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  1. Angel_of_a_Dead_Nation

    Anchors Away: Anaheim - #AnchorsAwayWoWS

    Sweet! Is this planned before the other events or on a separate day? I'm just asking since it sounds pretty sweet and hope to get the most out of the event.
  2. Angel_of_a_Dead_Nation

    Anchors Away: Anaheim - #AnchorsAwayWoWS

    About the $75 ticket, its mentioned the guided tour of USS Iowa, any details on that?
  3. Angel_of_a_Dead_Nation


    Yes, I have tried that to see if I can sneak back in before the match is over but every time i'm stuck loading. there is no timer and all I'm doing is looking at the player list and watching them go grey until i'm pooped back into port. I'm one more test to see if i can get a screen cap of the "left behind" bug I'm experiencing. After that I'll be uninstalling and reinstalling the game because the check function gave me diddly squat. *Edit* I just reinstalled the game for the 2nd time since the update and now it seems stable. Not sure for OP but I'd just uninstall and reinstall the game
  4. Angel_of_a_Dead_Nation


    I've had this problem since the latest update introducing the Brit dd missions. I would either be stuck loading at 34 seconds when starting a match or I would loose all control of my ship and the camera decides to be "left behind" as it keeps moving on. After a bit of nothing happening, I get a Screen length crash message and that it needs to reload. I'm currently running WoWs with no mods and I've been fine before. I'm now at a 7 game penalty for the game claiming that I left early but it never even let me in the match to play.
  5. Angel_of_a_Dead_Nation

    Constant game crashes

    yup, this game is pretty much unplayable now. I can maybe play one match if i get lucky but then I'm either stuck loading the match or the game goes fubar right after the start. *Edit*I now have pink status because the game keeps thinking i'm leaving battle early. HEY WARGAMING, YOU NEED TO LOOK IN TO THIS PRONTO!
  6. Angel_of_a_Dead_Nation

    Constant game crashes

    I get that long error message as well but the problem I get is the camera decides it wants to stay put during the match and I can no longer see modules working and its like a stationary view. The mini map freezes when the bug happens and nothing responds besides trying to move the ship. The game is pretty much unplayable right now.
  7. Angel_of_a_Dead_Nation

    Anchors Away: Anaheim - #AnchorsAwayWoWS

    Sweet, its close by and I'll be excited to go.
  8. Angel_of_a_Dead_Nation

    Wargaming.net Game Center Feedback

    For the X'th time, WG game center FUBAR's WoWs update and corrupts the entire game file. I have to YET AGAIN uninstall and install from scratch. Can you punks get that crapright for once????? how the hell do you want me to play your game when your updater screw's up either every update or every other update. I'm just glad you brought back the classic installer(forced to download this garbage first though). I miss the times where this junk worked on the first try, you know, like it should.