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  1. Trezvor on world of warships live said that Niko got sick and he strongly emphasizes donating to help USS Texas. He said something along the lines of maybe today or later this weekend basically when Niko get's well for when the giveaway will take place. Happy thanksgiving to all wg staff!!
  2. Atlanta is literally on sale right now by itself go pick it up if you want one it is a nice hip to have around.
  3. A good ship if you like destroyers hsf harekaze gives you three different loadouts and has access to torp reload booster and smoke. I am definitely happy with mine you have until September of next year to get it.
  4. Scharnhorst if your focused one easier to win matches or Tirpitz if you want a little bit harder matches and want to tackle the Yamamoto campaign whihc pays out two supercntainers in stages 1-4
  5. Playing until I have to install the broken wargaming center

  6. I don't get why there is no transfer option to steam i'd rather run the game on steam then get stuck with the wargaming center which I had many bad experiences with. In a common sense world one would think Wargaming would offer a transfer to steam to those who wanted it. My guess is because the platform is not yet stabilized. @Pigeon_of_War @SuperNikoPower @Sub_Octavian surely you three know that the Wargaming center still causes issues. Not everyone wants it. Some of us if given the chance would take the opportunity to transfer to steam rather than have to deal with the wargaming center. Why is this such a difficult thing to do? One would think it would be as simple as crediting premium ships and free xp for the line progress in the current client. I know ideally you want us to download WGC when it exits beta, but has it not crossed your minds that maybe people are not on board with that. I am trying to make a valid point here and I am asking this legitimately. I can think of the one big problem other wargaming titles not on steam and I really hope that the developers have though through the potential fallout should the WGC fail or succeed. I was without warships for three whole months due to the WGC failing me by causing internet crashes and high ping. I have been with this game since closed beta and many others have as well this is a thought in the back of our minds. What choice do we have when the very client(WGC) itself causes the game to be unplayable. I have said my piece if you want to ignore that is fine, but you'd have a lot more respect by answering than by ignoring a paying customer.
  7. USS Alaska please ?
  8. Indianapolis could use some slight buffs to maneuverability that's about it. Ship requires good map awareness and not charging full on into battle.
  9. Ship is fine as is it doesn't need buffs if anything needs a buff at the lower tiers it should be oleg
  10. We need at least one other tier 2 bb in the game i have suggested Connecticut class BB22 USS Minnesota for this
  11. well IJN destroyers were great back in the day before they were nerfed hard. What would make since is some degree of unerf to them.
  12. Would rather see USS Alaska make her debut as we already have two premium tier 7 RN battleships.
  13. 1. find ideal supporting position 2. Ask for smoke coverage 3. fire away nervously until smoke disappears 4. retreat and repeat again
  14. They're other purposes such as my use of them for saving up free xp for free xp ships the current ones Hms Nelson and the Mighty Mo have good reputations. Rumor has it musashi (yamato sister ship) and Duke of York will be next.
  15. When you get time perhaps you could take a look at this Pigeon