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  1. Paladin1954

    Unable to reconnect to server

    Yup, ever since the reset I keep getting kicked off the server.Did a check and repair , showed nothing there. BTW if you're looking for an active clan we're recruiting now.We do scenarios, Naval Battles and Clan Battles
  2. Paladin1954

    Armada 2.0: USS Alaska

    Server down.Is this gonna be a coal, steel or free xp ship? If free xp I'm gonna need to buy doubloons to convert xp.
  3. Too many nerfs to Exeter and I was really looking forward to getting her. Not now, wallet closed
  4. Paladin1954

    Epicenter in Ranked?

    Wth is this game mode doing in ranked? WG you just took all the fun out of this season with this bonehead decision.
  5. Paladin1954

    Dont be this guy in ranked

    We've all made mistakes like that at one time or another.No need to publicly shame the poor guy.On another issue wth is epicenter mode doing in ranked?That game mode has absolutely no place in competitive battles.
  6. Paladin1954

    am i lucky? got jervis and acasta so far

    Nothing on the regular ingame crates.Bought 15 of the premium ones and got the tier' 5, 6 and 7.Did the same as with the French battleship crates.Small investment to save a lot of grinding through the lower tiers.
  7. Paladin1954

    No Single Fire Torps on RN DD's?

    Good morning all.I've just watched Flamu and Notser's videos on the Daring.I'm not at all impressed.No choice between hydro and speed boost, lackluster gun systems and no narrow spread torp launch [just wide or single]. I for one won't be grinding this line unless they at least give it speed boost and the same pen values as the Jap 100 mm guns.Even with a speed flag you're too slow to take objectives or hunt down enemy dd's.To make this line work you have to be a unicum with a 14 point captain. As it stands now this whole line is castrated and the devs need to rethink their overall vision .
  8. Paladin1954

    Error Connecting to Server..

    I played a couple of matches this afternoon no problem.Now I can't log in either.
  9. Paladin1954

    Update 0.7.6 Bug Report

    Just did a clean reinstall no mods.Inventory and Arsenal still won't open.I was running the game without mods before.
  10. Paladin1954

    Update 0.7.6 Bug Report

    Just remembered there was an Nvidia driver update yesterday.Would this effect anything?
  11. Paladin1954

    Update 0.7.6 Bug Report

    Arsenal and Inventory won't open, just endless spinning sync