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  1. I think this is possibly correct and I would suggest that WG might also look at the stats this way. I have the Smolensk butI HATE playing against it. I however find as a ship it has little ability to effect battles. It just doesnt have the ability to finish ships (in my hands anyway). I find it boring to play - hide/smoke/shoot/islandHug/shoot... spotted dead. Playing it is a case of just starting as many fires on as many ships as you possibly can, you cant cap contest, you cant really spot, it the very epitome of passive annoying ship. In that I think is the essence of WG strategy. When you play against it it is so annoying that you want to strangle a smolensk that decides you "it". On the strength of that annoyance I got the smolensk over the thunderer. I have regretted that decision ever since. Boring play that by design annoys the heck out of people. The ship should go. Is it OP.... no, is it bad for the game.... yes.
  2. This is so true - the bots just turn up to die quickly, a win is a foregone conclusion. Its just whether you can get more damage and kills than the next guy. Its pretty brainless stuff really.
  3. Aratnomis

    The average smolensk player is now actively hurting their team.

    People say the Smolensk is broken, having played 25 games in her I can say its a very situational beast, someone above mentioned as soon as its spotted its toast. If you can find that island and rain fire down you will have consistent 100k plus games but it really doesn't have the ability to reliably punch ships out. Most of its damage is garbage fire damage. It struggles hitting DDs at the ranges it requires to be played at. I find it a very frustrating ship to play... and to play against. You will see on my sig below the results of playing quite a few games in the smolensk over the past little while. 46% WR while I am normally 53-55.
  4. Aratnomis

    Is manual fire worth it?

    check you have MFCSA not the AA one selected on your captain
  5. Aratnomis

    Is manual fire worth it?

    They will be silent until your selected ship comes into range and is visible - a previous poster said when a dd goes in and out of vision he re-selects, there is no need to do that. The accuracy buff you get at tier7+ is significant with MFCSA (i believe 60% more accurate) but you will only fire from one side - and that is the side your targeted ship is on. If you have no ship selected they your secondaries will go silent. Once again as mentioned by folks above situational awareness is key. Good games with a GK rack me 70k in secondaries direct damage alone - I reckon 1/3 of damage through direct damage from secondaries, a little additional from fire, but another benefit is module damage to DDs and cruisers simplifying kills for team mates. Essentially if you push in the right way you attract fire from enemies that make them vulnerable to teammates.
  6. Aratnomis

    Is manual fire worth it?

    I agree with posters above... if you are going to do this you have to go all in. Not only MFCSA but also AFT BFT (some would also say IFHE but on Bismark its debatable). On top of this you need to make sure that you have the right modules. If you are going to brawl ensure you have the secondary modules for range and also protect your secondary armaments. Rudder shift is also important as you will need it to dodge all the torps your hydro detects coming your way. You need to know when the right time to push is though dont just dive straight in. Also when you see a DD pre select them for your secondaries (just in case they sneek up on you. Another thing to think about is your target selection for your secondaries, prioritize ships your secondaries will do direct damage to. I am very often using my main guns on one target while my secondaries blast away at a cruiser I am not looking at. Practice your tactics in co-op on getting in the habit of choosing and switching targets for your secondaries.
  7. Aratnomis

    This is Ridiculous

    The player you were up against is no unicum - but he did outplay you. https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1028942260,amilcarchipane/ He has just over a 50% w/r. The emblem he has, he gained from playing french ships a lot... and playing reasonably well in enough games. Like others have said you showed way too much broadside. This is how you guys compare
  8. Aratnomis

    Antiaircraft guns

    I don't think even the Hosho in its current form is over performing - less average damage than the wyoming. I dont play CVs (mostly BBs) but honestly I think they are ineffectual in most cases at t4 in an average players hands. That coming from someone who also plays the Arkensas Beta
  9. Aratnomis

    Co-Op Complaints.

    To be fair though, that particular player struggles to understand basic mechanics and in fact should be playing a single player game. I had a "discussion" with him once where he swore blind he starts fires with AP (he was in a british CA, I tried to explain he started fire with his secondaries) and he called me a "know nothing noob" or some such. Whether he was a beta tester or not he completely fails to grasp the game.
  10. I have been playing since beta, dont have all lines unlocked, I know some of the tricks but not all, Some but not all of my ships have 19 point captains, I use premium consumables and flags because I have hundreds of millions in credits, I pay for premium... it speeds up progression but does not help me win. I rake in free xp every game and have about 1.2 million stored up - don't need to exchange a thing. Even in your "rant post" you didn't describe pay to win at all. All it sounds like is that you want all of the ships with non of the effort.
  11. In a brawling battle in my full secondary spec BBs (Mass Ga, FdG, Bis, GK) I will do 2/5 to 1/2 of all damage in secondaries (plus additional fires). I choose targets carefully and keep an eye on fires set to maximize damage. Especially in the GK if you brawl against a bow in french or RN BB or any heavy cruiser the damage output is just phenomenal. Had over 100k on a few occasions in secondaries and regularly score in the 50-70k range. Only one I can find right now from alittle while ago - 259k total damage with 138k in secondary and fire damage (fires no HE from main battery)
  12. Aratnomis

    New Bonus Code

    thank you all - codes seemed to work - wonder what they give? Not logging in for another few hours.
  13. I love playing my nelson, however I have found the Sinop is a VERY hard counter to her. it seems no matter the angle its citadels galore and the distance compression for battles in ranked will definitely bring this into play.
  14. BBs were trash level after tier 10 only boats worth playing were dds and the occasional CL. Just because it was played a lot doesn't mean it was effective (though I would suggest it was the most effective BB together with FdG due to hydro). Game content comes and goes in all games - there will be something you attain that others who join later will complain about. Don't worry about it.
  15. Aratnomis

    The greatest game ever queued

    Thats just disgusting.... glad I wasn't in that game