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    That a Marine would have computer trouble is a big surprise! OK grunt, the "unsportsman" thing is probably cause they have a program that detects players who log into a game and suicide. Like a xp bot program. It can sometimes pick up just plain old bad yolo players like us....I mean you.... BTW do a virus scan, some of those sites you grunts visit have more viruses than the women who star in them!
  2. Cravus

    Daily shipments tab

    Thanks guys, forgot I even had a mouse wheel. Heck, next thing you know I'll have a bracelet with my address on it!
  3. Cravus

    19 point captains

    Nice to see. So there is hope for me and my 33% WR.
  4. If you're just looking at first five days its fine. Cannot scroll down to look at any further days. I like immediate satisfaction(just ask my wife). Its frustrating that I cannot scroll down to see what todays loggin reward will be! I want to know my reward before I sacrifice myself to better players!
  5. My old squadron

  6. My Grandfather told me how his father sailed with the great white fleet and never returned. My Grandfather was adopted by him before sailing. Born in 1906 my Grandfather grew up with the moonshiners of southern Georgia. Taking care of himself and his Mama any way he could. As soon as he was 16 he joined the Navy, like his adoptive father. When WW2 came he was a Chief Petty Officer flying in PBYs. After the war he met a woman with a son and married her. The son was already in the Navy as a aircraft radioman. He flew in the Berlin airlift. In the later 1950s he met a divorced woman with an adopted son and married her, adopting that son as his own. As soon as I turned 18 I went to Navy boot camp. Many years later I met a widow with a son, married her and took him as my own. He broke the chain as an Army Captain but its OK cause I got 5 grandkids out of the deal. From the fleet until now none of us in this Navy family are blood, but we are.