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  1. Most citadels dealt in a match?

    In random 20 in a Budy and 7 in the Ok. Nik .
  2. Clan color codes.

    Go to your clans window . There you will see "Clan ratings" , click on that . At the top left it will show the Squall for your clan . Then click on the arrow next to it and you can click on the different ranks ( squall ; Gale ; Storm ; Typhoon and Hurricane ) . This will show you the clans at that rank and by them will be the different colors for each one .
  3. Heat!!

    Well originally I wanted to say Bimidji(?) (have some family there to) but I can not remember how to spell it ; lol
  4. Heat!!

    Go to St. Cloud then ! lol The Maternal side of my family is from Minn. Some are still in Parker's Prairie and now some all over including Saint Cloud .
  5. Go navy scoring system

    Yes .
  6. Invite Friends - Does Not Work!

    The rewards come at tier 6 not Tier 4 . His rewards are the Diana (a tier 2 ship) for playing 1 battle and the Texas when he plays a tier 6 tech tree ( non-premium ) ship for the first time ' In addition you get a reward when he gets the Texas .
  7. Well I do not know about the time a fire lasts at 75% . On my Hindy I have it set just like yours @Sir_Orrin except I also use Dam Con Mod 2(?) in the fifth slot since I had the rudder shift upgrade there and the Unique upgrade gives you the same 20% rudder shift bonus . Thus I just switched to the Dam Con Mod which adds another -15% for a total of 90% . So like @Oldschool_Gaming_YT 's clan mate my fire time is around 8 seconds or less and I have not used a repair for fires since even if I have 3 at a time .
  8. My favorite port

    @JCC45 how do you get the camera to look around like that ? My favorite (for now) is Sarushima Base .
  9. Secondary Loadouts: Explained

    You are welcome . Your post ; which by the way I found concise and well written ; should mention the range of effect (and looking I see my first post was wrong it is up to and including 160 mm and so will edit that post) . As there are some secondary's over 160 mm . I believe there are at least some 203 mm ones on Japanese ships iirc .
  10. Secondary Loadouts: Explained

    Up to and including 160 mm these only add .5% . Over 160 mm they add 1% .
  11. Like me he saw the forum post about a glitch (that as far as can tell they fixed before the next day when I tried it again) that when you rapid spammed the "Decline" button when asked to switch sides got you double the loyalty points . i.e. four instead of two .
  12. What is your favourite Retro Game?

    The only comp game I still play is Civ4 . As to board games . Well the oldest would be chess . Then Risk . Other strategy board games are many but my favorites are Avalon Hills (AH) Battle of the Bulge 1981 edition and Bull Run . And like Crazy I am old enough to have started playing games long before Pong ever reared it's head .
  13. Anyone seen the legendary mods in use yet?

    I have had it since Friday . I never seem to be able to catch exactly how much time it is at now ( I have the signal flags and BoS skill to max the reduction ) but it seems to be less the 8 seconds of fire damage time . I have stopped putting out fires with the Dam. Con. consumable , even if I get 3 . Still trying to judge the flooding time but I usually get hit by more then one and can not keep myself from automatically hitting that 'R' key ; Dagnabit ! Will be going to the training room to test it all out asap .
  14. Anyone seen the legendary mods in use yet?

    It does not stop you from getting floods you silly kanigit ! Lol . It reduces the time you are taking flooding damage .
  15. Submarines

    Oh wow . Well you may have opened up the flood gates so be prepared . Using the search function will show what most people think of this idea and even what WoWs has said about in the past .