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  1. dylan88jr

    Gee thats a bit much. no?

    @giovybez wow way to make us look bad :P <3
  2. if you need any more i am available this weekend and willing to help out @Femennenly
  3. spend a week not on the computer much and i miss the sign up :( @Femennenly guess i cant help with the discord this time :P will have fun hunting for once
  4. dylan88jr

    Veteran: No camo and no flag :(

    you most likely dont have enough battles to have unlocked camos and flags
  5. signed up again for my i think 7th tour of duty.
  6. dylan88jr

    Shells causing flooding?

    i would remove the name as naming and shaming is against the forums rules
  7. it is automatic this time around you should get it after a battle (maybe some delay) but its still being tested so bugs may happen.
  8. dylan88jr

    Video / Game Anomalies Endless Range Torps

    double post?
  9. dylan88jr

    My new damage record

    congrats mine is still 200k :( i dont seem to get lucky with damage.
  10. and i got 8k dubs and this what a day
  11. nope i was skirting the edge of the cap the entire game contesting it until radar popped.just getting annyoed by battle ships camping in the back yelling at me for not pushing into the cap by my self vs 3 radar cruisers and there support.