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  1. Chien_Lu_Anderman

    Returning player with some questions

    Radar : Yes it shows anyone on the Red Team with-in it's range and thru anything including islands . So if you are behind an island and in range it will show you . Hydro : pretty much as you said Torps : if it is just a triangle it can hit anyone ; if it is a triangle plus more it is a Deep-water torp and can only hit cruisers , BB's and CV's UNLESS it is from an Asashio in which case the torps can only hit BB;s and CV's Consumables : nope Ninja'd lol
  2. Chien_Lu_Anderman

    Check your Friends list. Is it empty?

    Any of you get this fixed yet ? It has been 17 days now that it has been affecting me .
  3. Chien_Lu_Anderman

    Check your Friends list. Is it empty?

    Just checked and my Friends list is totally missing !
  4. Chien_Lu_Anderman

    PSA Player Anniversary Awards

    Very shiny ! Thank you .
  5. Chien_Lu_Anderman

    Recovering WOWS addict

    Lol it has been a long time since I have seen or heard someone use the word grok ! Thank R. A. H. for V. M. Smith ! I have had so many of my "Stranger in a strange land" books gone missing after being loaned out that I keep at least one spare copy around for the next time .
  6. Chien_Lu_Anderman

    Impossible but true

    Here you are .
  7. Well not from an old vet. like me . Go Air Force ! Lol .
  8. If i remember correctly that is the "Burning Man" flag and has been handed out two years in a row and also changed appearance (it used to show a stick figure) . So it seems to me that it might be possible to have it twice on a ship if the game thinks it is actually two flags represented by the one in inventory and you received both .
  9. Chien_Lu_Anderman

    Charge Event Dobloons Missing?

    Because the payout for it is by End of Day Oct. 10th . If you go to the webpage it shows this near the bottom .
  10. Chien_Lu_Anderman

    What is your "Dream Boat"?

    Well as long as we old farts are dreaming ... Doris Day with the libido of Bridget Bardot when in private .
  11. Chien_Lu_Anderman

    I have gone far in this game.

    Got in one ! lol . Plus the other credit makers .
  12. Chien_Lu_Anderman

    I have gone far in this game.

    Been playing since Closed Beta Weekends and so since Open Beta (when they did not reset everything) I have had the Atlanta which is a good credit earning ship as well as acquiring the Scharnhorst and Missouri ; which are even better credit earners . AND the fact that I buy premium time by the year means pretty much that I have a net gain in credits every day that I play even when I have bad battles that I actually lose credits (partially due to only using premium consumables) . Then there are all the missions where you need to make lot's of credits which is when the Mighty Mo gets all the credit boost signals and camo and taken out to get 500 K (in a bad match ) to 3+ Mil credits .
  13. Chien_Lu_Anderman

    I have gone far in this game.

    I am not a collector of ships . Currently I have 24 ships in port (ranging from tier 1 to 10) of which 14 are premiums and once I have the RN DD line done it will probably go back to 21 in port . I do however collect Tech Tree's . I have all the tech tree ships researched to elite status . And as a matter of fact (since I had 360 million+ credits just sitting there) on this last anniversary since I only had 2 tier tens at the time I bought all the ones I did not have and and played them once in co-op for a total of 21 Super containers . Then sold them all again and have now recovered almost 50 Million credits back of what I lost doing this .
  14. Chien_Lu_Anderman

    Best Tier 1?

    As to mods and consumables ; there is only one upgrade slot and only basic Dam Con consumable . As to ship ; I like the Hashidate best (and probably even more so ; tho I haven't played tier 1 for something like a half year or more ; now that the Swan has been nerfed) .
  15. Chien_Lu_Anderman

    Where are you from?

    I was born and raised in the 'village' of Oak Park Ill. Which is bordered on two sides by Chicago . I then lived around the there and other suburbs of Chicago for the first (almost) half of my life except for time in the Air Force . I moved here in Sept. of '88 so in another four years will have spent the other half of my life here .