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  1. Todays DD song

    Well I have no shame of it so it can be found on my profile . And an advantage of growing up just outside of Chicago was lots of radio stations of all types so AM and FM Rock & Roll was readily available .
  2. Not a bug ; shallow water near islands has been a part of the maps for some time . Most of them show a light blue color at those spots but not all of them in my experience .
  3. Todays DD song

    Good choice ! Was my favorite band in 9th and 10th grades .
  4. Free week of Prem....

    Thank you .
  5. Well there is a 4.7mm ( .185 ) round that does .
  6. Rough Day, But Hey a Supercontainer!

    Heck I'll trade you those signals for 100 reserve commanders slots !
  7. Brutal Lag in Clan Battles

    It has been happening in CO-OP and Random also .
  8. I have twice gotten 62 plane kills in battles ( in my Atlanta ) and did not get a 'Clear Sky's' achievement , It is as the others has stated above ; you have to do 50%+ of all the planes carried by the entirety of the Red team ships .
  9. Yep . I mean how many ways can he find to ask basically the same question ?
  10. My First 19-Pointer

    Well about time ! lol Seriously CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!
  11. Aigel bug, not giving reward for completion

    Base xp is before ALL modifiers . Thus your base xp for that battle was actually 1,287 xp , NOT the 1,931 you got because you are running a premium account . The best way to judge your base xp is looking at the team section of the after action report which shows the base xp next to your ship . That said there have been a few posts in the last day of people showing that they did get the 1,750 base xp in screenshots of the team report and still not getting completion . I would recommend you do a search for earlier posts about this and check the Dev/Moderator sections in the forum home page to see what may be going on .
  12. Happy Pi Day camo

    There are three missions (can not remember if they are combat or challenges) that give you that camo if you complete them .
  13. The Cruiser Manifesto

    Yep . I run my Atlanta with a full AAA build and one time got in queue and there were 7 CV's waiting when I got on and I was like ; " Oh boy another good chance to get another 'Clear Sky's ' ! NOPE ! Get in battle NO CV's ; lol . Just ask some of the people I division with ; Sinboto ; Umikami and Khafni ; they can tell you . If they want to get into battles with no CV's they just ask me to use my Atlanta .
  14. For the weekends,

    Thank you .