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  1. I challenge with this

    Good developers know not to wreck the balance of their own game. Stalingrad is a ship with various buffs to knock out weaknesses not to armor. The new special def aa consumable for instance on it an unneeded buff. 2.65 sigma on 305mm gums just plain stupid it’s like your completely ignoring the train wreck that world of tanks is which completely dipped into the Russian bias pool. Way to take the fun out of the game by wrecking any semblance of balance. Overpowered Russian tanks now overpowered Russian “Cruiser.” Available for everyone they said yet they stretch it and give us Steel only in rare containers with an even rarer chance of dropping it. Available in clan wars and ranked. Normally 3-4 ranked seasons and low steel payouts. Steel should be a Available in hard to beat challenge missions then you can say it is available for everyone as half of the ranked season is locked for those not having a tier 10 ship. I guess we are all just forgetting about the prior letdowns Wargaming left us with. World of Tanks is flatlining for NA in a slow dieoff that’s why no more California office a lot of hard working people lost their jobs due to poor balancing decisions on the developers part and people seeing through it and spending less $.

    Now why are you repeating the same mistake Wargaming ? People better not let them continue to wreck this game speak up people it’s your money and your descision to buy their products. Like a stock on the stock market it is now a hold and not a buy for me due to the poor business decisions made over the past few years. I put over 7,000 battles into World of Tanks and stopped playing when Wargaming decided to throw out balance with Object 262 and other Tanks. Now I may have to stop playing world of warships if the game, becomes Op Russian ships vs everyoneelse. It’s like a dog came, and crapped on the game itself,the second Aresenal came into being and the Stalingrad along with it. What happens is simple, more Tier 9 and Tier 10 premiums wrecking the balance of world of warships while making tech tree tier 10’s less valuable. The goal of a lot of players, grab the shiny tech tree tier 10 then they find out “ohh what’s that a Stalingrad coming in to break your will to keep grinding when you thrown in at tier 8.” What games should do is keep balance and offer cosmetic rewards to the highly skilled player like Overwatch does. Copper and Moldyium were the only resources that should have happened and coal. Ranked could have stayed exactly as it was , and so could have clan battles and Stalingrad could have just been a Coal ship with a higher price tag on it. Steel was not needed, or wanted giving exclusive ships could have gone on with the prior flag system. When you as a company say your product “Stalingrad is going to be availablefor everyone”make it so, or say Stalingrad is a new tier 10 ranked reward for 12 wins of rank 1 in ranked battles. It won’t stop with Stalingrad Mark my words balance will be thrown in favor of greed. I have an end goal in mind and will finish it this year, then I will stick to playing a few games for fun and not mindless grinding as I have down be that enough.






    a closed beta world of warships player and avid world of tanks player clocking in over 10,000 battles in world of tanks and world of warships. Whom has bought a lot of Premium tanks,ships, and premium time.




    Landedkiller Wondering where the common sense business people in Wargaming are?