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  1. How to Control your Win Rate

    Thanks to you LWM and all the poster here in this tread. It took a few days of reading to get to the end. I am new to WoWs and have watched a ton of youtube and reading. Been studying more then playing lately. I started playing with the prize in mind of getting to a tier 10 ship as fast as possible. At this point I see, its not the race to tier 10 that I am enjoying, its learning my ship skills and map strategy that is more fun. Like some one here said here, it fun to win. I know a professional athlete that gets so depressed when his team has a lose and more so when its his fault. The only thing to do is learn and get better. I been grinding and learning in co-op/PVE not thinking I knew enough to play random/PVP and bring my team to defeat. I have learned that being to aggressive gets me killed faster and if I play to passive I get few xp points. Trying to learn that fine line that will lead to success more then defeat. My question for all of you is, at what point should I start doing more PVP? With so few hours in game should I grind more before playing the PVP part of WoWs? Also I enjoy the hell out of a tier 5 Omaha. But as a new player should I start at a lower tier like 3 or 4 and work my way up? I have a tier 7 New Orleans. Also 2 creates dropped missions for tier 7 premiums. Any ways thanks again to all, this is a great read for new players. My hat is off to you LWM and I think now, I must be your slave for life. lol
  2. What are the odds?

    I had to look it up who is Chou Tzuyu. Is this right ---> Sorry if this is off topic.