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    43 points · 29 days ago

    Sub, you'll have to excuse me, but this is a load of crap. The ship was known to be overpowered when it was in testing and released, it was put for sale on the premium shop not once, but twice, and it was just used last Christmas to pimp Santa Crates.

    Now suddenly WG grows a conscience and is like "OH NO, WE HAVE TO CORRECT THESE WRONGS!!!we'rekeepingyourmoneythoughkthnx

    Without hyperbole, I'm telling you right now as someone whose spent way more than he should have in this game, I will not spend another cent if you go through with this change.

    144 points · 29 days ago

    I don't have any personal issues with you or your opinion on the subject, but probably it's time to take a really long break from this sub. I guess people, while being very passionate about the game, tend to forget that any CM, representative, developer or any staff member is a human being as well. Right now it's 23:20. I've started working at 09:45, got home more or less in time (working from mobile on my way), but now I'm not spending time with friends, reading, chilling or anything else - I'm going through the sub, looking for topic/questions to answer, and things to clarify, not mentioning DM (and some other channels, too). I frankly don't expect any credit for it, but hope for somewhat...adequate conversation at least? Where, for instance "load of crap" is not the preferred way to enter the discussion. And where people actually try to understand each other's positions before shoving sarcasm, drama and other wonderful things like "if you do X, I will not spend a cent" in the face. Especially given the fact that I'm automatically denied the right to yell, troll, freak out, abuse DM, as I represent the team here. Surely I'm not a victim, no way I'm blaming you or anyone; I care for the game, players, and eventually the sub, because it is a home to big cool international community, so I've been mostly very happy working here. But that's not my job, and I'm afraid I can't properly handle my involvement here anymore, to the point that it may hurt my actual duties (working on each update strategy and informational support and managing my team). It also hurts me emotionally at this point, because I'm not the kind of person who doesn't give a crap and wants to feed you cold stupid PR responses - I try to absorb and experience everything I see here personally and deeply. And if it's a negative experience I usually raise it within the team and push hard for player's PoV to the best of my ability. But I can still do that, without exposing myself over and over again to...well, this. I heard some people said I can be a real (censored) - probably I that's true, and I'm sorry for that. I apologize for all interactions that pissed anyone off, no harm meant. See you in some indefinite time, I guess, and of course I'm not the only person monitoring the sub, so your feedback, concerns, suggestions and wonderful memes will be heard and represented properly in the team. Thanks everyone.