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  1. maybe people didn't see corgis because their were 18k people playing on the weekend just a thought
  2. niko him self was doing it.but we did it only a few times over the week end near the end of the event but when your doing a tier 4 or tier 6 bb focus block your going to get a few corgis in a single match at a time.
  3. ok tell me how we ruin the game when most of us have around 60% win rate i my self had a 2 kdr and 60% win rate over 100 battles and we sync dropped like 3 battles near the end of the event.
  4. niko said in his live stream that sync dropping with other corgis is allowed sync dropping with non corgis isnt
  5. i am sorry that you think that a event were you can earn FREE DOUBLOONS buy killing ships is ridiculous
  6. sync dropping between corgis is allowed :P
  7. i am a corgi lol just wanted to share this
  8. we had 10 at one point but this is 7 in nikolias lol na we dont shoot at each other unless we have no choice
  9. Richaloo vs dunkerque thing.

    the dunkerque is fun its fast hits hard and bounces shells pretty well.last time i took her out i was at 1k health and bounced 10 battle ship shells took the cv to kill me
  10. kill status

    i have killed 3 times in 1100 battles once when i had less then 100 battles once hit my friend by accident with 8 torps and once a couple weeks ago becuase i didnt read my map while a cyclone was on and didnt see my teamate right next the enemy ship all 3 i have gotten 5 games
  11. didnt know that lol thanks for the tip
  12. did you hit the button that turns off secondaries and aa by any chance