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  1. I have 6 Radar mods.
  2. Like one forum members signature says.... don't complain to me unless you have over 2k XP on a loss.
  3. I swear to god, they need to do something about the radar situation. And fast.
  4. When you get detonated..... in your Yamato......by another Yamato.......from 24 km away. That's when I stopped tonight,
  5. Hell, it doesn't even have the Fletcher's STOCK firing range.
  6. And Here I Realized ...

    It's a popular spot. If they cover you, don't be hatin'.
  7. I use the guns enough that I feel a difference between Fletcher and Gearing. The Gearing should have the range. And I have both, thank you very much.
  8. How about giving the Gearing the 12.9 km range THAT THE FLETCHER HAS.
  9. Finally cracked 61% WR!!!!

    If you play the game to be a purple uni, you are on a long, dark, joyless road my friend. Play the game for enjoyment of it, and be a good teammate. This is the meaning of World Of Warships.
  10. Premium Ship Blues

    This is a fine person right here. I've given away Santa Crates for holiday spirit, but a Premium Ship? Such generosity is a rare thing, my friend. You have my respect. o7
  11. US Collection Crates

    Dude, this just happened with my Halsey Campaign. Open first box, get the 1st one of the collection. Open the second.....duplicate. WWWWWHHHHAAAAAT
  12. How horrible can the roast be? Jeff Ross or Whoopi Goldberg level?
  13. You didn't actually earn that amount btw. Hell of a game tho.
  14. How is this possible?

    What am I looking at?