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  1. Go Navy Was a Mistake

    Team switch only once plus more team based tasks problem solved.
  2. I was merely answering your question Ap works good as well.
  3. High fire chance on he rounds plus decent alpha.
  4. Battleships have a huge effect on the battle it is better than they are limited and carriers are broken at this point. This allows cruisers and destroyers to show off their talent more in a competitive meta. The developers are not partying by any means it's the whole redesigning of carriers and aa that has to take place first.
  5. Dev Blog - ST Stalingrad changes

    A lot of us want less Russian bias and no I am not dumb enough to think that there isn't any. Just look at the 50mm plate buff on the Moskva for instance.
  6. Dev Blog - ST Stalingrad changes

    Why am I not surprised another special consumable for a Soviet ship you'd better be giving that to USS Alaska and the British, and Japanese large cruisers in the future if you don't I expect less people will be inclined to believe that you don't have Russian bias in your products.
  7. This is about the cv rework not about auto manufacturers we have offtopic for that.
  8. The New WGC Launcher

    For those with the current launcher what are the current bugs you are experiencing? Where is the outside internet traffic going to is it still somewhere in Ukraine?
  9. Puka Puka Fleet

    What we are seeing is a gen x vs millennial gen here. The simplest way to balance this out is to create separate section of the newsfeed for anime only content and an opt out for players from anime content. This is called a constructive solution point blank.
  10. New resources inbound dev blog

    7.8 most likely hopefully if not 7.9.
  11. RN DDs Confirmed for 0.7.9

    I am just wondering if Kitakaze and Harugumo are dropping in 7.8 or 7.9?
  12. Is anyone else feeling burnt out?

    It would just be nice if they left ranked battles on all year long and put events like go navy every 3 months. Clan battles should be evenly spaced out as well. Ranked should be left on for those that like the competitive edge it is silly to have it only be on for 3-4 Times a year. Many players could improve themselves by doing ranked and not everyone wants to be in a clan.
  13. What in the name of balance no way this isn’t the next steel ship I’d be surprised to see it for coal and this follows the logical progression. Jean Bart the free xp tier 9 and this tier 10 as the new Clan wars ship.
  14. This took off fast I agree with those that day micromanagement is a problem and one thing I have thought of is some sort of auto squadrons function where a player can set an ai to carry out some tasks while he controls the other squads. It could be a good temporary fix while we wait for the rework. We already have the basics of this already with squads patrolling around players if we set a point manually this would take the squad and put it in an ai’s hands it would be as simple as double tapping the squad number. I get that many are not in favor of Cv’s this is why we should be speaking more about them to get the fire lit to get it done.
  15. I am interested in your civilized thoughts on why the CV rework isn’t priority 1 for our Devs in St. Petersburg. I find it to be silly that a class of warships has been left to die out without a proper rework when it has been a known problem for 3 years. Yes, Cv population numbers are going down for our server region and it is alarming not to see a fix put in place for a day one problem on a title this big. The CV class imbalance deserves the highest priority over anything else not essential to the game. Discuss