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  1. Aratnomis

    Dead eye is not that useful!

    I Tend to be about 15k from cap centre in my Thunderer and Conq and play with my throttle and angle a lot, you need to be there to assist DDs contesting cap - a thunderer HE salvo can make a mess of a DD. But If I end up engaging with a BB at 20+km I dont fear a lot of return fire hitting - you can tell the ones running dead eye. It helps to have priority target to to know what you are playing against in terms of attention. I fear HE spam cruisers more than BBs - especially lights with IFHE and any 203's sending HE my way - British BBs are very vulnerable to that. I agree with you though, in the end this is passive and I am on the aggressive end of passive. I just cant bring myself to play my beloved germans in random due to the HE. But I have taken a full secondary GK out in co-op and honestly the secondary changes are a wash for coop - a little less accurate but your are throwing more shells out (both sides). But coop is soul destroying - with there was a way that secondary battleships could become "meta" - like in 1v1 or 3v3 ranked.
  2. Aratnomis

    Dead eye is not that useful!

    Firstly let me say Deadeye is an OP skill and without a shadow of a doubt will be changed. Many above have explained how it works to the OP so I wont go into it. I just wanted to throw another aspect in here - especially for the players who seem to be max distance sniping. I have found that shells are easier to dodge as their grouping is very tight. WASD works better now than it ever did. I am also sure that some captains are hitting less despite the better dispersion as they relied on the "throw enough stuff against a wall" principle. What do you guys think?
  3. Aratnomis

    What the experts think about Deadeye

    Not necessarily. I just tried it out on my Conq in coop and hitting 9 from 12 regularly at 20km seems pretty useful
  4. This is true - you needed the secondary mod in slot 1 to achieve max range - OP is either mistaken about the range he had pre patch or he is trying to dung disturb
  5. Aratnomis

    The Fun Police

    It still exists - https://stats.wotapi.ru/stats/wows/na/total - how it display the stats is a bit awkward but in summary what I see is the last 12 months for NA show strongest playerbase since launch but is tailing off a little since October.
  6. Aratnomis

    The Fun Police

    I see these threads so often but i never really take an interest.... and that is key. What I see in this thread is an argument over whether most people hate CVs or love CVs. This is not a binary choice. What about option 3... ambivalence? My gut feeling, outside of the forums, most players don't really care, like me. Its just another ship to adapt my playstyle to. Perhaps if I was a DD main I may have a more polarised view, but honestly I dislike DDs more but I understand why they are in the game and therefore don't complain.
  7. Aratnomis

    Dear WOWS I am finally out

    errrrm... doesn't make them invalid. On another note, do your thing man, games are meant to be fun, if its not fun for you then don't play.
  8. Aratnomis

    Most Damage I Ever had in a Ranked Loss

    I think this shows the issue with the British BBs when HE is used as the primary ammunition - huge damage but very little real impact. You started 19 fires, but I would bet that a lot of that damage was healed. Impressive damage figures but.....ya know..... not game winning damage.
  9. Scharnhorst was referred to as a battlecruiser by the Royal navy when in service - the Germans referred to it as a capital ship - but splitting hairs and I understand what you are getting at. I am referring more to a style of play in WoWs where Thunderer cannot play a typical BB role. I beg to differ on the armour, it doesnt have any effective armour against the HE it faces or AP, and relies on stealth and rudder shift rather than angling to avoid damage.
  10. What do you consider battlecruisers in game? In my mind the super cruisers (eg alaska siegfied etc) and the BBs that rely on speed and stealth and maneuverability (eg Thunderer, Bourgogne, hood, scharnhorst etc) rather than alpha and brawling.
  11. I have a tonne of free xp and am thinking of picking up Alaska - thanks for your thoughts
  12. Thanks @Helstrem, For sure I feel more comfortable in a straghy up BB fight with the hood. I thbink if I was to narrow down, I would say how to I translate damage (115k+) into impact - I know my data set is too small to make any assumptions, but I dont feel my damage in the Thunderer translates into impact and hence little control on win or lose for my team.
  13. Thats fine for straight up cruisers - however some are very effective brawlers (looking at you Scharnhorst). The Thunderer ( like cruisers) lacks close in tools, but can at a pinch brawl a bit. Thunderer HE is very effective against DDs, accurate and so many incapacitations.
  14. Agreed, I play my Scharn more of a "battlecruser" and the Gnei in a more brawling mode (though I haven't played either much recently tbh). I have found that with the thunderer, as you close - especially late game you end up taking inordinate amound of damage from HE - went toe to toe with a Worcester late game and that HE made a mess of me and I ended up killing him with my last salvo after he had finished me off. Thunderer seems very effective kiting - getting enough interest from a bunch of ships on a flank and then maintaining a distance and using improved accuracy to my advantage... but once again - this style lacks.....impact.
  15. Aratnomis

    CV imbalance

    Its no where near as bad as it was before the rework. Back in the old days, the incompetent CV would be deplaned in 5 minutes then the competent one had free reign to dev strike all and sundry and spot multiple DD's simultaneously.