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  1. bad lert dont make me get the spray bottle again
  2. dylan88jr


  3. dylan88jr

    Another ship setting sail...

    so sad to see you go fem hope you are happy where ever you go next
  4. dylan88jr

    I'm never going to this restaurant again

    steals my pic that i stole and doesn't give me credit :P
  5. dylan88jr

    Glitch or Hack?

    i would wager it was scharn as his highest tier is 5 so i would assume he didnt get dragged into a t8 some how
  6. dylan88jr

    Modern NATO fleet

    go to sleep @Lert
  7. dylan88jr

    World of Warships Wiki PSA

    On principle i blame @Dr_Richtofen
  8. dylan88jr

    Gee thats a bit much. no?

    @giovybez wow way to make us look bad :P <3
  9. dylan88jr

    Veteran: No camo and no flag :(

    you most likely dont have enough battles to have unlocked camos and flags
  10. dylan88jr

    Shells causing flooding?

    i would remove the name as naming and shaming is against the forums rules