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  1. Porthos__

    Public Test 0.7.12 - Feedback

    Where is the "Steel Monsters" Campaign?
  2. Porthos__

    0.7.12 Public Test Bug Reports

    RPF indicator looks a bit offset. I was locating the last ship alive, she was detected by a friendly ship, so visible to me, but my RPF indicator wasn't pointing exactly at the center of the ship.
  3. Porthos__

    0.7.12 Public Test Bug Reports

    The prizes on your main account are also messed up. On previous iterations of the PTS it would tell you like "Reward on main account: 1 day of premium", this time NOTHING. Also, wth is Campaign 1? I'm assuming it is the PRINZ campaign, but it doesn't say "Campaign 1" anywhere in the game. On the PRINZ campaign, when you finished the 1st directive and was working on the 2nd, on the final result pages it would show you have a progress on missions still pending on the 1st directive, but the bargraph on the 1st directive wouldn't reflect that.
  4. Porthos__

    0.7.12 Public Test Bug Reports

    Also on PRINZ campaign, there was a mission where I had to be top 4 on my team with the NORMANDIE. Played in RANKED, finished last (also 5th) and got the reward anyway. I did it twice, just to make sure, and both times I got the star.
  5. Porthos__

    0.7.12 Public Test Bug Reports

    Yeap, had that one happen to me a few times. You can still open the container and it will show the prizes, but not the container itself.
  6. Since I installed the update 0.7.9, my client freezes after the countdown reach 0 and I have to restart my client. This happens for about 3~4 matches, after that it goes normal. When I try to collect my 1st container of the day, it says "Transaction error. Please try again later" and I can't get out of the container screen. Need to kill my client and restart. After that, I can collect my container normally. Sometimes I can't change commanders between my ships. I got "Transaction error" message. Again, kill the client, restart and then it works.
  7. Porthos__

    Lazy underwhelming Gallant camo

    I was on the verge to buy this yesterday, but thank God I changed my mind at the last minute. Good for me that still have my 40 souvs.the last minute.Thanks for posting it OP.
  8. Porthos__

    The New WGC Launcher

    It's the same as if someone tries to sell me a guitar even if I don't like nor want a guitar. Now keep asking "Please give me your feedback about what you don't like on my guitar so I can improve it, because I will force you to buy it" How hard is it to understand that WE JUST DON'T WANT TO USE WGC? PERIOD! If it's good or bad is irrelevant. I, THE CUSTOMER (A.K.A. the guy who pays the bills), don't want to use it and will LEAVE if I'm forced to do so. How damn hard is that to understand. A successful company is one that makes products their customers WANT, not one that makes products THEY want and tries to make the customers buy it or even like it. BTW: I just started WGC on my work PC and here is what happened: 1st thing it did was update itself, so I'm assuming it's running the newest version of it. 2nd thing it did was to start downloading almost 2 Gb of WoWs update, even tho I don't play WoWs on this PC (installed it once to play on vacation), so no need whatsoever to update it on this PC. But here I am, downloading 2 Gb I absolutely don't need nor want to.
  9. Porthos__

    0.7.8 - Public Test Feedback

    Here are my two cents FWIW: - Crates: Please, why can't we collect and open the boxes with one single click? Sometimes I got 5 boxes at once and it was tedious to have to collect a box, click the open button, wait for the silly animation until the box finally opens. Rinse and repeat 5 times. Can we have an option "Open all your crates", so we can go do other things while the crates are being opened? - Information pop-up in port (those that pop-up after a battle, telling you what consumables, flags, shells, etc. were replaced) Those pop-ups take way too long on the screen before they disappear, preventing me from seeing other stuff behind them. - Time to start battle after your in the match Why does it take like 40ish seconds to start a battle on the PTS? - Tier I and V Ships Why do we have to start the PTS with tier I ships, if they are not good for anything but port slots? even their commanders have effing 0 points. And this time we also got tier V ships, even tho those also have no use whatsoever, since scenarios were tier VII and Ranked tiers VIII and X. At least the tier V came with 15 point commanders you could use, but still don't see the point. - Currencies Copper? Molybdenum? Seriously? We don't need new fancy currencies. Never heard of KISS eh? I also got steel, just to realize there is nothing to be bought with steel on the PTS. We need new maps, new campaigns, new ships, not new fancy currencies that will just confuse 90% of the player base. Overall, I think the prizes to play PTS should be better, so more players would be prone to try it out. And starting the PTS Part 1 on a 100% weekend also didn't help at all. It sucks having only 600ish players online. Takes forever to get in a Random match, let alone Ranked.
  10. But you get 3+ Loyalty points if you're asked and refuse or a container if you accept the bribery. If you're not being asked, you can't get the 3+ loyalty points nor the extra container. I'm not sure, but I think it's based on the number of points you make. If you are playing only Co-Op, the points you earn are rather low, thus it will take a long time for you to be asked.
  11. Aslain is AMAZING! Best mod pack ever! Been using it since WoT. Sent you 10 bucks as donation yesterday buddy. Keep up the good work.
  12. Thanks for all your great work and effort you put in in your reviews.

    Waitin on a PAN ASIA DD line review :)