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  1. What anime is that Gif from?

    1. Flametz


      Asterisk Wars, iirc Kirin Toudou.

    2. Battleship_60
  2. Woah you're alive :O (thought you and k9catforce went ded from WG games)

    1. MexicanPanda


      Can't speak for k9catforce, but I still get dragged into these terrible decisions every few months at the least.

  3. Who dis.

    1. Angel_With_A_Shotgun


      I was Battleship_Kentucky. ^^ I think you were in our clan for a little while, and I also knew you from the WOT forums.

  4. half way done with jagdpanzer 4 grind. 30k to go :>

  5. I see there is a Super Pershing listed in your interests ;)

    1. Yamato_kai_BBY_01
    2. Flametz


      It's hilariously broken when you get it into a corridor and shove your riot shield into enemy tanks XD

    3. Wo_9


      tank is to slow tho grrrr

  6. i miss you =[

  7. unlocked the t29 :333333333333

    1. Wo_9


      now the stock grind begins....

  8. boop* just woke up but only got 7 hours of sleep q.q but ill be hard at work grinding today dat 90 mm bro ;p.

    1. Wo_9


      oh yea i saw your post on the thread hnnnnnggg saipan hype but i also wish they would give a special enterprise premium like for anyone who has over 300 games in usn cv just as a gift

  9. stilll stuck on lee q.q

    1. Wo_9


      anyway have a nice day~

    2. Flametz


      RiP. Hope you got the creds to afford T1 heavy + a good crew for it. Remember, you can move crew around just like WoWs.

  10. i see you online there

    1. Flametz


      In the morning, several minutes away from even more work.

    2. Wo_9
  11. Which TS3 do you camp out in now?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Wo_9


      you can always come to abyssal ts but only with my permission of course ;p

    3. Flametz


      You can always hop onto MAHOU TS3, I got officer perms there :P

    4. Wo_9


      omg giff info