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  1. I would love to see a captain experience modifier +50% on Tier 10 camo as for lower tiers I have only two regular ships at the moment that I have bought permanent camo for Nagato and Mogami that's because I play them a lot. Eventually going to get Dimitri Donskoi back in my port and stick a permanent camo on him. My first permanent camo was on Aoba not a bad ship.Then I have a few on the USN cruisers as well. It is my goal to make 19 pt captains on some of my tier 10's as well. Yamato is my closest at 240,000/300,000. So if I understand captain elite exp it can be used for any captain right?
  2. I would hope so the last thing anyone wants is a pay to win game. This move by them leans more in that direction. I played a game similar to this in the past it was a buzzkill when they introduced more pay to win elements.
  3. never should have allowed captains with clear advantages to be purchasable. One should have to go through the entire campaign to get these captains. I don't think this is the right direction the game should be going. Next, it will be enhanced equipment only purchasable by steel which will be conveniently available for purchase.
  4. Are Premium Sales Declining?

    This ^ the proof is out there if one does some googling. Exposing wot.com for instance. You'll likely see someone say ohh your conspiracy theorist that is a Wargaming employee using an alt forum account or someone whom wants you not to go there. Say you don't believe me go check it out to prove me wrong. The posts from Shadora on there speak volumes where he does a detailed analysis on Wg financials.
  5. Soviet Battleships

    I have looked at that proposal many times now I wonder how they are going to do tiers 8 and 9 with Kronsdat and Stalingrad already being used as cruisers?
  6. Soviet Battleships

    Have any addional thoughts in 2018 on the potential line as a whole?
  7. Soviet Battleships

    You have the 3D models depicting what the guns look like on the ships as well? These models are very interesting where can I look at close ups of them?
  8. Soviet Battleships

    Let's see here whom was here before that's right @LittleWhiteMouse was, what are your thoughts on consumables for Russian battleships? @Kizarvexis your thoughts in 2018? @iChase what ships do you think will make up this new line?
  9. Soviet Battleships

    Alright I am reviving this discussion post as it is 2018 now and it's time to figure out what characteristics these Soviet warships are going to have. I am surprised that no one bothered to revisit this to discuss October Revolution. For the purpose of the discussion do we expect Russian battleships to be defined by the special repair party of October Revoltuion or something else entirely? What is the gunnery going to be like strong he or ap shells? When will the line drop this year? Let's get this thread back in action.
  10. Premium Ship Review: Krasny Krym

    Give this ship better conclealment, a higher fire chance 12%, a faster reload, and repair party then it would be golden.
  11. No love for Russian Cruisers?

    I really thought the grind was easier than the American cruiser line. Really enjoyed the late tier ships the most though Donski the most. I am going to rebuy Donski at some point. Ships are good at midrange -long range.
  12. So Does Anyone Actually Remember Admiral Makarov?

    It was an RU server exclusive for some internet service promo and yes they even have a Wargaming credit card too. Not a bad ship I enjoy it more than Nuremberg. It just seems to set more fires them Nuremberg does.
  13. So Does Anyone Actually Remember Admiral Makarov?

    Ashitaka needs her torps back as she had in her original design. Wargaming should look at lowering her citadel or some kind of survivability buff. It is the only battleship where I had have had to do a survivability build. Maybe they could buff those secondaries a bit to make her unique. Some extra range and faster reload wouldn't hurt on the main and secondary battery. Mainly though survivability buffs of some kind would be nice to see. It is a ship that I take out every once in a while.
  14. Hmm would need to be different maybe speed boost and enhanced secondary range. Too bad we don't have defensive secondary fire as a consumable it could be unique to cruisers. Secondaries fire twice as fast for 60 seconds.
  15. Catharsis III: Not Enough for Notser

    Wargaming community contributors are one group and we need another group which I will call the player's tribunal. The Player's Tribunal would be a group of players that actively play the game and don't focus on making content. They would be along do parameters of 10,000 battles and would give opinions to Wargaming by doing discord chats with Wargaming and would be a group of 5-10 from each region. These players would be those whom don't make content and actively paraticipate in at least 3/4 ship classes. They would have experience in ranked, randoms, and co-op. The point would be a counter balance to CC's. CC's have a reputation for making great content and making their voices heard. I respect that,however this system is defective in it's role in providing feed back that represents the wider community. The player's tribunal would be elected by vote on the forums and vetted by WG. That's my idea someone expand on this and let's get the ball rolling.