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  1. A few thoughts: This is a big hit for Montana. For instance, Montana's entire deck and upper plate would be penetrated by 152mm shells with IFHE, while she can no longer reliable pen Wooster and Des Moines. And there are low tier CLs, who now is useless against high tier BBs as they can no longer pen high tier BBs even with IFHE, not to mention the firing chance is halved. Yet IFHE is still mandatary to them, otherwise they are powerless when facing high tier cruisers. I don't know if this is necessary, they are already in a tough spot, struggling keep up with BBs of these tiers with few exceptions. For 429mm+ battleships, this is a straight-up buff (other than Ohio). I guess we need more unstoppable Kremlins :P. But for 15-inch battleships, I would say this is Can be devastating. Again, they are already some of the weaker BBs in game. I really doubt this change would make them relevant anymore.
  2. Horizonwalker

    Where did MY PR GO?

    Well outside of U.S. this abbreviation of Perto Rico isn't well known. Indeed in day to day usage "PR" is more referred to as public relations, though in OP's topic it's a bit out of context.
  3. Any point running Goliath instead of Yoshino? Well, I guess you can cit Smolensk with IFHE, but that's probably it.
  4. Horizonwalker

    Dry Dock: Thunderer

    The 457mm that HMS Furious used was 18-inch Mk I. It is different than the gun developed in the early 20s, known as Mk II, though they do share some same shell types.
  5. Horizonwalker

    ST, British heavy cruisers

    It's not that relevant, high tier soviet BBs had 32 mm of plating in their devblog: https://medium.com/@devblogwows/high-tier-ussr-bb-9e599ee4f4b3 I'd assume this is taken account of the thinnest plate on the ship.
  6. Horizonwalker

    RN heavy cruiser coming

    subs are not going to be in the game anytime soon. The subs beta test is just the beginning of multiple rounds of testing, as I see no reason for them to be rushed with the lesson of cv rework. Besides, why would they reveal an entire line in a teaser?
  7. Just an FYI, thunderer is a very good fire starting ship due to its accuracy and short reload. From what i seen on streams, spamming HE is still more effective than AP in many situations.
  8. Horizonwalker

    What kind of player community is this?

    Just try play this game on SEA or RU server, I'm sure you would be surprised.
  9. Horizonwalker

    CV Rework Feedback

    Yea, they certainly do encourage team play by taking away fighters and let cv players farm damage on their own.