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  1. Lol , just got into port and looked . EVERY ship has that warning ; premium , rare and regular .
  2. I laughed so hard I almost had an accident !
  3. Sorry my friend but I think it does as well as where and angle when you hit . ^^^^^ This is a replay of me in a DD bumping another DD that had more Max HP then mine and was at ~50% health .
  4. Thank for the info and you are correct about wheels ; there are two wide ones in the barrel that grab the dart and accelerate it after being punched out of the drum magazine . Still need to find a good home for it tho . I dislike just seeing it there gathering dust .
  5. Not sure how much they are selling for nowadays but I upgraded my GPU (my system is shown in my sig) 3 years ago to a NVidia 660 and it runs WoWs really well (avg. of 65 fps) . Does pretty good for WoT to just not quite as good which is why I am going to upgrade to a 960 asap .
  6. Not sure what you mean by 'springer' . However I have one that I can no longer use ( my Rheumatoid Arthritis in my hands makes it almost impossible to use) . It is a 'Barricade RV-10' and you can have it you would just have to pay for the shipping ; lol . It is a battery powered 10 shot that can shoot to about 35 feet .
  7. Oh and when I played Star Fleet Battles I played the Andromedan's .
  8. I have always liked Star Trek since it first started (and yes I am that old) . I also played Star Fleet Battles when it came out ; as a tabletop game . One thing in S.F.B. was that starbase's had Type 4 Phaser's which were much more powerful then ship carried phaser's . Then came the end of S.T. the N. G. . In the second half of the end the Enterprise shows up to defend Crusher's ship . It uses a weapon that seemed to be that Type 4 as it was not only able to punch thru shields but also right thru the Klingon cruiser they fired 6 shots at and destroying it I believe on the fifth hit .
  9. Since he is ; obviously ; not a Pacifist . that would make him a Freak (like me) not a Hippie . Lol . Sheesh kids today always mixing up the different sub-cultures from the past .
  10. I still agree with this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Well you should check one place now then . In port go to the battle type selection window . Then click on the " other operations " tab . This will bring up a view of all the operations and show you how many stars you have gotten in each them . For any other idea's I hope someone else responds but I think you may need help from support .
  12. Did you do that on that particular operation before this ? If so ; yep you get nothing . You can only get each reward per star once in each of the four operations . ( i. e. commander plus lower rewards at four stars ; do it once and then get five stars the next time ; all you get is the reward for five stars ; one day of premium time) .
  13. They are on mine so if they are not showing on yours it is a bug most likely and you need to put in a ticket to support . if you finished them all then they do not show anymore ; but then you should have the ship in your port . If it is that you can not tell from the challenge or combat mission showing you can hover the mouse over the parts to see what your progress is .