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  1. Alsace secondaries

    Agreed, BUT if you are going full secondary with IFHE the idea is to be close so concealment is moot. As a side not I decided to try IFHE on my GK full secondary, the difference in damage output is stunning and shocking, but the GK has much bigger calibre secondary guns. I also changed first module to protect secondaries rather than main battery and I have not noticed my mains going out much more. However you have to get good with DC and RP to stay in the fight as long as possible.
  2. Anti-Abuse Protest!!

    I would say more like Canada's Texas. Newfoundland more like Canada's Alabama.
  3. Take your time to learn the game, having a premium account really helps with XP and credits. The better you do in battle the more credits and XP you get. You are still at the very beginning of you WoWS career but your most played ship is the Scharnhorst which you are averaging under 8k damage in (PvP).... you should be getting 55k damage to be average in that ship. Watch the how to videos and division with good players and you will get better. However if I were you, for now, leave the scharnhorst in port.
  4. CitadelPalooza

    Not sure I have EVER citadeled a conqueror until this week. Triple cit one from 20k in my GK every hit a cit. I am both getting more citadels (especially on german BBs) and receiving them. In the end it evens out I think. I will call this a nerfybuff to BBs.
  5. Is the Nelson Worth the Grind?

    Nelson has a fairly unique playstyle. Her main battery layout is goofy but ends up being comfortable once you get the hang of it. Can be pretty tanky when angled but DO NOT show broadside or BLAP. Powerful HE and AP when people come closer, can delete reds with either HE or AP, though AP is disappointing at range. HE spam is not a worry because you are a zombie. All in all fun in a tier that gets pretty good MM. I would recommend without hesitation.
  6. Nelson is the most fun you can have with your pants on at tier7.
  7. Just venting a tad

    Its all worth it once you get a fully upgraded Konig, huge fun at t5. Kaiser also suffers from facing a bunch of powerful BBs at same tier. Konig once fully upgraded doesn't feel awful when up tiered and is godlike top tier. In my opinion the 2 weakest ships in the German BB line are the Kaiser and the t9 FDG.
  8. How should I play the Gneisenau?

    I agree, tier 7 is about the best tier in game. Ships seem well balanced, MM is generous (top tier quite a lot), players are still largely aggressive enough without being "low tier suicidal". If I was going to pick a tier to stick around for a while it would be tier 7, add to that that the Gneisenau is a good bote to learn German BB play in. I would build secondary this allows easy transition to the Bismarck, on top of this when I played Gneisenau I found that my tubes were often taken out on my approach during a torp run.
  9. Mid Game Advice

    This is NOT good advice, the rewards in co-op are significantly less than in random. Play random, pick 1-2 tier 4's and grind some creds and experience. Tier 5 and 6 are tough right now due to uptiering but tier 7 is the sweet spot - you can earn lots of creds (especially if you have a premium).
  10. Iowa CLASS fast battleship Takao CLASS of armoured cruiser - A destroyer is a TYPE of ship a CV is a TYPE of ship. When talking about ships a class has a specific meaning, I know what you mean but I thinks its better to be precise so readers don't get confused as many of the forumites are naval enthusiasts and class and type have specific meanings
  11. What's the funkiest ship?

    For unique gameplay there are a few that stand out... Graf Spee the cruiser that wants to be a BB.... in the same mode the Scharnhorst the BB that wants to be a cruiser The Perth smoke The ohotnik is just..... well.... Nelson has a pretty unique play-style (people think it should play like the izumo, but it doesn't really) Emden's shell arc I would suggest Ishizuchi also, which I think plays pretty much as I would expect a battle cruiser to play
  12. Best Ships of All Tiers

    I think all tiers have 3-5 standout ships, both premium and tech tree but if I was to choose 1 for each tier that either I like to play or dread to face it would be the following: 1 - Any really though Black Swan if I was forced to choose 2 - Emden - so many shells 3 - Konig Albert - armour is too good for tier 4 - Orion/ ArkB/ Ishizuch - sorry cannot choose all huge fun 5 - Kami R 6 - Warspite 7 - Nelson (Hate to face a well played Saipan but Nelson is so much fun and in many ways different than other BBs) 8 - Tirpitz 9 - Fletcher - hate facing these things 10 - Every ship has its strengths - it used to be Zao but I would say HIV is now the powerhouse - though all t10 cruisers are very strong If I was to say ship type that dominates at each tier my thoughts would be (though I know many would disagree) 1 - Cruiser (obviously) 2 - Cruiser 3 - Destroyer 4 - Battleship 5 - Destroyer - strongest tiers for destroyers 6 - Battleship - probably strongest tier for BBs 7 - Even between cruisers and battelships 8 - Destroyer 9 - Destroyer 10 - Cruiser - Strongest tier for cruisers
  13. Things that bode ill for a team: Imbalance between DD's (more or relatively higher tier) Mismatched CVs (looking at you Saipan and Kaga you overpowered beasts) Seeing players with no camo and no signals at anything over tier 4 No agreement on which caps to take AB/BC or no agreement on east or west push Battleships who refuse to share HP or cruisers who want to front line brawl (with a couple of exceptions looking at you moskva) A mismatch in detection tools, radar and hydro Can think of some other scenarios but they may be controversial so going to leave them out.
  14. U.S. Cruiser line split.

    Any ideas what is going to happen to the Indianapolis with the pensacola dropping a tier - it was awful at t7 but I cant see them allowing radar at t6.