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  1. landedkiller


    Thank you Fem
  2. landedkiller

    Research Bureau is Awesome

    I just love how you ignore that you have to regrind 50-60 ships just to get one tier 10 ship. To me that is simply not worth it for putting in almost a year’s worth of my time grinding all of my tier 10’s. Your forgetting about those that will spend the $387-$400 to get these tier 10 ships and that is the hidden goal of this to get more money from people Who wouldn’t think twice about it. The one good thing I have seen is that limit so that those with less than 5 ship tech trees grinded can’t use the Research bureau. Saw it in the 8.7 round 3 public test notes. Wish all good luck in this.
  3. You go report all them dam bots as they ruin the gameplay experience for everyone. I just love how some people ignore the obvious money grabbing nature of this Research Bureau. I mean we are taking about regrinding 50-60 ships here alone just to get one measly tier 10 ship. To me that screams scam and ripoff. I can’t believe that people will think it will be worth it to spend $387-400+ on free xp either. I am sure it would have been wiser to release New Jersey or Wisconsin as a tier 10 free xp ship at tier 10 with Missouri’s same credit earning potential. This Research Bureau screams Armory or Arsenal 2.0. Just sayin. I just know so many people that will just purchase this free xp outright and will not give it another thought. Oh well it’s their choice and I will keep my tier 10’s which took me over a year to grind safely in my port. I mean does no one ever think that Ohio would have made a great alternative line. Well good luck I guess to those who want to do this.
  4. landedkiller


    That’s funny Fem because the Republic Tokens stopped appearing in the client at 8pm in August 18th central time so that means that you owe the players at least 5 more hours of the republic tokens. Check the server logs I am sure they will back me up.
  5. Grinding lines used to mean something till research bureau came along. I grinded quite a bit on those lines I did and yes I did some free xp conversions, but still it was 50 50. The Research bureau is not worth it to me and it just sounds like another attempt to get people to grind lines again when they take long enough to grind already. They don’t do this in world of tanks so why do they need to do it here? Think people think money
  6. landedkiller

    So why exactly Kronshtadt was removed?

    @Femennenly I really don’t think that Kronstadt was over-performing and it really be put back in the Arsenal. Musashi was over performing so it made sense to remove it from the arsenal. What are your thoughts on this?
  7. landedkiller

    Remember when

    I remember the days when there was no arsenal
  8. Fem is wargaming open to further refining the naval research Bureau or not? I am very disappointed right now, Georgia is my last purchase for awhile. Come on I want the detailed explanation of why this research bureau is being put into the game when the arsenal already exists. Where is leaves of fall aka snowflake event 2.0? Just asking in good faith.
  9. landedkiller

    Rooting for WOWS to Fail

    I may sound doom and gloom sometimes, but I hope the game is around for a long time.
  10. landedkiller

    Sorry wargaming time to put this in the trash

    We sometimes rush to judgement without thinking things through. The ships are still in testing so much can be changed. Hopefully that he damage get’s powered on Colbert.
  11. landedkiller

    Sorry wargaming time to put this in the trash

    Exactly that’s all they want is revenue, but they go about doing in the wrong ways. They need to be more transparent on their plans. They announced this research bureau too late and it should have been announced earlier, so that we could have had more time to further refine this research bureau.
  12. landedkiller

    Sorry wargaming time to put this in the trash

    Ignore him and report his posts sometimes I wish I was a moderator on here. It would at least give me the ability to shutdown trolls fast. Anyways back to the main discussion having had sometime to public test. What do you all think of the Research bureau
  13. See you get it too many things going on at once is not a good thing.
  14. landedkiller

    Sorry wargaming time to put this in the trash

    Of course it is to draw revenue and I want to see a more balanced playing field eventually whenever they get around to rebalancing the lines in the game.
  15. landedkiller

    Sorry wargaming time to put this in the trash

    @LittleWhiteMouse don’t you think that the Research Bureau needs further refinement at the very least or just be plain scrapped?