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  1. Paladin1954

    BB detonations

    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed Battleship detonations lately?What used to never happen is frequently happening now.I don't remember reading any changes to the game mechanics about this.
  2. Paladin1954

    Update 0.9.5 - Bug Reports

    Still stuck on loading screen.Updated mod station, ran check and repair, no luck.Removed some of the mods I thought might be causing the problem, no luck.Removed all mods from the mod station and did another check and repair.Still stuck on loading screen.
  3. Paladin1954

    Server overloaded when trying to enter a battle at 4:30 AM?

    Same here, happened twice.It's only 5:30 est.What's with this?They said server maintainence isn't till tommorow morning
  4. I just got kicked out of queue, saying server overload.It's only 5:30 am so what's with that?This has happened twice so far already.
  5. Is any one else having problems updating the mod station?I've done a check and repair on the game and found no problems there.Tried to update the mod station and get a config files corrupted.Uninstalled the mod station and reinstalled.Same error message pops up with 6 mb to go on the download.

    1. Capt_Faragut


      Same here.  Deleted and re installed still no progress, same error message

  6. Port filters were turned off.Thanks for all the help people.Problem solved.
  7. Mine doesn't look like that with no permanent option in the camo selection window
  8. I've bought 6 crated from the armory, got gold, free xp, prem time and a Graf Zeppelin.I don't play CV's so I sold her and had enough credits to buy the Montana.Out of the 4 mission crates I've gotten doubloons, free xp and a Massachuttes B.My question is where's the premium camo for them?I got naked boats.
  9. Paladin1954

    1:42 Scale – Friesland

    In the description it states that the ship was primarily a sub hunter.I noticed when I bought her that it has hedgehog mortars on the bow end.My question is ,are these going to be activated when subs goes live?
  10. Paladin1954

    Poltava, tier 7 BB

    I agree.I watched the CC's reviews and this ship is not worth the money with it's crap dispersion.I also got sucked into buying the Genova without researching it's stats.20 reload and no smoke.The other premium CA's are way better crew trainers.WG is pushing out too many sub par premium ships lately
  11. I agree.20 sec reload and no smoke is just terrible.Please give it regular hvy cruiser reload times and smoke like the tech tree Italian CA's.I'm not happy with SAP either with the 0% fire chance.I thought that was a main rerpose of CAs to burn down BB's.SAP is only good against DDs and other light cruisers.
  12. Paladin1954

    Update 0.8.8 - 4th Anniversary!

    NVM it's back up at 9:15 EST. First time though it aborted, said there was corrupted files.Installed on second try though.Thankyou
  13. Paladin1954

    Update 0.8.8 - 4th Anniversary!

    New gunsounds are good now after the patch but my question is when will the mod station be back up?Every time I check the date and time keep getting pushed back.Is it going to be today or do I have to go to Aislans?
  14. Paladin1954

    Unable to reconnect to server

    Yup, ever since the reset I keep getting kicked off the server.Did a check and repair , showed nothing there. BTW if you're looking for an active clan we're recruiting now.We do scenarios, Naval Battles and Clan Battles
  15. Paladin1954

    Update - Bugs Report

    Same thing here.Also getting major frame rate drop when switching to sniper mode and back. Checked my Direct X version, it's 11.1 Running an 8 core computer with a nvidea gforce 1060 with 32 gb ram so it's not my rig.