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  1. You didn't actually earn that amount btw. Hell of a game tho.
  2. How is this possible?

    What am I looking at?
  3. When they did the Great CV Nerf of 2015/2016, tons of CV players dropped off the game. A quote from a player stuck with me. He basically said "You guys may have solved the problem, but the day will come when you will be writing on the forum about the good ole days of the CV". We have arrived apparently.
  4. I don't like radar as it stands right now. I probably won't like AP bombs, but I haven't had any experience yet. Frankly, they should be focusing on the rework of CV's, than heavy handed new mechanics that people (seemingly) don't like. Again, I don't play CV's. This is just what I read.
  5. please god dont bring radar into this.
  6. Well blow me down, that's good to know.
  7. The most confusing day in Brazil.
  8. I would be more interested in the hidden modifiers to Premium Ships, such as baked in earning potential.
  9. Should have just read your signature. Just spent the last 2 minutes comparing your profile and VGLances, Your just as arrogant as the last time I read your posts.
  10. Was there a time limit on them? Because I can't see them in the link.
  11. Wow. If multiple threads about the same subject bother you, get off the forums. Heaven forbid someone ask a question. There are people here who will happily answer them.
  12. I have only picked Try Your Luck since the mechanic came out. If you average it out, I got about 2 SC a month I'm guessing.
  13. Thank you, someone had to say it. RPF is a poor mans solution of Wargaming to try and find more 4-point Captain perks worth taking. I do not take it on principle on any ship because it is a stupid mechanic. I also don't like it, personally, because when it first came out, it changed my thought process on how I played my destroyers in a game. I had worse games when I had RPF on my captain, than when I didn't. Keeps your mind sharp when you have to think where the enemy dds are.
  14. Storms are annoying. They provide very little variety, in exchange for a large amount of aggravation.