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  1. Not sure if anyone has thought about this, but at tier 7 the Scharnhorst does very well though under gunned, she acts what I would consider to be a battle cruiser role. Quick turrets, quick firing, HE from a distance, AP close up with the added threat of torps. How about the vanguard plays the same role, but not at T8 but at T9 but with awe inspiring AA instead of torps as a flavour and with punchy quick firing guns (supercharged) - T9 free XP premium Thoughts?
  2. Latest win 10 update has bricked WOWS.

    I had pretty much given up getting WoWS to run. Nothing the (very nice folks) at WG support suggested had any effect. This worked perfectly. Anybody aware of the consequences of running game under dx9 over dx11?
  3. free redeem code

    Thanks for the heads up OP
  4. Perhaps its because I have been searching, but I have found quite a few instances of people complaining about this on warships but also on tanks. Too much co-incidence to have it not be some kind of MS update vs WG software architecture problem. I wonder how wide spread the problem really is.
  5. I have exactly the same issue. Tried re-installing and that didn't work. Clean install of nvidia drivers didn't work. My gut feeling is that it is a windows 10 issue but I have no proof. Neither sheeps nor tonks will work and I get an odd slow down even on blitz for windows.... perhaps wargaming doesn't want me to spend any more money.
  6. The Ishizuchi plays what I think a real Battle-cruiser would play like, relatively fast moving quick firing potent HE but with a level of delicacy to her armour layout that causes you to think before really brawling. However you can often out run the turret traverse of equal tier BBs. Got my highest kill count in one game in the Ishizuchi, 8. I think she is worth purchasing but play her using HE as primary and AP on broadside only or soft Cruisers like the danae.
  7. It used to be the Ishizuchi and the ArkB, but since the British BBs have arrived I like to play the Orion and the ArkB. Never really got on with Koenig Albert, though I have not given it much chance. Tier 4 is a fun tier for BBs.
  8. Indianapolis, just cannot get thing to work. I get blapped so often, there never seems to be an angle where I am not showing too much skirt to some BB.
  9. Hmmm, my experience is that is by a margin the least accurate T6 BB, but with the most workable armour - we have very different views of the same ship.
  10. For a secondary build on any BB you are mostly correct, however I respectfully suggest that fire prevention over concealment and adrenaline rush is a MUST HAVE for a secondary build.
  11. Conq is hardly OP

    Yes this ^^^^ To balance this ship one of two things needs to happen, raise its citadel OR make it more visible. I am fine with the new fire breather flavour - that makes it different, but you cant have all three.
  12. You have only played 12 PvP battles in your SC. I am not sure what you are expecting but like most games with progression WoWS is a grind - you have to play ships to improve them. To address the main gist of you post, your grind will be much quicker and less boring in randoms than in PvP, maybe more frustrating at times, but your xp, free xp, credits and rewards will go up MUCH faster in PvP over PvE. May I suggest a small investment in premium time - this accelerates gains in all the game parameters.