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  1. anyone else seeing this?

    "I'm not crazy, my reality is just different from yours"- Cheshire Cat(Alice in Wonderland) "I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it" ^^^^^^^^^^ these and my favorite " I am not merely crazy ! I am totally insane and this world is all a figment of my imagination . Thank you very much . "
  2. Previously Captained Ships

    By your start date you have played WoT . Where in that game do you see anything like this ? WG is a company trying to make money off of a 'Free To Play' game . This is just one of the ways they do it .
  3. Game Change Request (important)

    #1 - No #2 - No #3 - No #4 - ? maybe #5 - No
  4. Truly OFF TOPIC Thread -[REBORN]-

    Well looks like this thread is dying of neglect . Sigh
  5. exp

    I've noticed !
  6. For me personally , I keep playing because I have had one goal (out of several) since the first Closed Beta weekend and knew therefore I would be in the Closed Beta Testing . That one particular goal will has a high chance (considering my age and health) of never being reached since it is to have every tech tree ship researched to elite status . So you can see I will be doing grinding of new and split lines for some time to come . I am currently at tier 6 in the Pan-Asian DD line . When I get to tier 10 I will be caught up on that goal again . Then there are the short term goals that WoWs keeps adding that get my interest . For ships ; commanders and other things . And then there are also the friends I have made and continue to enjoy division play with .
  7. We need a button that just fires the guns

    Double clicking the LMB fires all your main battery guns that are loaded .
  8. Network activity during install

    Not sure myself . Did you download the central launcher ? If so that could be the cause . However most times I download a patch (and the one time I stupidly managed to delete WoWs when i was trying to delete WoWp {when they said you HAD to have the central launcher to pay WoWp} and so had to reinstall) my anti-malware (which I trust since it has saved my butt twice from really bad stuff and a few minor things) has blocked outbound connection/messages stating there are trying to connect to a suspected malicious website . So i leave it at that (blocked) and have had no problems playing WoWs .
  9. Learned something about how I play.

    If my memory is not messed up (possible since I am getting old and have more brain farts nowadays) Melody (?) was the first to sing that song on an album but since she did not write it : Joni was the one that got the acclaim for singing it .
  10. ask me a question.....not all will get a reply

    First a small sauce pan and strong whisk . In the sauce pan put clarified butter and keep it on the heat so that it keeps the butter barely warm enough to stay liquid . Slowly add the finest flour you can find to the butter while whipping the flour into the butter . When you have gotten to the point were the mix has become difficult to whip you are done so take it off the heat and put it a container for adding to your recipes . my knowledge comes from 25 years as a Line and Broiler cook .
  11. Same in mine ; though it is a total AAA build with 4 'Clear Sky's' (two since the change of the achievement) and will do it for the lulz .
  12. Missile Cruiser Questions

    And so a new forum troll is born ! sigh
  13. 43K free XP bonus?

    250,500 is what I got !