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  1. sushimaster

    Premium Ship Review - ORP Blyskawica

    Hmn, not taking last stand might seem good on paper but irl, as soon as you get in a 6 kms fight with a Mahan or Benson, you're as good as dead, you're not fast enough to escape nor can you surpasses the US DD at that range, lose engine 2 times and be ready to get burn down and since US DD have better camo, that will happen alot. In a scenario where you do not have to worry about being stalk by US DD, that's when Demo or Aft going to shine, but still, it is too unreliable and situational. I'd still take last stand first before demo or Aft. Speaking personally from experience here, fought about 4-5 in my Benson since yesterday.
  2. sushimaster

    Premium Ship Review - USS Sims

    Yeah, playing rank has teached me to respect the Atago and Mogami, especially Atago, something i never done before as they were horrible before buff.