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Forum Shutdown - July 28, 2023 Read more... ×


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  1. landedkiller

    My last post most likely

    Video saying good bye to the forums https://youtu.be/uVUlhCzkEXI
  2. landedkiller

    USS Alaska

    I adore this ship so much even in the present. It was one of the ship I pushed for to be in the game even from the early beta days. I hope that all of you appreciate it and take care of her if she is in your port
  3. Good luck to you too enjoyed your posts over the years hope to see you in battle
  4. landedkiller

    My last post most likely

    Thank you too Taylor
  5. landedkiller

    My last post most likely

    I just wanted to say a final farewell to everyone as I am sure the forums shut down down if it very soon the next day. I invite you all to join my community of ship players and gamers on my discord server here https://discord.gg/KMyAkb9N see you all there and farewell to those I don’t see. Hopefully something good can come out of this forum closure it’s too early to tell
  6. hmm it will happen when they can't find any new ship blueprionts and have to make everything in house
  7. landedkiller

    My Final Forum Message to the Players

    thnaks dfor all of the good times
  8. thanks for all of the good times even though you are no longer active on here good luck in your battles

  9. thank you for always giving me good feedback on my posts on these forums hope to see you on discord landedkiller

    1. Lampshade_M1A2


      Yeah no problem, I'll be on the WoWS Discord soon so see you there.

  10. thanks for all of the good times i wish you all the best LAndedkiller

  11. landedkiller

    3 Days...REALLY!!!

    I don’t like endlessly scrolling to find content that I want to know more about on discord. Honestly it’s not a good idea and even using discord in that way won’t work in the long term without more structure. I would say the players with the deepest pockets are the Gen X and older and some of them simply don’t want to use discord from what I understand. Reddit does not replace that same feeling either. So this will no doubt hurt the bottom line for knowledgeable players and cause them to lose some money as well.
  12. landedkiller

    Forum Shutdown – July 28, 2023

    I have been around since CBT days in my opinion it all went down hill after the CV rework and the introduction of random bundles. I miss the days when it was just Tirpitz and atago in the shop and not 4 money grab events going on at once. Your welcome on my discord anytime
  13. The conversations we have all had over the years can continue on my discord server it has two factor authentication setup and is a place for free discussion of Wargaming https://discord.gg/bXVZjZPU

  14. landedkiller

    Why Discord is a bad idea

    Well it can still work to a certain extent on a dedicated channel for it where only the ship reviewer can post. It could also be setup where only people with certain roles could post as well.
  15. landedkiller

    The forum closure

    I want to say that I have enjoyed these forums as a closed beta player for many years even before they opened up to everyone. I disagree with the move to discord as it is not particularly reliable at times and is more susceptible to bots than this forum. That being said I will say that I always enjoyed Littlewhitemouse’s posts, pigeon of war’s posts and admiral thunder’s posts. I think that we are all losing a lot by the closure of this forum mainly old notable posts and a sense of community. I want to offer folks to post their discords on this thread for those who want other communities other than the official world of warships discord. I will be linking mine at the bottom of this post here. I have two factor authentication turned on and have the highest security settings set. I cannot guarantee the same if any discord links posted here. So that’s all I have for everyone. Thank you all for the comments and insights as well. https://discord.gg/bXVZjZPU