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  1. Izumo needs buff

    Rather than buff Izumo, why not replace it with one of the other pre-Yamato designs that actually resemble the play style of the rest of the line? Then, if they don't want to completely scrap it, make Izumo a T7 free xp ship with stats to match the lower tier. Or make it a premium shop ship.
  2. 6am MM horror

    Try it at 3:30 AM. I was literally in an epicenter T5 5v5 once where the reds had 2 BBs and three CLs. We had 2 BBs, 2 CLs, and me in my Okhotnik. Guess which team won....
  3. There should be an option of No CV mode.

    The only person that agrees with you is the guy that accuses others of using slippery slope and strawman arguments, and yet has been doing that the entire time. Because logic.. Complaining about a lack of teamwork is an idiotic excuse to screw over an entire segment of the playerbase and render an entire line of ships unplayable.
  4. There should be an option of No CV mode.

    Read their posts carefully. Every one would turn off the class that counters their class. Meaning the MM would be so screwed up that no one would get into a match. Here's an idea; learn to play to the strengths of your ship and to take advantage of the weaknesses of your enemies. Crazy, I know.
  5. torpedo's need ammo liemit!

    Good idea, let's break the single most broken class in the game even more. If you get hit by DD torps, you done [edited] up. End of story.
  6. Torpedo mechanics

    They don't have fuses, because this is a relatively simple arcade game. If you don't want those hits you mentioned to count, then you get a reduced torpedo spotting range, no icons showing you which direction they're approaching from, and no red triangles highlighting them for you.
  7. Brilliant! 17/10! That way Tirpitz can be a paladin!
  8. Calls other people scrubs, but can't even spell "grateful"....priceless.
  9. Scout planes are way to powerfull

    Most likely it was heavy fighters/attackers strafing a cargo ship or fuel tanker.
  10. Planes spotting DD has got to go.

    As someone that primarily plays DDs, planes should absolutely be able to spot DDs. The only changes I recommend is a slight buff to DD AA, and adding distance information to BB/CA aircraft.
  11. Those that play tanks...

    My mind is struggling to comprehend how anyone can be broke at tier 4. I easily averaged 200k plus per match. Anyways, at the moment I'm currently enjoying WoWs more than WoT due to a variety of reasons.
  12. Battleship Design Meeting

    If you're eating tons of stealth torps, then the problem isn't with the ships launching them....
  13. DDs are Far too Nerfed

    You are aware that higher tiered DDs have reloads approaching 2 minutes and decreased concealment?
  14. DDs are Far too Nerfed

    Then the BB likely would have at least spotted them, which means the cruiser was completely oblivious to the red triangles heading towards him. Moreover, if he was even a ways back, as you suggest, then the torps would have spread even further out by the time they reached him. Meaning he would have to be all kinds of special to get hit. Reducing detection range for ships gives destroyers at least a fighting chance against competent players in the event their torpedos escape the notice of aircraft.