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  1. Historically accurate? The RU BB line is almost entirely paper.
  2. Toddlez

    Naval Legends: Sovetsky Soyuz

    No one argues that the Russians didn’t lay keels. The argument is that the Russians lacked the expertise, industry, and money to actually finish them say, nothing about making them anything like they are in game. Anyone can put anything on paper. The Enterprise from Star Trek is on paper but no one could build it. That’s the RUBB, OP Soviet bull crap made into pixels.
  3. Toddlez

    Naval Legends: Sovetsky Soyuz

    Maybe it should have been titled “Naval Fantasies”. Putting a boat that only could have ever existed on paper in the same category as true legends like Enterprise or Warpsite is disrespectful to the sailors who died on them.
  4. The plane speed nerf is the equivalent of adding 10 seconds to all battleship gun reload or a minute to all torp reload time. This isn’t a consumable it is the main battery for CVs. Stop comparing consumables to the ships main weapons.
  5. Toddlez

    why wg like destroy cvs?

    That’s not true, I see AA fire before the ship renders or appears on my mini map. Usually 3-4 seconds in fact.
  6. Toddlez

    Which CV line should I start?

    It is an HEDB nerf. RN use level bombers and all but the Kama for IJN use AP bombs. So it isn’t a nerf for all ships. That said, it was needed.
  7. Toddlez

    Which CV line should I start?

    Maybe wait until they stop nerfing them. Then you will get an idea if it’s worth it and which suites your play style the best.
  8. Toddlez

    Dont mess with the CVs, fix the DDs

    That was one battle and the Japanese misidentified the fleet. They were certain a fleet carrier and battleships made up the rest of the group. Don’t forget several escort carrier were part of the battle and helped push the Japanese back. Look you made an argument for CV usefulness.
  9. If you are getting shot in your smoke you are either going in a straight line so guessing where you are is easy or you are sitting and firing in it. Not moving around in it as you attack with few counters. Surface ships can hit your from there too if you don’t change you location. I’ve sat in a Daring and burned down bb while in smoke safe from attack by moving around in it and using hydro to see torps. I had a great time burning those T10 BB. With no chance to stop me I’m sure they didn’t.
  10. I’m betting he beached himself behind an island and stayed there. After yoloing into the cap, of course. Good DDs can dominate. Yoloing alone any place gets you focused and killed in any boat.
  11. Toddlez

    Update 0.8.4 Sounds Promising

    Oh no, a Haragumo got blapped! That poor totally balanced non-daka daka boat.
  12. Toddlez

    Giulio - why should I EVER buy a premium again, Wargaming?

    I bought a T5 not a T6. This is a step too far.
  13. Only one of the Russian BB is not paper. I just hope they aren’t over powered. They will be though. RN Carriers, woooooo!!!
  14. Toddlez

    Clan wars countdown

    Same issue for us
  15. Toddlez

    Should WG Buff the RN DD line?

    Take IFHE. Dont be at the front, capping is risky with so much radar. If you cap have an escape plan, wiggle as much as you can when spotted. No speed boost means being slippery rather than fast. Use the speed flag at all times. Your best games will be ambushing enemies or defending caps away from the main enemy fleet. Most dd out spot you or out dpm you, none will do both. Switch between ammo types. Use your smoke to set ambushes, not as a home base. Farm damage when smoke it’s up. Single launch as often as possible. Hydro is more defensive in rn Dds so you won’t go hunting much. I have hunted when there is a geraing or shima smoke camping and they have a bad time. Give your guns a little more lead than might feel is right. they play very differently than most other lines. I wish detection was a little lower given the speed disadvantage.