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  1. Containers of Choice Inquiry

    That aside, I open as I go along and generally go for the signals box. I could really use more speed flags.
  2. catapult plane spotting range

    Detection from air is the detection at which the catapult planes will spot other ships (check under "concealment" of your ship's stats). If a DD has 8km detection from surface and 5km detection from air, then the plane will use the air detection value to spot him (so at 7km, plane won't spot... but at 4km they will). Same story for a 15km surface /9km air BB (it will use the 9km detection range). As for how far a plane circles from a ship, it's ~3.2km radius for CV fighter plane escort... so it's about the same for a fighter catapult plane.
  3. Poor Depth Perception Affecting Gameplay

    No problem, just refrain from installing too many mods as they will slow down the game and clutter the UI with too much info (the preview picture should give a good idea of what they look like). There's also a way to enable training rooms within the modpack. (which has free repairs/ammo refills) Set the bots to "active" (which makes them move around) but do not check the box to "armed" (which will make them fire back). Useful for practicing gunnery skills without worrying about getting shot at.
  4. Poor Depth Perception Affecting Gameplay

    Not very, the game does a very good job compensating for vertical lead (close/far). If it really does worry you, there is a mod that visually displays the angle a ship is coming towards you called the "Navigator Mod" This is how it looks like in-game for me: Which can be found on Aslain's mod pack: http://aslain.com/index.php?/topic/2020-0611-aslains-wows-modpack-installer-wpicture-preview/& and yes, it's a legal mod (as Aslains deletes any banned mods)
  5. Belfast, Atlanta, any IJN CA at tier 7+, Des Moines (5.5 second reload 203mm lol), Soviet tier 6-9 cruisers. DDs are a bit harder to set fires on as it requires more hits (and generally lose shell velocity faster at range), however the Soviet and American DDs are great at harassing larger ships with a neverending hail of fire.
  6. I mean... RN CL get that hyper-acceleration and no one bats an eye about that.
  7. I will always love you.

    Heh, I've always been entertained with the concept of the Konigsberg and its offset turrets, but never worked up the will to grind it. Nice to see there are a few who still keep their tier 5s around. Also neat drawing. back to clubbing them in my Belfast and Scharnhorst
  8. 105mm does not benefit from the caliber/4 rule.
  9. First, let me credit the lad who did the math for me: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/73124-public-test-update-31012017/page__st__20__pid__1619748#entry1619748 ^If you have an EU account, give this guy an upvote. This post is more-or-less a repost to spread awareness on this otherwise mundane-looking change to flooding. If you somehow can't access EU forums, here's his entire post below: TL;DR, this is the important part of the post to pay attention to: What the above means is... As a tier 10 ship, you are taking 51.06% more damage per tick from flooding. The reduction in flooding time wasn't a buff, as maximum damage was adjusted independently of the length of flooding (otherwise the PT EU notes wouldn't explicitly state "maximum HP lost" seperately from the duration c). This is unlike the flags or captain skills which reduce flood and/or fire duration, which does affect the maximum damage received per flood and/or fire. (like "Basics of Survivibility" captain skill which reduces both duration and maximum damage taken by 15%) -For example, if flooding time was reduced to 5 seconds per flood, you would have your HP crashing down at a rate of 8-10% per second. There was a post that reinforces my fears made by TheSugeKnight on the same thread where his Kurfurst took 53985 damage from a single flooding within the cooldown period of a DCP. That's over half of his HP gone in under 80 seconds of flood time. For ships that have 3 torpedo launchers/single fire torpedoes or any form of flood-chaining capability (this includes IJN CVs + Saipan 2/2/0), that means catching someone on a damage control cooldown after they repair the first flooding guarantees 40-50% of their HP wiped off (depending on tier). I'd appreciate if I can reach a dev to see if this change was intentional, or if it was a typo on the PT patchnotes, because this change would mean flooding would exceed the rate-of-damage of 2 fires and approach the rate of three fires. It is very much an indirect buff to high volume (Shimakaze, Shiratsuyu) and fast-torpedo reload destroyers (Kamikaze, high tier German DDs) come to mind. Sub_Octavian, ya there?
  10. Wow... this is truly brutal. 74 hits/24577 damage. Combined with the volume of fire this ship can output and that's a scary rate of HP lost.
  11. Mention that HE penetration isn't affected by angle of impact and that it needs more penetration than the listed armor value (while the value is rounded) to penetrate. Also mention no autobounce angle on HE, since a few people I've run into had a few questions about that. (though adding it is to your discretion) It helps to clear the confusion of a few Cleveland captains when they see their 152mm HE technically being able to go through 25mm bow armor with HE, but failing to do so.
  12. Unless you snipe beyond ~14km, it's not gonna be that much better sadly http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/59528-armor-penetration-curves/ German 406mm: 420mm:
  13. Meanest Tier 5 cruiser

    Belfast, Kutuzov and Atago would like to have a word with you
  14. Music choices for each ship type?

    I either run no music, or for battleships (to keep me from falling asleep during lulls in action) I alt-tab to play orchestral music like this: and this: Sometimes with a fantasy flavor added:
  15. Hi. http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/112361-dealing-damage-heapifhe-edition-he-mechanics/ Scroll down to near the bottom of the post for that video.