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  1. Just bought one. There is a bit tunnel-visioning on the paper stats and lack of armor. The ships is reasonably fast, has great AA, great rudder shift, good concealment, and have great gun range when the correct equipment module is installed. And I believe the guns either lose less dispersion at range, or have some sort of Slava-like curve where its more accurate at range. I've triple-citadelled Nagato's, and regularly get 5 digit volleys on so called heavily armored BBs. Play it like a Tier 7 super cruiser looking for broadsides, and you'll average 100-150k game regularly. She is a second line ship. Perhaps a mid level skill floor, but a pretty damn high skill ceiling. I'm surprised they released it like this.
  2. LukeV

    Quickest way to get OHIO

    If someone could confirm, this would be very interesting.
  3. Hello guys. I've been off the game for a long while, lots of changes coming back after a year off. Looking at my port, I've had the Ibuki and Izumo on the chopping block since last I played, hemming and hawing whether to get rid of them. Is there any point keeping these two? Did not enjoy them on the grind up, and I feel that the Ibuki's roles has been better filled by other ships. Also, I bought the Musashi as a replacement tier 9 IJN BB before I left, which I'm going to guess is a better ship. The argument could be made to do the same to the Iowa, since I have the Missouri, but she's a good gal. Thoughts?
  4. LukeV

    I guess I don't know how to play anymore.

    I was gone for 3 months, and came back a few weeks ago. It's been a nightmare. I've dropped down to the mid tiers to regain my mojo.
  5. I am awaiting the next announcement, a new Russian captain called "Ovech Alexkin".
  6. LukeV

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Yes. The guy I was replying to was saying that radar cruisers would need to be buff if radar was sight only. I only meant that unless a cruiser woefully under-performs with that type of radar, then they could possibly buff it. I can't really think of any though. Tier 10 cruisers are in a class of their own, IMO. They are all decently strong in their chosen play style, with or without radar. 8 and 9's could be affected more. It's all talk though. There's enough threads on the forum about this problem and possible fixes. At what point does WG look and say "We may have to change something". if just for the player base. Maybe never. But I wish they would.
  7. LukeV

    Possible Solution to Radar

    I don't think BB's or DD's would be affected. Any ship, BB or DD, with sonar would stay the same, and the Missouri would be slightly less OP. The Pan Asian DDs are the only other ones, other than the USS Black, to have radar. I'm sure they are near the top win-rate producing DDs in the game. Radar should be the cherry on top for cruisers, not the whole gameplay. If radar changes a cruiser from being "crap" to "good", then yes the cruiser would need revamping. But I would say most if not all cruisers in the game would be viable without changes. You have 5k games, so I'm sure you've seen both sides of the radar mechanic.
  8. LukeV

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Radar should be a line of sight mechanic only. Useful on the open water, but blocked by islands and landmasses. Useful for catching dds in the open in caps, and discouraging the open water smoking meta that was prevalent months ago. That should be its purpose. An offensive tool, but limited in its scope. Sonar can keep its ability to spot through islands, due to its short range. Not only that, but when the CV rework comes, sonar often competes with Defensive AA. This would make a sonar cruiser a specific play style. Add in its ability to spot torpedo's, and it is a good defensive ability. You put this in a Public Test, I almost guarantee it gets positive feedback.
  9. LukeV

    Hall Of Fame Rewards?

    I am also interested in seeing how people grinded so many points. Because I checked the profile of the #1-2 guy for most of the week, he has 7k games between the tier 1's Black Swan and Hermelin. 0.o
  10. Don't know how your weekend grind was, but here's a screen shot of a Double Kracken loss. Not sure I've seen one before. Also, I don't play CV's at all, so I haven't got a Clear Sky (or whatever) since 2016, in a Pensacola of all things. Two games in a row, I get the new achievement.
  11. LukeV

    Sovereigns and Guineas question

    Thank you my friend. I was not logged in for some reason.
  12. LukeV

    Sovereigns and Guineas question

    Can you post something showing where this special deal is possible? My Premium specials tab shows nothing of the sort.
  13. LukeV

    Free SC? What's the catch?

    I got 2-3 yesterday, I was puzzled as well. Could it be from advancing in stages on the Hall of Fame portion of the British Missions?