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  1. Richaloo vs dunkerque thing.

    the dunkerque is fun its fast hits hard and bounces shells pretty well.last time i took her out i was at 1k health and bounced 10 battle ship shells took the cv to kill me
  2. kill status

    i have killed 3 times in 1100 battles once when i had less then 100 battles once hit my friend by accident with 8 torps and once a couple weeks ago becuase i didnt read my map while a cyclone was on and didnt see my teamate right next the enemy ship all 3 i have gotten 5 games
  3. didnt know that lol thanks for the tip
  4. did you hit the button that turns off secondaries and aa by any chance
  5. i was hoping that my team could cap while i tied up a dd and 4 bbs with my div mate but nope it didnt help
  6. missouri

    i have 700 days of prem time
  7. missouri

    i know i am trying but i have 300k xp on my ships and 400k on me wish i had some spare money lol
  8. missouri

    that feeling when you realise you need 70$ worth of dubs the get the missouri :(
  9. first solo warrior

    if the red dds were smart and torp rushed me they would have won but they ran away for some reason
  10. first solo warrior

    1 cl 1 bb and 2 dds left went for the bb had the cl come and ram me leaving me with 3k health and then the hood beached so i killed him giving us point advantage with 10 seconds left
  11. first solo warrior

    fixed it
  12. TIL: I'm a hacker

    yesterday on the pt i got 5 cits and a det on a monty it was great