide in it. Move and dodge (and spot!) while your teammates fire on foes. Once your teammates burst through your smoke, your spotting damage is done (they'll be spotting for themselves then), but until that time whatever damage your mates do is spotting damage for you. #2. Coddle the Carrier Play a CV. Toward the end of the game, their CV usually runs, yes? When you see that phase of the game approaching, send out a group of planes (whatever type has the best armor or most hit points) and "circle" the enemy carrier just outside his AA range (drop fighters for defense as needed). Continue for however many minutes it takes for your approaching teammates to sink the carrier. If you got to the CV first -- so this does take some pre-planning on your part -- then you'll be the one keeping it spotted, and your mates should have a field day shooting it. (Note: don't attack the enemy carrier -- you'll probably lose all your spotting planes -- and try not to lose your planes to AA by flying too close to it. With a little experience, you'll figure out what the desired range/distance is.)
  6. Zoot21

    Now I know why WeeGee eliminated team damage.

    I have a small concern with the "no team damage" route Wargaming has decided to embark upon. If they continue on this path -- and all indications are that they will -- then are they ever planning on reversing/turning back? WeeGee is presently raising/training a whole new crop of Ship Commanders who think nothing of ramming, shooting, torping, and/or depthcharging their teammates -- it causes no damage, so what's the big deal? No blood, no foul. Foresee what would (likely) happen if WoWs reversed course on this some time in the future -- they'd be inundated with complaints/tickets of TKing incidents/players, stemming from the new crop of Captains Wargaming themselves trained! I suppose Wargaming could institute a 6-9 month moratorium on ticket submissions for PK/TK gameplay, but this seems pretty clumsy and counterproductive; i.e., if you are going no team damage, stay the course; if you are _having_ friendly fire effect, then stay the course! Has Wargaming recently publicly said what is going to become permanent? No friendly fire, or friendly fire? And then the question would be, do we believe them?
  7. Zoot21

    Brigantine on Polar Reappears

    Check out this similar thread: The Mysterious Case of the Flying Dutchman - Misc - World of Warships official forum You should be able to see the "elusive" Brigantine each time you get the Polar map, but you have to be in the right place at the right time. Instructions are in the thread. BTW, it's not just any brigantine, it's the Mary Celeste.
  8. THE PROBLEM In game, the islands in each map look the same. It's visually boring. SOLUTION Make the islands appear different from each other, both in the battle screen and on the mini-map. Tropical differences: Temperate differences: Polar differences: Thank you. Zoot21
  9. Zoot21

    Getting uptiered every match

    Adding my $.02 here... I just played and recorded 200 games in my T8 Cleveland and got this: TOP TIER = 51 games -- 25.5% MID TIER = 62 games -- 31% BOTTOM TIER = 87 games -- 43.5% (You would halve these numbers to yield percentages in considering 200 games played.) This somewhat makes sense in that Matchmaking probably has to work with Tier X ships every time it deals with "ships in your range(T8)" when actually putting a team together, and so of course will "fill out" said games with ships of sub-10 tier in order to properly create a game in that 30-second match-creation window. So if you feel like you are playing lots of games where you are bottom tier, well, you're actually being quite perceptive. At least this appears to be so playing Tier 8s, where you may be approaching 40-50% of your games as a bottom-tiered ship. Zoot21 (As an FYI I played and recorded 110 games in a Tier 10 ship and got 59 Top Tier games, and 51 Mid Tier games -- nearly a 50/50 split.)
  10. Zoot21

    Two humans and seven bots

    It's still occurring as of 4/28/21. I also don't really mind it, but it can get tedious after a while. My first 15 games today -- in a row -- were 2x7 games... However, I _wanted_ them to be so, and actually "forced" the game to give me that exact matchmaking -- under very specific circumstances. If you just think about it a bit, you too can "force" the game to give you this matchmaking, time and again -- under certain, specific, circumstances. Why do this at all? Well, you may want to test something, or achieve some personal goal, or ... you may be up to no good. (I'll take the Fifth here, thank you very much.) But Customer Support says this is normal MM behavior, so you're covered.
  11. Zoot21

    PTS 0.10.3 BUG REPORTS

    1. Description There is a bug/error with the FREE LOOK option at start of the battle (occurs before the battle actually begins). 2. How to reproduce i.) On Battle Screen (after the "Map Introduction" screen) watch the countdown to actual gameplay. Any time during this countdown, move cursor to Starboard (or Port) side of ship and right-click mouse. FREE LOOK notice appears on starboard side of ship. ii.) Continue to hold down right mouse button as countdown continues. When countdown is finished and game begins, move cursor (with right mouse button still depressed) to the Port side of your ship. 3. Result The ships turrets/guns track to the port side of the ship! (And vice-versa is of course true.) If you continue to hold the right mouse button and move the cursor back to the starboard side of the ship, ship's turrets/guns track to starboard. Continue to hold the right mouse button down and move cursor to port side again, and turrets/guns track to port side again. If you release the right mouse button after game starts, ships guns/turrets track to whatever side the cursor is presently on, and you may now activate FREE LOOK and it works properly. It's as if the game doesn't recognize that you are trying to use the FREE LOOK option -- setting it up before the battle actually begins -- before the countdown reaches 0. If the FREE LOOK notice appears onscreen before the game starts when you right-click your mouse during the countdown, then the FREE LOOK option should properly function afterwards. It does not.
  12. Did someone say, New Toy Wish List? I want the IJN Kumano as originally constructed (15 x 6 inch guns in five turrets; 4 sets of 3 torps). Sounds like Japan's answer to the USS Atlanta! They've already got the Mogami (sister ship) in the game, so rendering this ship's hull/dimensions is pretty much already done. She'd be a beast!
  13. Here are three suggested auditory enhancements to World of Warships. *************** #1. While in a Division, if someone other than the Division Leader chooses his/her ship and clicks "Ready," there should be a strong auditory metallic "ka-chonk!" -- the same sound that occurs when the Division Leader clicks "Ready" himself. Reason: I'm usually in two-player Divisions, and at some point in gameplay my partner types in "bathroom break, brb" and leaves. I'll pull up a nearby book to read rather than stare at an unchanging screen, waiting. When my gaming partner returns, often he simply clicks in a ship to join my ship already "ready" in the Division. However, when he does this, this action makes no sound. So, since I've got my nose in my book, we both wait until at some point he types in an actual message ("u there?"), which makes an electronic "chirrup" sound when he posts it. I hear the sound, put down my book, and click "Battle," and off we go. So, could you please add an auditory effect for when a partner in the Division "readies" a ship for battle? #2. When a carrier's planes attack a ship that is defended both by its antiaircraft array AND the enemy ship's/carrier's fighters, could you make the sound of the enemy fighters attacking be the dominant sound effect heard? Reason: In the present configuration in the game (0.10.1), when a plane attacks a ship that is defended _both_ by the ship's antiaircraft AND the enemy ship's/carrier's fighters, the only sound effect heard is the ship's AA (Boom! Boom! Boom!), not the sound (Chugga-chugga-chugga!) of the fighter planes attacking. Since a player already knows that he's going to be facing AA fire when attacking a ship, but DOESN'T know if/when fighters are going to be present, it's devastating to be trying to maneuver your squadron for another attack, only to have it be eliminated by the enemy fighters that you didn't even realize were dropped there during your attack run. If you heard the fighters' Chugga sound, you could take more violent evasive action, or simply recall your bombers and save them from being shot down. So, can you either make the enemy fighter sound (Chugga-chugga-chugga!) be the dominant/sole sound when both AA and Fighters are present, OR make BOTH sounds play simultaneously? #3. Can you replace the present "torpedo reload completed" sound effect? Suggestion: grab some sound/recording equipment and go to any nearby major public pool, spa, or recreation center that a.) has a large swimming facility, and b.) uses gaseous chlorine as its disinfectant method. (You could call the facility beforehand to ask what water disinfection process they use and save yourself a fruitless trip.) There are four major means by which pool water is disinfected for the most part (that I'm familiar with): chlorination, bromination, salt/sea water, and UV (UV-C) radiation. Chlorination is by far the most common technique used by most commercial facilities, at least here in the US. So -- sound gear at the ready -- ask the aquatics director of the facility if you can record the sounds of the chlorine tanks -- each weighing over 45 kilograms! -- being moved to bring a fresh chlorine tank online when the active one has become empty and requires changing. Heck, they don't even have to do an actual change them -- just have them move around the tanks some -- shift the empty ones to one area, bring the full tanks to the front of the group. By law the tanks are supposed to be restrained by lock and sturdy chain (in most establishments) -- ask them to work with those chains, too. Or simply be present when a facility has to unload new chlorine tanks from a delivery truck to replace their empty ones -- most places work with a half dozen tanks or more at a time when changing/bringing in new tanks. You should get a nice, deep, reverberating "PONG>>PONG>>PONG" sound as the tanks are moved and bump against each other, highlighted by the "clankety-clank" of the chains being moved around them and dragged across them at the same time. This would be a MUCH more immersive sound suggesting the changing of torpedoes! Reason: The present auditory effect of torpedoes being changed in-game sounds like moderate slabs of wet cardboard being slapped against each other. Really isn't even close to what the reality of the sound should be, and affects the auditory immersion strived for by the game. Please make the changing of the torpedoes (completion) be a more accurate, satisfying sound. *************** Hope you will consider these suggestions. Thanks. Zoot 21
  14. So be it. Since there would be additional programming needed to randomize the initial setup, just tack that on the "to do" programming list.
  15. Right, so having them relatively symmetrical would eliminate/mitigate this. As for happening repeatedly, since the map generation changes each game instance it would happen less often than it does presently for most tiers/maps (looking at _you_ Polar and Islands).