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  1. landedkiller

    Odin 'Dockyard' is WORSE than PR event!

    World of tanks does this all the time it is just very grindy. I am done putting money down on world of warships as it is simply not worth it. Still sticking to what I said after Puerto Rico came around no more spending. We haven’t forgotten Puerto Rico Wargaming.
  2. landedkiller

    ST, Hamburg dockyard

    No more dockyard, you guys did a horrible job last time with Puerto Rico. I am staying out of this event as this fame has become too greedy recently.
  3. landedkiller

    PAY $4 FOR $2.86 of stuff in Bundle? NO THANKS!

    Not all of us play at the casino and random bundles feels more like casino gambling then a regular game loot box. I would even say call of duty gives more value in loot boxes then Wargaming. Maybe we should have one day ship sales instead just sayin.
  4. I have a suggestion lift the embargo at one month to release instead of two weeks. That way we have at least a month to digest the new content. Two weeks is a turnoff for me personally. Keep announcing prices ships ahead of time as it helps. Bring some of us old beta testers back into the fold to test ships under NDA. Call the new group the ole captains fleet just trying to find solutions is all.
  5. Seriously Wargaming can we get things in the pc version first before you stick it in the mobile version behind loot boxes?
  6. Agreed it’s time Wargaming took action and banned this modification from the game. It’s high time that people stop developing harmful mods to the game like xvm. It just leads to more negativity. 6 years of dealing with xvm was enough. We don’t need anything like it here. Do we really want to get to the point folks where all chat is removed because we let the game go toxic by not going against this mm monitor.
  7. landedkiller

    Wargaming's Passive Agressive E-mails

    I will be playing a game on steam and suddenly the world of tanks client will turn on by itself. It is really weird, I hope this doesn’t happen with world of warships. It is already annoying to be in the middle of GTA 5 for instance and bam world of tanks opens up by itself very ridiculous in my eyes. No I don’t have any keyboard shortcuts installed for it either. It just will turn itself on by itself every 2 hours or so. If world of warships starts doing this then I might as well quit both games at that point. Yes I have the Wargaming center installed and no that is not what is turning on. It is the world of tanks client by itself turning on and forcing me out of whatever I am playing at the moment and it is extremely off putting. @Hapa_Fodder might want to pass this along to your world of tanks guys and please do not ever do this to world of warships thank you.
  8. I wonder if they are already starting to develop a new space mode and a new Halloween mode and that is what the team is actually working on right now. That way they can sell us those special camos again. I thought space battles hit around April usually correct me if I am wrong. It would make more sense money wise to work on those special events I mentioned than to put time into revamping cherry blossom and ultimate frontier. I hope those two operations rerun along with Narai right now it is a wait and see with this kind of a thing. It has been well over a year though so yes I am very disappointed with cherry blossom and ultimate frontier not be back yet.
  9. landedkiller

    Narai is where we need to draw the line...

    Dude it will come back just relax
  10. landedkiller

    Concerns for future of WoWs NA

    Thank you fem
  11. landedkiller

    Concerns for future of WoWs NA

    Okay can you comment on ultimate frontier and cherry blossom as to why they were removed or that future plans for those two scenarios?
  12. I feel like it was planned as this keeps happening every year almost with some ship always being removed due to it being super popular. I think as far back as November they planned this internally. This is how you screw with people by not properly balancing things the first time around. Wargaming needs to learn their lessons I barely even log into world of tanks just due to how bad the blowouts are over there. Now it’s beginning here and I am sick of the cycle repeating itself. If Wargaming had common sense they would create an endgame for the game that didn’t involve grinding the same line 5 times. They would balance ship lines around the cold hard data and stop solely creating Russian paper ships for once and focus on developing world war 2 British battle cruisers and the other smaller nations first. Russian paper ships are not what people actually want. Give us some variety like the pan Asian cruiser line and stop with the paper ships for at least 3 months. It’s no wonder people are leaving the same corrupt people that drove world of tanks into the ground now want to drive world of warships to the ground with loot boxes and bundles. What about more maps? What about new scenarios? What about new game modes? The only reason your still doing as good as you are is due to the marketing department. I am just flustered by these Russian paper ships jeez we have enough of them. Just stop with the crap Wargaming we are all tired of it especially after recent events. I rest my case.
  13. landedkiller

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    Where is the Renown or the British battle cruises? Jeez