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  1. For a secondary build on any BB you are mostly correct, however I respectfully suggest that fire prevention over concealment and adrenaline rush is a MUST HAVE for a secondary build.
  2. Yes this ^^^^ To balance this ship one of two things needs to happen, raise its citadel OR make it more visible. I am fine with the new fire breather flavour - that makes it different, but you cant have all three.
  3. You have only played 12 PvP battles in your SC. I am not sure what you are expecting but like most games with progression WoWS is a grind - you have to play ships to improve them. To address the main gist of you post, your grind will be much quicker and less boring in randoms than in PvP, maybe more frustrating at times, but your xp, free xp, credits and rewards will go up MUCH faster in PvP over PvE. May I suggest a small investment in premium time - this accelerates gains in all the game parameters.
  4. Played it yesterday, it was enormous fun, I had not seen it in ages.
  5. As a BB main, I feel I have to be more conscious of other ships damaging me when playing a cruiser. I feel the difference is in a BB I need to mitigate the damage I receive, in a cruiser I need to play to mitigate receiving damage in the first place. Cruiser has more consistent damage output with DOT damage and accuracy but BB have the ability to apply overwhelming damage. I feel more secure playing in support with cruisers, but find I do overextend due to my BB habits.
  6. This, here, is very good advice for the OP. Colorado is a very average ship but is way better than she used to be. Being tier 7 she gets some pretty good MM being top tier in many games. The 16" shells are pretty accurate and very heavy. My damage output in the Colorado is roughly equivalent to what I did in the sisters. Please remember guys, OP has under 1000 games and like me is still learning - if he looks through some of the snideness there is some awesome advice on this thread for him.
  7. Managed it first game in a FDG firing nothing but HE and making sure I was brawling with secondaries in the end game. I think I just got lucky with the number of BBs willing to let fires burn - changed targets a lot.
  8. Keep the Konig not even close - if you like the Kaiser buy it back later... or even better buy the Konig Albert and play the Kaiser as a tier 3
  9. Had this happen to me this evening in my fiji. I am charging a New York itching with anticipation for my torp run as he rounds the island. I Furutako 4km to the rear of me decides that he wants to torp - as I swing my bow round to dump torps BOOM. He thensays its my fault I blocked his torps as I was trying to "kill steal" Some people I was stunned at his brass ones for even suggesting It was my fault - i didnt have a prayer.
  10. The Hood was actually a very large ship for her construction date - significantly longer than the Bismarck and NC which were build nearly 20 years later, in fact less than 10m shorter than the Iowa.
  11. I manage to screw up in KM BBs all the time. However I agree here probably the most forgiving to play. I would also throw in IJN BB for timid players sit back and snipe once you get past the awfulness of the Kawachi and Myogi. By the time you are at the izumo you should know what you are doing. I would also suggest Russian cruisers, I have not played these but all skill level players frustrate me in these while I play my German BBs.
  12. To the OP - rather than worrying about new ships you need to find a play style and ship type that suits you. I looked at your stats I do not know what you are doing but you die without really doing much damage... even for the tier you are in. I am no ships god but I think you need to do more research on how to play.
  13. I agree, I lose a lot in this ship... its been my recent grind. I feel it just does not bring what the NM or Warspite brings to the game. I am now looking forward to the big G. I did however really like the Konig once it was fully upgraded and I am keeping that, now my favourite tier 5 BB. The Bayern is not my favourite tier 6 by a long stroke.
  14. Honestly, I am still working out how to best use my boats. A low tier IJN cruiser works differently from a low tier USN. In closed beta I played a lot of battleships, I am going a different route in closed beta - I would suggest patience and if you have a tactic that works share with your team, people.... me included, are looking for pointers from people who have "got it".