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  1. landedkiller

    It's time to add premium ammunition to the game.

    No dice shove this idea where the sun don’t shine
  2. I seem to remember there being a certain tier 10 Russian cruiser that has some of the same problems and then was nerfed.
  3. landedkiller

    ST, Adjustment Firing mechanics

    Only for special modes otherwise this should be turned off for normal gameplay
  4. landedkiller

    All those ship hulls that are going to disappear...???

    Is Wargaming scrapping these hulls off to make new premium ships?
  5. landedkiller

    Changes in availability of several ships

    Perhaps Hyuga will replace Nelson as a free company tier 7. Maybe Ise will replace Graf Spee who knows?
  6. landedkiller

    Changes in availability of several ships

    I am dumbfounded Nelson is a stepping stone and should remain available along with Admiral Graf Spee. Wargaming just wants to put these ships into some time limited crates perhaps or something. This is a bad idea as most of these ships are stepping stones for many newer players.
  7. landedkiller

    WOWS End of life?

    The world of warships game will be around for awhile as long as people are stupid with their money. Having been around since open beta the game has taken a drastic turn towards pay to win. The new ranked format seems weird compared to the old ranked for instance. It takes a little more time to earn steel than before. The carriers have went from overpowered to just plain broken. The perks system is designed around classes rather than an overall tree. Do I need to go on? I think not, I am sure many of us will always remember when Wargaming actually cared about the player experience and didn’t prioritize money over the experience. I will just keep on enjoying forza horizon 4 over world of warships for the near future.
  8. I like seeing transparency like this from Wargaming as it shows where they stand on issues. A more balanced game is really all we want in the end. Flamu was overstepping the lines and action needed to be taken clearly. More development blogs on Wargaming intends to do on captain skills tweaking would be appreciated please and thank you.
  9. Flamu took it too far with his comments towards cv players. He is a grown adult which should know the lines between entertaining your audience and following common sense. Toxic mechanics need to be balanced and not made more toxic by captain skill reworks.
  10. On a side note it was predictable that this would eventually happen to flamu after what happened to Sir Foch about two years ago at this point. Wargaming sometimes listens to feedback and other times is like a stubborn child that refuses to see when the room is going up in flames around them. Balance is what is needed to make all of the classes work in the game. Wargaming needs to commit to balancing the game out before things will get better again. I get so pissed sometimes that I only play during the Hollidays these days. The game started going downhill when they introduced steel and coal into the game. It just keeps going downhill every year with monkey wrenches being thrown into the works.
  11. Hmm I just stick to coop as randoms and ranked get very toxic as very few people can agree on anything anymore. They should make all classes of ship go through tutorials before engaging in random battles extra tutorials for CV players. As someone who plays carriers these days they are in a spot where they do way less damage than they were capable of before the rework. They actually require skill versus the dumb artillery in world of tanks which requires no skill. I think people get pissed because they either A didn’t get fighter support right away or B are mad that the CV didn’t wrack up tons of damage. Point A CV’s have to physically send a squadron by having their current fly group whether it be bombers or rocket planes be right above you before they can call in fighters. Point B the aiming circles on aerial bombers are much easier to aim with than torpedo bombers. The penetration of the bombs just isn’t there anymore. The carrier class still needs balance and that can only be achieved by submitting feedback directly to wargaming. Wargaming threw a monkey-wrench Into the works with the captain skills rework no one asked for. So in the end it is partially the players fault for playing CV’s poorly and some players not understanding how they work and mainly wargaming’s fault for not providing more tutorials to the masses on carriers and possibly introducing carriers into KOTS in the future possibly.
  12. landedkiller

    I think WGing IMPROVED the crate odds

    It was a good deal in 2016 after then it has been getting worse and worse Year by year thereafter
  13. landedkiller

    You bunch of liars! The Kansas actually is good.

    Well it was the original South Dakota class of 1920 so it should be good
  14. landedkiller

    sounds reversed !!

  15. landedkiller

    WG Never Learns

    @Hapa_Fodder can I get a refund on the premium ships I ever bought, since again your company is pushing through a change no one asked for?