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  1. alion

    Server not working?

    I am having the same problem. Game will load and show port. But when I select a ship and hit battle I gat a message that I have been kicked out due to errors on the server.
  2. alion

    Naval Legends: Destroyer HSwMS Småland

    I am having difficulty listening to the video. For some reason the harbor sounds from the main screen don't stop when the video plays.
  3. Miss battling with you.

  4. Please go back to the old way of downloading the public test client. That was simple to use. The new way is cumbersome. Thank you
  5. alion

    Model Building

    I am running O gauge in three rail. I was informed that if I where to build a ship like the Cleveland it would be like 12 feet long and weigh over 200 pounds. I am 61 years old now. I used to run HO, but my eyesight is not good enough to handle putting the trucks on the track. But living in a 900 square foot home I don't think I could build the harbor in O gauge. But boy it would sure be a sight to behold. I even found gantry cranes made by Lionel and a cobbled together way of making track for the cranes to run on. You can even run switchers under them on separate track. If I ever win a million bucks...……..
  6. alion

    Model Building

    I thank you all for your help and comment. I had to a shipbuilder and he informed me of the scale of each ship. I know the layout of the harbor would be huge. Size of my garage would be a good estimate. Worse when I was considering adding a container ship slip. As far as the millionaire thing? I bought a lottery ticket. So I guess this was just a pipe dream. I wanted to build this huge layout where fathers could bring there sons and "play". It was a noble idea, just not practical. I apologize for taking your time.
  7. I am a model railroader. I would like to model the repair dock facility. Are the drawings or graphic files available? I would be building this in O gauge or 1/48th scale. Does World of Warships have any model kits available and who would I buy from?
  8. alion

    3d metal printing

    I am a model railroader. I work in O Gauge. I would like to build the ship harbor repair facility for a lay out. I know it will be fairly large. I need to either get the prints or drawings that where used to create it. I have already found gantry cranes from Lionel that will work. I think for the warehouse district I could probably use a girders and panel set. I need to figure out how to get ship plans for the ships I want in facility so I can convert to 1/48 scale. Problem is I don't know who to ask at wargaming.