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  1. Zhoyzu

    Ever have a game that just felt like cruelty to bots?

    relearning how to CV since the change. good ol' Hosho "seal clubbings back on the menu boys!"
  2. Zhoyzu

    Nelson's big squishy front.

    better be water. how else you gonna keep that boat afloat LOL
  3. Zhoyzu

    Nelson's big squishy front.

    the entire boat is an XP pinata so...
  4. Zhoyzu

    Question about premium ships.

    In my opinion, it makes more sense to use your t10 ships as premiums because you've increased your incentive to play them while removing the fun tax. The perma/prem camos are also roughly half to 1/3rd of the cost of some premium boats. I would say pick up a premium boat if you want it for a unique flavor IE Atlanta, or w/e reason have you. I think tech tree ships with the premium/perma camos make adequate and cheaper substitutes
  5. Zhoyzu

    Question about premium ships.

    running anything these days with the premium camos is good. even t10s with the camos make fantastic premiums
  6. how much xp is that? im sitting at 8.8m xp lol. never made the calculation cause i was afraid to know lol
  7. since no one answered, there is no way to "accelerate crew training" in WoWs as in WoT. The only thing remotely similar is when you max out a captain and attain all 19 skill points, the xp that cptn earns goes straight to a shared xp pool which can then be spent on any other captain for free.
  8. Zhoyzu

    Salem repair cost????

    as long as you can play like an idiot and make greater than a net loss then they are profitable enough in most cases. I do like having premiums be a different flavor than tech tree counterparts. For example, ATL before worchester split.
  9. Zhoyzu

    Salem repair cost????

    thats part of the problem i have with biting the bullet because my DM has one of my 3 19pt cptns, and i own an atlanta for the worchester split. and on top of it all i have all the USN t10s. From the information ive been seeing about the Salem is its a slightly more durable DM which is definitely appealing. With my luck ill get the salem then WG will drop the alaska and then ill be screwed lol
  10. Zhoyzu

    Salem repair cost????

    so its multiplicative, thanks. this is the info i needed
  11. whats the deal with this boat? the store page says it has half the repair cost of a tier 10 BEFORE any camos are applied. so when using the camo, is it additive or multiplicative? 100% discount or 75% discount? or most likely redundant calculation so no added bonus from camo? Been mulling over acquiring it to sit next to my DM as theres nothing to spend coal on. But if it doesnt even grind credits better than an erie, no value.
  12. Zhoyzu


    or just make them use coal, since steel is worth some amount of coal the more steel you have the less coal you need. As it stands theres still nothing worth while to use coal on
  13. Zhoyzu

    Glaciers are not calving!

    if any, it would be from blatant spelling errors you could have easily corrected.
  14. Forgive me but this is absolutely fantastic!. Would you be able to add to the camos whether or not they are symmetrical on both sides? Im specifically interested in the z-52s perma camo whether or not it has symmetry if anyone knows. i currently do not own it and cannot check myself
  15. Zhoyzu

    Premium Ship Review: HMS Belfast

    Thanks LWM, ill picking this ship up when it becomes available. Which is allegedly in november... T-T