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  1. Finally toured the USS Alabama

    Great stories. I have only ever toured USS NC (multiple times) but would like to visit some others one day.
  2. Thanks for the Cesare

    I could have sworn I had random selected...
  3. Getting the USS Texas?

    Man I really need to check twitch prime more often :*(
  4. Thanks for the Cesare

    So came back to WoWS after a hiatus. Few things come to mind immediately. 1) shiny new Italian BB in my port. Couple games in and I love it! 2) No more Mighty MO. I was looking forward to grinding her. Hopefully she'll return :*( 3) Why so many bots? I've played only bots today so far. Is it just the time of day thing or am I missing a toggle somewhere? Regardless, nice to be back. Taking breaks always makes you re-appreciate something.
  5. "Goal" Ships

    As an NC native, my all time favorite ship is the North Carolina. I have been to see her many times and as a child she was the epitome of a what a "battleship" was. I had played some World of Tanks, but when I found out about WoWS and that I could eventually get the NC, I was hooked. I'm still grinding my way to her (Half way through New Mex) and she is my driving goal every day.
  6. Corgi reward

    Thanks for the flag and loot!
  7. Tried the German cruiser line when I first started playing and found it myeh and stopped at Kolberg. Picking them back up again after I got an Emden out of a crate back at Christmas the Kolberg doesnt feel like I remember. Not sure if I got better as a player or what but so far so good, have had a blast playing her.
  8. Alright guys....what if we go to.....eleven Joking aside, great pictures. Would love love love to have her in port
  9. Scharnhorst

    Scharnhorst was worth every penny. As Von said, the things you can manage just make you smile every time.
  10. Bellerophon is NASTY

    Yeah she's not bad. I tried AP the first half of this game because my flank had mostly cruisers facing me down. I was unamused at there potency so elected to switch back to HE. that's when the fun began.
  11. Svietlana is suprsingly good

    I've had a lot of fun in the Svietlana. This was my last game in her before moving up the ladder. Think skinny thoughts and be very very careful when and where you try to turn around as she is sluggish in that regard.
  12. Buy a tier IV or V cruiser on sale

    I just played my last game in my Svietlana and it was a BLAST!
  13. Scharnhorst Fanclub

    So what new skills are we using in 6.0 shiny horse riders?
  14. Marry me New Mexico?

    Please tell me your secrets....I'm struggling to like the old girl