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  1. That’s how I would answer and I am still seeing denial in a lot of you still.
  2. landedkiller

    Wargaming center

    Waybackmachine web archive or a website that has old client downloads is your best bet. I did the waybackmachine archive.Either way uninstall the games one by one and then the Wgc as it infects all wg titles on your pc and then download an old client.
  3. Pay 2 win elements do include premium ships I said elements did I not? One pays money to gain a ship that earns more experience and credits then a regular ship. One pays money to get a premium account. One pays money to buy a perma camo on a ship that cuts credits cost and increases experience earned. I see a lot of denial on pay 2 win elements please think about what you are saying here.
  4. Ask a friend whom doesn’t game of loot boxes are pay 2 win or a coworker someone outside the community. Any rational person would see that pay 2 win elements. It doesn’t mean the game is entirely pay 2 win, but the elements are there.
  5. They are just because they are not on “Defender” they still give out more credits and experience then tech tree ships. Step back and think about what your saying here and watch Quickybaby’s video if you havn’t Already.
  6. Premium ships and premium time, loot boxes, special economic signals, and paid currencies such as guineas, and premium camos. Yes, some economic signals can be earned through coal and yes, some premium time, and economic signals can be earned. Premium ships can earned from time to time at the lower tiers. If this is not pay to win, then pigs fly.The muddying of the waters by introducing steel/ coal doesn’t help much as it confuses people I see. Read the whole post then make a comment thanks.
  7. landedkiller

    Bad container bug!

    well it seems that rewards are fewer this year and rng is turned up in favor of smaller rewards versus bigger rewards see littleshitemouse's thread on santa gifts.
  8. I have recently watched this video by Quickybaby a popular World of Tanks youtuber https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veYZ1iiqOng and it makes me wonder whether or not pay 2 win elements have grown too strong in wargaming titles as of late. He admits that World of Tanks is in decline due to Pay 2 Win elements. Now in World of Warships to me, that means having high economic signals available all the time for purchase and premium ships that are just plain better than their standard tier counterpart. Recently I saw 5x Mosiac camo, 5x Asian Lantern camo, 5x Spring Sky camo, available in the Santa Mega Gift which is a concern and I think this is the first time that Wargaming is doing this. These camos traditionally were available only in mission chains and not for purchase. This is no doubt a ploy to get you to spend more and progress faster up in the tech tree. I am also noticing a large number of ships being produced than at any time of World of Warships development history. It seems to me that World of Tanks is no longer the favorite and World of Warships is the new favorite when it comes to money. It is sad to see this happening as it may mean more pay 2 win elements being introduced that will eventually cause a decline in World of Warships. No, the sky isn't falling, but the change of pace is very telling. Let's say Europe passes a law banning loot boxes across all European states sometime in 2019 or 2020. It is without a doubt that the USA will follow suit. This would lead Wargaming to have to develop more ways to get money which would eventually lead to a "Defender scenario" or a "Chrysler Scenario" in World of Warships. This basically means a ship even more invulnerable than premium ships currently and no doubt having some special gimmick to help it in this. Seeing the "experiment Jean Bart" go on without much resistance leads me to believe that Wargaming will no doubt do it again with another unnamed premium ship in development. The question becomes this, when will it be enough that the players will not want pay 2 win elements and go for other games? Basically meaning, "At what point will it become unbearable to play the game to the point where it is boring instead of fun?" The game currently doing meh and has big plans for when it comes to the future no doubt. The CV rework will either cause populations to go up and will keep populations around the same. The new ships at tier 10 will either make clan wars boring as regular tech tree tier 10's become more underpowered when compared to Stalingrad and the future Azuma. Do we really want to play World of boring overpowered ships of do we want to play world of fun and engaging ships? The game will last another 5 years if it plays it's cards right, but that is in the hands of players speaking out against pay 2 win elements that make the game boring and not fun. It's all up to you as I can see Notser or Ichasegaming or Littlewhitemouse or Nozoupforyou making the same video as Quickybaby if Wargaming doesn't balance out these pay 2 win elements in this game in 2 to 3 years time. The game is not dying but may start declining if we start seeing more "Defender type ships" in the game. Stalingrad is too early to tell if it really is a "Defender type ship", but in a few months, we may be able to make that determination. Steel and Coal being introduced is a mixed bag in itself as it gives one more opportunity to get ships, but addicts the player to play more. Bottom line it is up to you the player to open your eyes to what is going on in World of Tanks and see that it may happen here if pay 2 win elements are not balanced. Yes, both World of Tanks and World of Warships are pay 2 win by their very nature, it's just becoming more and more apparent now. Check out the world of tanks na forum if you're in disbelief and read the threads think about the future that's all I am asking here. I see that angry face maybe some common sense is working in you. Discuss added spaces your welcome.
  9. landedkiller

    Flamu just opened 60 crates.....and got...

    Okay simple but Christmas crates if you want a chance to win a ship or wait for Christmas sales to buy individual ships. Have fun and buy what you want.
  10. My content on Exposingwot represents my old views and I was used by those people. They tell half truths all the time and edit off those whom disagree with them. I will keep my last comment to them here as proof that they will edit it out with some snarky comment by Thing 1 

    Note that Shadora is the author of several articles on the website. Do not support these people bottom line.



  11. landedkiller

    Wikipedia article back to normal

    I feel guilt for supporting that website and I hope your able to take it down somehow. It seems that all they did was use me for their own gain. I apologize to you and the community for this nonsense post of mine. I just want to see lootboxes used less often and more cosmetic camos should instead perhaps. I can support Jean Bart releases as well. I hope your successful in taking them down as all they do is tell half truths. Landedkiller
  12. landedkiller

    Wikipedia article back to normal

    I apologize for being arrogant in this case and have updated the post likewise. I am against gambling and wish Wargaming to use lootboxes less. That certain conspiracy site just uses people and causes harm to Wargaming employees which is wrong in my view. They need to be more civilized over there and not post nonsense. I got carried away in short. Thing 1 your not smart in how you treat other people and you should be shut down if all your gonna do is tell half truths. Be constructive and find another way to make money.
  13. Posts will be more constructive as the folks at a certain site want to swear and not be civilized like the rest of us. I will choose civilized people over those that choose to swear on that certain site which I will not name. 

  14. landedkiller

    Moskva vs Kronstadt vs Alaska

    Well Kron plays well if your tactically minded person. Alaska looks to be more simple than Kron is. Moskva and Alaska will be in the game for awhile Kronshadt won’t be. I would just grab Kron and save up free xp. Someone datamined the files and found Alaska at 1million free xp. Choice is easy in my eye grab Kron as tech tree ships in this case of the Alsace tend to be nerfed in favor premium counterparts.
  15. landedkiller

    Wikipedia article back to normal

    A really bad source is a blog and it needs some encyclopedic sources to be making all of these claims.