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  1. KnifeInUrNeck

    Subs finally grew on me

    Yeah they’re cool. At T6 they’re borderline OP but in T8 with radar and Hydro so prevalent it gets harder to perform. I had a couple Krakens at T6 but good games at T8 are harder to come by.
  2. They’re range needs to be toned down but otherwise it’s fine. The range of the DC planes shouldn’t exceed the range of the subs weapons.
  3. KnifeInUrNeck

    Soshi's Take on Subs

    You didn’t play them very much if you have to ask this question.
  4. KnifeInUrNeck

    Soshi's Take on Subs

    And you want them to be slower and expect them to be playable?
  5. KnifeInUrNeck

    Soshi's Take on Subs

    Have you even tried them?
  6. KnifeInUrNeck

    Dutch cruisers

    I love the high tier Dutch cruisers. The T9 and T10 AP can delete cruisers in one salvo. You just have to know what guns you can tank and which you can’t. HE gets fires consistently and hits hard. Airstrikes can be really strong against certain BBs but is situational. side note, the D7 has triple airstrikes and I landed all three on a full health Nelson and was a sliver away from dev striking him.
  7. KnifeInUrNeck

    Soshi's Take on Subs

    T6 is probably the best tier for subs. No radar and weaker hydro. At T8 with radar and hydro and planes, things get hairy quick. You have to work harder for less. I had a good time in T6, maybe too good of a time.
  8. KnifeInUrNeck

    I know it's just a Bot but DAAAAAAAMM!

    I’ve pulled that with a JDW but never a BB. Nice
  9. KnifeInUrNeck

    Skip Bombers

    Great stuff. Thank you sir. Komso has two lines. It’s got the drop and where it bounces to. I think I get what you’re saying as far as behind. The second line is where they hit so I’m smashing bulge and belt. If I push that second line further the bombs will be in mid bounce when they encounter the ship? I try to put that second line right in the keel but I’ll try this. It’s probably slightly different even among BBs and cruisers. I appreciate you
  10. KnifeInUrNeck

    Skip Bombers

    I’ve been trying these out at T4 and so far they seem pretty much useless. Am I using them wrong? Yes if a cruiser lets you smack it in the side, it can hurt. But most bombs break or miss with pretty horrible results. The Soviet torps are nasty for sure. I assume the skip bombers are supposed to be used on cruisers as they just break on most BBs. Am I using them wrong by going for center? I thought they might be fun but they’re mostly just frustrating.
  11. Didn’t know this was a thing. Got a 3080 hybrid and plan to see what I can get. Thanks OP. Edit: 144hz pegged at 1440p
  12. KnifeInUrNeck

    The New Russian Prem CV

    I don’t know about the T8 premium but the tier 4 tech tree feels awful. Skip bombers feel like the most underwhelming armament yet. So far mostly breaks when I I manage hits which is much since most ships don’t let you just slam their side. BBs break most bombs. Entirely underwhelming and hope the higher tiers are somewhat useful.
  13. Hydro detects subs at any depth besides max depth. What’s happening is if you get close to a sub it’s probably already heading toward max depth where hydro doesn’t work.
  14. It’s a buff, nerf, buff, nerf? Buff concealment by reducing ping detection. Nerf detected subs by increasing energy drain. Buff energy recharge at surface. Nerf subs ability to point blank any ship.