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  1. April fools idea?

    I would love to try this. All ships are visible the whole game, need to use mark 1 eyeball to locate. DDs would have an easier time spotting and not being detected due to small size. But try predicting torps without the white marker. I am excited.
  2. They should do a re balancing of detection per tier, to make it a little more realistic. Not that this game is realistic per say. Cause that is just goofy to look at.
  3. French Battleship Missions

    Why spend money to get regular tech tree ships that are permanent in the game? The journey is the fun part, boys. Tier 10 isn't as fun as you think. Enjoy the ride when they come out,
  4. Most coin I've ever made.

    If your kills were all DDs, maybe. DD damage counts for more, since XP/credits are based on percentage of total health, I think.
  5. Radar and sonar simultaneously. But I like the heal idea though. Fits with the German toughness.
  6. It's a high skill level ship to have it perform to its potential. You need alot of island knowledge to know where the good spots are, and the sight lines. A mini mini des moines.
  7. +1 for the game, and the title made me laugh.
  8. After you earn the first 3 sets of french loot boxes, is there any other way to earn them? How do you finish the collection? Edit: Nvm. Once you unlock Aigle, you can earn 1 a day with it.
  9. The Return of Invisifire

    Britsh cruisers can do the same thing. Why not complain then? Any division with competent players are frustrating to beat. Unless you make divisions restricted to BB/DD/CL, there is not much to say.
  10. To use a grandpa analogy, DD's should be the mouse, CL's should be the cat, and BB's should be the elephant. Mouse<Cat<Elephant<Mouse All BB AP should be over penetrations on DDs. Does this suffice?
  11. Atlanta Buff/Adjustments

    Doesn't the Flint have both? Not like WG is above such idea's.(Black).

    I didn't mean anything from my comment. It's just something I noticed. Also, do they retain their voices when the content in unchecked? I've never tried. If so, I'll never use them myself.
  13. Glad he's gone. His lines sounded muffled and badly done. The main reason I don't use him, even if he has special skills.

    The funny thing about all this is, if you click the eye icon beside the "hide ARP" in your port settings, all the captains get turned to regular IJN captains, and the ships lose their weird camos. Thats alot of captain xp grinding going down the drain.