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  1. SoverainMkVII

    Is the Anchorage worth getting?

    FYI, CC are no longer allowed to post footage of test ships prior to release under the current NDA.
  2. SoverainMkVII

    Good job wg you just killed CV

    The level of effort it takes a CV to avoid deplaning themselves and obtain a good result far outweighs the current gameplay enjoyment; especially compared to other classes. Unless CVs receive buffs to their damage/speed/hanger, the CV skillgap and playerbase will just return to pre-revamp levels. Also if WG is going to make such drastic balance changes, the playerbase deserve another round of refunds and free respecs.
  3. SoverainMkVII

    GZ might not be sold before CV rework

    Then why even say 3 months at all if the exclusivity period is just going to be indefinite? The failure to balance GZ aside, it's even more saddening to see WG fallback on "PR speak" to gaslight its own community. Once Premium time lapses next month, I plan on taking an extended break from the game. Kindly pass a note along to the WGA Customer Service team to message me once the "CV Revamp" goes live and/or the GZ is returned to the Premium Shop. I look forward to what WG has to present at Gamescom in August.