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  1. Sudden credit earnings nerf?

    Credit earnings are normal and nothing has changed. Try checking which tier your playing at, your camos and your signals.
  2. I am not buying West Virginia 1941 , instead I bought the perma camo for Colorado. Don’t care what silly camo is slapped on this ship it wasn’t asked for. West Virginia 1944 is what is wanted.
  3. Black ships... No thanks!

    Black could have easily have been added as a camo instead of a separate ship. It shows greed and laziness on Wargaming’s part. This was done in world of tanks and it was universally hated and now they are bringing it here. I expect “Blackgate” to happen here.
  4. Better be buffing secondary batteries in range and accuracy if this goes through.
  5. Black ships... No thanks!

    How about early access USS Alaska instead now that I’d pay for. Just painting a ship Black seems lazy. Could make money by allowing all tier 5 ships to have perma camo in preparation for ranked sprint. Could put other ships on sale as well. Not really a good seller as we have a thing called perma camo in game. Selling a camo would have made a lot more sense. Wargaming is just selling these ships to make an extra buck nonother reason for these ships being released besides that. It doesn’t work here so not buying till I see something new.
  6. Royal Navy crate SCAM

    I find it to be stupid that we still have loot boxes in this game when AAA titles like Forza Horizon 4 have kicked them out of the game entirely. A new revenue route would be to sell permanent flags, premium camos for ships tier 5 and lower. Wargaming could also due the plain obvious make coal purchasable and reduce coal prices to reflect that. Wargaming could also sell these exclusive flags outside of the ship bundles and make more limited edition Koybashi camos for ships. Loot boxes will be gone by law once they are officially classified as gambling it will just take a couple of years and it will happen. It’s no wonder I am spending more time in Forza Horizon 4 these days.
  7. Ranked Sprint Awards

    I want to see ranked tier 6 in this format or better yet ranked tier 3 as 4 has Nikolai.
  8. Premium Ship Review #111: Jean Bart

    Why is Wargaming being so secretive be about the price to pay for this ship I wonder? If this is Free xp then Alaska will be Steel and vice versa. We have had proof of this from Redseabear in the past. I am not going to link back to it as it was so long ago. So you’ll just have to trust me in this one.
  9. New Cat video series

    Hmm, where is the corgi video series or did wargaming forget about us liking corgis?
  10. Agreed a global buff of 20% to range and -20% to dispersion on secondaries would be welcomed.
  11. Just grabbed Kii and Ashitaka's camos in the separate camo bundles as I already have Roma's camo from before. Ashitaka looks the best for those highlighted characters, Kii just looks meh but not ugly like Roma's. Roma could use some dispersion buffs honestly. Kii is the solid performer out of the three Ashitaka still is on the weak side. If it had a spotter plane it would help her out a lot.
  12. I think this is the first time I have ever seen the camos separate from the ships themselves. I would say get Kii, not from the bundle and buy its camo then it comes out to $60 something I would think saving one a good $15.
  13. Can you buy the Kii camo separate?
  14. Hockey doesn't relate to ships that well surely wargaming could have adopted a watersport of some kind or naval exercise that would better relate to marketing the game over hockey.