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  1. Massachusetts personal best

    I don't have the Mass (yet) but I went full IFHE manual secondary on the GK. The fact is you are expecting to be spotted for most of the game - CE in reality is only going to get you closer to first (secondary) engagement if you aren't already firing. Admittedly tough to disengage, but it would be tough in all circumstances and what you are really hoping to do is use terrain and range. I would even go for FP in front of CE. As for citadel hits if you notice 1/2 of his damage is against German BBs, presumably at brawling range - turtle-backs FTW. I agree with the OP that for numbers like these IFHE is essential. HOWEVER!! it does tempt you into situations that you shouldn't be in.
  2. I think this is a pretty cool Idea, but how about extend this - when a BB runs its repair party there is an aura that can benefit other ships around it at say 33% of the effectiveness of the BB - I can see DDs loving that. also just think how powerful something like the nelson becomes. +1 Hapa
  3. I think the 2 BB lines that could be logically split and have real steel on water would be the USN and RN rather than the IJN. RN could very easily have a battlecruiser line.
  4. I love playing the Nelson but I would love to get some hints and tips on how to be better - any chance I could get some pointers based on this replay? https://replayswows.com/replay/25341#stats Thanks in anticipation
  5. No I got what you said, and I think you are doing the right thing experimenting with different builds. However the crux of what I am trying to say to you is you don't need a Tirpitz captain - the Tirpitz can use captains from any german ship. You should never have a captain allocated (trained) to a premium unless that premium needs a build that is very different from tech tree ships. For instance I have 1 british BB captain - that captain is specialized (trained) to the Iron duke - however he also serves in my Warspite and Nelson - I have one build that suits the nelson and Iron duke well and is OK for the warspite. I have NO CAPTAINS that are specifically allocated (trained) to the Nelson or warspite. For my germans as I have said before - I dont play bismark anymore - the bis captain was moved to the GK when I got it I paid the gold to retrain. I also have a captain in the FDG. The tirpitz captain uses either of these capatains (the GK has an IFHE secondary build, the FDG has fire prevention secondary build), two 19 point captains, I can also use these for my Scharnhorst. I also have a 15 point captain trained for my konig as its a ship I enjoy - I share that captain with the graf spee with no manual secondaries and with concealment (to benefit the Graf Spee) None of my german premiums have a captain dedicated (trained) to them. So that is why I am asking why take the captain out of the FDG when you could have just respecced as you liked and used him in the tirpitz anyway instead of leaving your FDG without a captain. On the GK guns note - play both and see what you prefer - I like the big alpha of the 420's and there are enough guns that I am normally scoring hits - other however are big proponents of the 406 rate of fire - try it and see what you like best. I am normally firing my big guns at a range where I am going to hit though.
  6. But why do you have a 10 point captain in your GK when you have an 18 point captain assigned to your tirpitz? you should never have a captain assigned to a premium - reallocate the 18 point tirpitz captain to the GK and when you want to use your tirpitz just throw in a captain from your bis or your GK it will cost you nothing - premium ships dont need a captain, they can use a captain from another ship without penalty.
  7. You realize you don't have to have 2 captains right? Tirpitz is a premium that means you can use your Bismarck captain in it too to accelerate captain training with no penalty. They are so similar I cannot think of an argument not to use the same captain that outweighs the benefits of using the same captain in both ships. On a related (and slightly contradictory note) I used the bismark/tirpitz combo to train up 2, 19 point captains. They are specced slightly differently one for the FDG with standard secondary build plus FP, and one for GK with full secondary plus IFHE (OMG what fun). I sold the bismarck and only run tirpitz at t8 and use both the GK and FDG captains alternately - in reality IFHE is not really useful on the tirpitz but in some situations works well. I guess what I am trying to say is that the two tier 8 are very similar apart from the obvious torps and Bismarck having hydro and better AA. Utilize both to train captains for the next 2 ships, then when you have them choose your favourite to keep.
  8. Geneisenau

    This ^^^^^^^ German armour works best close up. Having also reviewed OPs stats german BBs are definitely not his thing and he should stop playing them, his frustration will just continue. Also how the hell is he pulling tier X in Gnei?
  9. In this documentary the actual pilots say 15K ft, the section from 28mins to 33 mins has a very good blow by blow account of the bomb strikes and their effects https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Exst44CyG0
  10. The OP tries to say the Lancasters dropped the bomb from 30k ft - for a load and fuel configuration (they additionally fitted a wellington fuel tank and a mosquito fuel tank, stacked internally in the fuselage) service ceiling would have probably been 20k ft or less. The OP is just making stuff up
  11. Wrong again, the bombers were at a height determined to be the best combination for accuracy and protection from AA. You realize the Tallboy was designed to go through the roof of U-boat pens. The deck of a battleship was inconsequential at any height for that weapon.
  12. Your grasp on reality is very shaky. I believe less than 40 aircraft in 22 air raids. A simple google search returned the following which I have no reason to doubt https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Allied_attacks_on_the_German_battleship_Tirpitz The Tirpitz main role for the germans was as a "fleet in being" nothing more.
  13. ^^^^^ This........ and big bonus its fun as all get out! With IFHE full secondary build that pushing at the right time and in the right place is the key. If done right 70k plus damage from secondaries plus bonus fires is not unusual - you actually seek out bow on BBs.
  14. I would pay to see that!!!!!
  15. Depressed

    Secondary build I go the whole hog! If you are going to go secondary, make sure you have the correct modules - including the one protecting secondaries from damage. I also go IFHE on the GK as it penetrates BB bow and stern, but you have to give up concealment and fire prevention to go full secondary thats why you need really good management of your damage control and repair parties and always have a way to disengage. Good luck