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  1. Porthos__

    Question about spotting DMG

    Thanks for the clarification, but I think it should only be split between those who are within the concealment range, without firing, of the damaged ship. Like, if I fire the guns on my CONQ, pretty much the entire map can see me. I don't think it would be fair to split the damage between all ships if a single DD (or other class for that matter) did actually spot me before I fired my guns. Since she was the one providing the chance for others to deal said damage. I'm trying to find a way to better reward, and thus encouraging, active spotting work. The way spot is rewarded now, it doesn't really encourage you to put your neck on the line for your team, especially considering the average teammates you get in randoms.
  2. Let's imagine two BBs, with a 20 km firing range and 15 km detection range. Both are 18 km apart, so they can't see each other yet. I spot the enemy BB with my ship. My BB fires at the enemy BB I just spotted and deals 5k DMG. This 5k DMG counts as spotting DMG for me right? After firing her guns, my BB becomes visible to the enemy BB that returns fire. At this moment, the enemy BB would be visible to my BB, since she fired her guns and my BB shots a second salvo, dealing 14k DMG to the enemy BB. Now the question: Does this 14k from the second salvo also count as spotting DMG to me or not? If not, it should. At least this way you would encourage more players to engage in active spotting for the team. IMHO, it should count as spotting DMG for me, until the two ships are in a situation they could detect each other even without firing their guns, i.e. bellow 15 km apart. What do you think?
  3. Porthos__

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    Nonsense! Terrible idea!! Just make the lower tier ships useful for missions, badges, campaigns, scenarios, etc., and I gladly play mine. Nothing in hell or heaven will make me dump ANY of my lines I got up to tier X. And before someone jumps in to say "You know you don't have to do it", YES, I'm well aware I don't have to do it nor will I. But it still pisses me off that the amount of resources wasted with that stupid idea could be used to fix some bugs that are still in-game for ages and/or implement some other features that we have been asking for, i.e. a "Remove all flags" button, or show the actual chance of fire of your guns, when you press H in a match.
  4. Porthos__

    Public Test - 0.8.7 - Bugs Report

    1 - Instead of the usual tier IV and VI ships, loads of credits and doubloons, we got the same arsenal, doubloons, free XP and commander XP as our live account. 2 - Researched the RU DD up to the GROZOVOY. Reset the entire line and free XP every ship again, from tier I to X. No sign of NTC whatsoever. (BTW: My ARSENAL loads just fine, just no sign of the NTC anywhere). 3 - Got a shitton of French Tokens, but all you can get with it is a 10 point French unique commander and a bunch of regular flags. 4 - My FPS dropped from the usual 60 (on the live server) to around 15. GG
  5. Porthos__

    Public Test - 0.8.6 - Bugs Report

    You most likely have RANKED mode selected. Depending on the battle mode, the carousel will only show the ships that are suitable for this particular mode. All others are faded out.
  6. Porthos__

    Public Test - 0.8.6 - Bugs Report

    Same here. This is and has always been a common issue on the PTS. Most of the rewards are lousy and not worth the hassle, even more so on a 200% bonus week. Add to that the different timezones and you end up with very few people online at the same time. Amen to that! Maybe players get feed up and stop playing that class altogether. Other than that, I'm having heavy FPS issues. Usually, my FPS is around 60 fps (on the live server and previous PTS iterations). On this iteration of the PTS, it's dropping to 15~23 fps. Port UI is laggy as hell. Got DC'd once (never happened on the live server or previous iterations of the PTS) and it took me forever to reconnect. Also had one instance of the game just frozen up in port, while I was pimping out my Alsace. Had to go to the task manager and kill the client. After a restart, the client worked again.
  7. Porthos__

    Public Test - 0.8.6 - Bugs Report

  8. Very well. Thank you for listening to us WG. I will not regrind lines again (too much of a PITA), but I feel addicted to complete whatever missions are up to be completed. I'm even grinding LMs that I know for a fact that I will not use because all CCs told us they are crap. But I love to do missions and campaigns. One of the reasons I don't play anything below tier V is that they don't count for any missions/campaigns. Bring a mission/campaign for tiers I, II, III, IV and I gladly play them again.
  9. Porthos__

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.5

    Minimap: Another fine example of trying to fix what ain't broken. Since you are obviously not getting rid of that [edited] EPICENTER mode, can you PLEASE at least change the colors of the zone circles to anything but WHITE? White is the color of my shooting range circle and it gets messy with the circles of the epicenter zones. Make the zone circles, blue, green, orange, whatever, just not the same color as your range circles. Thanks. Oh, and when can we expect a toggle button to load/unload all the flags from a ship? I would love to unload them all for a spin in Co-Op, but want them all back for Randoms. Right now it's a PITA to have to do it all manually, one by one, especially with the slow UI we have currently. Thanks once again.
  10. Porthos__

    Update 0.8.4: Soviet Battleships!

    I thought that too, but NoSoMo is right. I watched the video again and "Allowance Tokens" will only be changed into silver after 0.8.5, not 0.8.4.
  11. Porthos__

    Update 0.8.4: Soviet Battleships!

    EPIC that WG didn't post ANYTHING about the release of 0.8.4 until the day it was released. I could've bought a lot of flags with my tokens (was almost at 500 for the VLAD camo). NVM... Just watched the video again and realized my allowance tokens are still there until 0.8.5, not 0.8.4. My bad.
  12. Porthos__

    Public Test - 0.8.4 - Bugs Report

    Had huge lag spikes in Co-OP. I was in the commander tab, configuring my YAMMY commander. My mouse hovers over the KIEV icon, down at the carousel. The info window for the KIEV didn't go away and stood in front of my commander skills. The window only disappeared after I hover my mouse over another ship icon. PLEASE, can we have a button to remove all the flags at once from a ship? Perhaps even a MOUNT/DEMOUNT toggle, for when I want to play a certain ship in Co-Op and the ship is all pimped out for randoms? It's a PITA to have to unload each one of the 8 flags one by one manually. Shouldn't be hard to have a "CLEAR FLAGS" button right?
  13. Porthos__

    8.4 PT feels laggy

    I played one Random in an AMAGI and no lag. The game was feeling normal so far. Took my SHIMA into a Co-Op and all the sudden huge lag spikes. Like the ship seems to stop, just to appear 10 miles in front shortly after. (like I was driving a TESLA in ludicrous mode).
  14. Porthos__

    Naval Battle: New Missions

    100k with my SHIMA + F3 torps in Co-Op, where: - the enemy DD pop smoke and doesn't even sit there, but keeps pushing towards you in an almost straight line and constant speed? - no one on the enemy team uses sonar or radar (although on rare occasions I've seen some ships using sonar)? - no one torps you in the smoke and you can sit there until your clock runs out, waiting for those juice BBs to come close to you? The biggest threat I see here is to have stupid BOTs on your own team, that will torp you from behind when you least expect it (yes Sir, looking at you stupid Mogami ). In Co-Op the BOTS tend to target the closest ship, so if ya want to be selfish (and since win or lose doesn't matter, not even affecting your main stats), just sit behind everyone and farm your DMG from afar, while keeping all your HP pool intact. Once everyone else in your team died, you still can farm some more DMG with your full HP pool at your disposal. I foresee a race to see who can hide further back 1st. in Co-Op The only problem I see in Co-Op is for slow BBs. Since the matches are usually very fast and with fewer ships (smaller overall HP pool to farm), if they choose the wrong side to push at the start, the battle might be over before they can even fire their 1st salvo. Also, just reminding everyone that it is easier to do 100k DMG in a Montana, than it is in a TEXAS, so tier X will still be a thing. Oh well, let's wait and see how this will work out.