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  1. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/modernizations-x/
  2. What are you grinding out?

    Tech tree wise ; none as I have all the tech tree ships researched to elite status . I am currently grinding three more commanders to 19 points . Italian ( at 12 ) for when that tree becomes available ; Pan-Asian ( second one ) at 16 and French legendary commander at 17 .
  3. A theme song for my team just now (ship post)

    Thank you Lert ! I have always loved Glenn Miller and the funny ways he has been covered !
  4. Novel Recommendations: Iron Dawn

    From South of the Mason - Dixon line I would guess . ;)
  5. Swap Gold Between Games

    He is correct and this is what I did with mine . And I still play WoT !
  6. Why you like your username?

    Mine comes from a series of sci-fi books by the author David Weber ; a space opera type of series . It is called the Honorverse series and is the name of an influential secondary character .
  7. $ 51.69 . So you get 500 doubloons extra for the first $10 and 250 doubloons for each $10 after that for a total of 1,500 doubloons extra .
  8. Sorry to see that . It seems to happen to me a lot . Get 120K+ damage only to have it be a defeat because I am not good enough to carry a team . BY THE WAY NeutralState ; iirc red text is reserved for Dev's and Mod's so you may want to change the color or risk getting in trouble .
  9. The best superpower (shippost)

    I laughed at the last one the hardest !
  10. Pink Label

    Did you exit a battle you died in and then log out before that battle was over ? if you did and you left the battle less then a minute after you died it could have resulted in the warning you got . I have read here on the forum and know someone who this has happened to .
  11. How Unsporting Coduct Works?

    This is probably it . I ; personally have stopped leaving after dying because of this bug/glitch happening to someone I know . And I usually do anyway ( when not in a division ) to watch and possibly learn something .
  12. How Unsporting Coduct Works?

    Do you mean from other players reporting you in a battle ? This only effects your Karma which really is not something to worry about . Or is this another form of penalty ? As Awiggin posted above .
  13. So I played Courbet.......

    At tier 4 ? My Imp Nik 1 !!!!!
  14. My Claim of Naval Service

    Lol you old ! Ha !
  15. Broken Flag

    I only use it on ships I am grinding ; whether for ship or commander ; and then usually only USN ones . On my IJN I use the Yamamoto flag ( white with Kanji on it ) and another IJ looking one . And while I have the Alpha flag ( tho I do not know how or why I got it ; maybe for being such a pest while lurking on the forum and asking as often as I could that they have the Atlanta in game during the Closed Alpha { I did not start playing until the Closed Beta Weekends } lol ) I do not use it as I do not think I should have it .