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  1. Weezil

    Sometimes your destined to lose.

    In your rush to fact check you missed his point.
  2. I'll be darned, I'm almost 60, I didn't even know Canada had a military! (wnk).
  3. I haven't played in about 8 months now, though my son plays my account from time to time, and I have always taken breaks from it so that the desire would always be there to play it again, but reading the forum after so long I'm wondering what happened to this game we all love? Is it worth coming back?
  4. Weezil

    The "worst" ships in the game

    I give you that floating turd that came out a few years back. The Mikasa.
  5. Weezil

    Stealing kills on WoWs

    I try to be conscious of who is doing what in any given match, there have been many times I could delete a low health ship, but when I see another player who has done all the heavy lifting on said ship I will move on so that player can get the kill.
  6. Well said sir. 59 years old here and I had been a fairly decent player until I developed a tremor in my mouse hand which now causes my shots to miss at critical moments, but I still love to play even though my damage output has really suffered.
  7. Weezil

    New to WoW

    Welcome to Ships. its good that you came from Tanks because by now you should have grown a thick rhino hide to deal with the salt.
  8. Weezil

    An Event Idea

    Interesting, would you allow a 5 year time limit for this because, yeah. BTW, do you write for The Onion.
  9. Weezil

    Your favorite 'challenging' ship

    Huanghe, hands down.
  10. Weezil

    You're loosing customers wargaming

    You didn’t point out any fallacy, what was it? You did however commit a non sequitur.
  11. Weezil

    Recent Team Passivity?

    In general, or specific tiers? I know whenever I play any tier 10 ships I am way more cautious. The penalty for failure there is more extreme credit wise.
  12. I enlisted in The USN in 1980 and left after one tour. We have always had dogs in our house, the first two being mother and son rotties, then a beautiful English black lab, now we have a German Shepherd. I’m 58 and have enough life experience to know that bullying in any form will get you nothing but resentment.
  13. “Bullying serves a legitimate purpose”. Stupidest line I have seen in a long, long, time.
  14. Enjoy your ship Captain, seriously, and let the festering mob choke on they’re penile envy. I don’t have The PR, and I don’t want it , but you had the means to acquire one, so props to you.
  15. Do we really need a thread for every bad ranked match outcome? Seriously bottle it up and go on to the next battle.