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  1. landedkiller

    Remember the days

    Do you really want ships locked behind the research bureau though? I think not and I don’t think that you really enjoy grinding out ranked seasons that much. I think what can be enjoyable is grinding coal and knowing that with time you will get to your goal. With steel it is more difficult, but not impossible I would say. I have to come to the point where I have player tanks and ships for years and I am done with spending till I see some positive changes to the game. I have just been let down too many times I guess. It all comes down to how Wargaming wants to do things as I realize I have no power except in my wallet. As do you. Exactly and Ensign_cthulu must think that Wargaming won’t do something like Puerto Rico again or something. Not to be too harsh here, but your sounding like Wg fan boy Ensign_cthulu more than a critical thinker. Yep that captures how the recent loot boxes and such have played out. Just more monetization then last year at least. There have been positive changes and I won’t deny that. What really gets me is how Wargaming has been looking for more ways to monetize the game in ways that are not always just. To be fair some businesses do that and that is their decision alone. The consumer will decide how to proceed with their wallets going forward ultimately. We just need more transparency going forward I think and that would help quite a bit. The loot boxes and random bundles against train already left awhile ago I get that. All I can do is remember that it wasn’t always like this. Forgive a person for being sentimental as I am sure some of us were around at the start of this game and don’t like some of the more recent changes to it.
  2. landedkiller

    Remember the days

    That’s what I was thinking of now that I think harder on it
  3. landedkiller

    Remember the days

    What did Wargaming do right I do wonder? That list is perhaps the Halloween event and the lone releases. Proper rebalances to German battleships and other lines. Introduction of new lines. what did Wargaming do wrong? Puerto Rico event, research bureau changes and future changes, locking ships behind research bureau and steel, and so much more. Thank you for reading
  4. Ahh yes I remember saying the very same thing about patches when they first came out and Wargaming didn’t listen. Didn’t you notice no operation cherry blossom in at least 3-4 months and no operation Hermès as well. I think they stopped development there as people were able to advance faster in the game due to the tier 8 operations.
  5. landedkiller

    Infinite UK early access TOKEN bundles! Really?

    Take the Wargaming hat off for a sec and give us your thoughts as a pat community contributor on this event.
  6. I want to thank you all for participating in this discussion. My thoughts were to get you all thinking about this as I see Wargaming doing this when ships built on steel run out or monetary concerns cause them to introduce the idea. Have fun everybody and thank you for participating on this discussion.
  7. landedkiller

    Remember the days

    I remember the days when Christmas crates have you a ship every 5 or so boxes on the megas. I remember the days when early access wasn’t given via loot boxes or infinite bundles (British cruiser event) or when tier 9 or tier 10 steel and coal and research bureau ships didn’t exist. I even remember when we had premiums that could be grinded out reasonably and not over 100+ hours. So why did it all have to change? I think it was greed and exploitation of the player base. Money is all I see the game being about now. I can’t believe people were dumb enough to buy Puerto Rico for instance outright. I was stupid of bought those boosters and missed the deadline full disclosure. Wargaming you have lost my trust and my money for a long time due to your exploitation of the player base and many broken promises over the years. I can’t encourage you all to stop spending, but I can say I will stop until Wargaming Realizes that all customers matter and that events should be catered to both audiences. I hope there comes a point where people wake up and realize how much Wargaming has exploited us as consumers. landedkiller signing off for now
  8. Well no more money from me forget it they have lost my trust
  9. landedkiller

    Infinite UK early access TOKEN bundles! Really?

    I see that now you are waking up to what is driving Wargaming these day greed. Would you like to join me and stop spending money for awhile on this game?
  10. Exactly the point eventually Wargaming will consider this idea again. I thought it would be interesting to have a discussion on this since ships exist in a finite number. Soon we will start running into clones or alterations of existing ship classes. We still have European nations to do next and then what we will eventually come to the point where all that is left is to add missile cruisers. It can be done it just would need a whole 6 months to balance or more on a special server.
  11. I hope they find some ship studies then as the number of ships built in steel is dwindling by the year. I guess we are just getting modified clones for awhile like Charles Mantel and Izumo.
  12. landedkiller

    Puerto Rico Warp Up Questions

    Hey I am not gonna be spending myself for awhile just sayin as I am still mad at them over this event.
  13. No they should not be only those that actually did 70 hours plus grinding deserve it.