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  1. Have you tried checking/giving the game firewall exemptions ? Not a computer or coding expert by a long shot but have seen on this forum where that can be a problem .
  2. Happy Birthday !
  3. I have had the same problem occasionally . The solution I found (for PayPal) is to wait about 15 seconds after leaving the fail and then doing it again . This has almost always worked .
  4. Thank you kind sir's !
  5. Silly old man that I am ; I have been wondering how exactly you do that ?
  6. Well my Kamikaze R and Fletcher definitely disagree with this ^ statement . And since I have played since the First Closed Beta Weekend I have come to one conclusion ; there is always one common denominator in a losing streak .
  7. Are you playing co-op when this happens ?
  8. :( :( :( :( :(
  9. Unfortunately the just keep trying is mainly it . I tried many times in my kamikaze R in random but mostly co-op (waiting to see if enough BB's were in queue and if not pulling out to wait a bit and go back) . Then a few times in my Scharnhorst . All failures to get the mission done . Then very early Sunday morning I took my Missouri out to finish the Yamamoto mission final task and did so ; went what the heck and played her in co-op . Got very lucky and there were 3 other BB's besides me (2 tier 8's and a tier 7) and 3 cruisers on our team . Low and behold got it with almost 60 K extra damage and 1 extra kill . My team lost to the bots as it was down to the tier 7 against his opposite bot and he lost . I was worried at the time I died because I was fighting the 2 tier 8 BB's and tier 7 all at the same time with no support but one rammed me when I was at 1,150 HP's left so got my second kill and went over 100 K damage . I got the third kill because the last tier 8 I had knocked down with main guns and set fire to many time burned to death .
  10. Did it in the Missouri in co-op after struggling at tier 5 and 7 (Kami R and Scharny) . Helped that there were 3 other BB's at tier 8 and a 7 in the match . We lost to the bots by the way . I got a total 159 K + and 3 kills total but only had 1 at almost the 100 K damage point a died when I was fighting the last 3 bot BB's at the same time got my 2nd kill and just over 100 K when a bot rammed me and the third kill and rest of the damage after a North Cal died from fires from my secondary's . This left our Scharny against the bot one and he failed . Lol .
  11. I tried it on my Missouri and while I found it somewhat useful I gave it up because at least one of my front turrets seemed to get destroyed most battles and then was in one yesterday and had both front turrets destroyed . Today did not lose one ; but will see what happens after a few more matches as todays sample size was 2 .
  12. Thank you .
  13. Do not listen to other music while playing and do not listen to the in game music either . However I do listen to Heather Alexander's "March of Cambreadth" before playing . The drums and pipes get me pumped up along with the great chorus of " How many of them can we make die !"
  14. LOL where is that from ? And has Lert seen it ?
  15. Yep I get them often to . 72 slots ; 66 vacant ( and i only keep commanders with 10 or more points ) .