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  1. KnifeInUrNeck

    What Flag do you fly on you ships ?

    I fly the red skull pirate flag and kitty purfurst for balance
  2. I find my Roma to be powerful and elegant. Other people complain about her dispersion but I see a BB that uptiers well and has excellent concealment if no CVs in match. I find her to be a ninja with the right matchmaking.
  3. KnifeInUrNeck

    "The king is dead. Long live the King"

    Nah this is incorrect, in my opinion. What set the French line apart was it’s flexibility. It didn’t do any one thing the best but it’s speed allowed it to fluidly switch between gunboat and ambusher. This is what made it fun and unique. Now it’s just a gun boat. Will it work? Sure. Will it still be fun? Sure for those that used it as a pure gunboat.
  4. KnifeInUrNeck

    USS OHIO is complete [edited]

    Yeah, all of the ships in this game are quality products....
  5. KnifeInUrNeck

    Smolensk and its relation to Armor

    While I won’t disagree that Smolensk is strong if played right, I find the majority of her damage is fires. Her shells are puny and break regularly. Sniping super structures at range even with a Smol isn’t super easy. I find 50-70% of my shells break at range. Without fire damage shed be one of the weakest cruisers in the game.
  6. KnifeInUrNeck

    ST, ships balance changes

    So much for ambushing I’m a high tier French DD. Guess they just want us to spam HE. Good bye fun DDs. I’ll miss you.
  7. KnifeInUrNeck

    The worst day in WoWs I have ever experienced.

    Do you know me? If not, you’re just being cute.
  8. Do that in randoms and then it’ll be taken into consideration. A bunch of boys sailing in a straight line vs active evasion and AA pooling makes a pretty big mark on performance.
  9. KnifeInUrNeck

    ST, test ships changes

    Kleber or Mog uses odd torps in the 2-3 setup on each side. What’s the problem? Works just fine.
  10. KnifeInUrNeck

    Tier 8 Sprint

    Mog? Le Fantasque is T8. I was think the Aki might be a good T8 to take out or maybe Baltimore. It seems something that can fight all classes is key.
  11. KnifeInUrNeck

    Wargaming.......Why? Just why?

    Let’s take it easy on the new guy. He’s not the one pulling the strings but he can let the puppet master know our displeasure. Do all these things look absurd? Sure. Are they stupid enough to release something so broken into the full game? Possibly. But with current sentiment and how much good will they lost with the PR and RB changes I doubt they’d be so foolish. There will probably be at least two or three more sub tweaks coming before these things are close to ready.
  12. Not with the way it’s being managed
  13. KnifeInUrNeck

    Puerto Rico and YOU!

    Why are you posting about if you don’t care? Go put your head back in the sand.
  14. KnifeInUrNeck

    An Open Letter To WG Concerning Recent Events

    Good post. I feel the same way. I got both my brothers all hyped up for this event to try and lure them back after 4 months since they’re both under 1k battles. I regret it now because they thought they were going to get a super cruiser and like me could care less about T7 Italian junk. My brother talked me into one game but after playing I just logged off and haven’t played since. This move by WG has done REAL damage to the game, their reputation, and the community. If they don’t act quickly I really do see this as the beginning of the end for them. How are people going to spend money in the future if they don’t trust WG? Then content dwindles and players follow. I love this game but whoever’s making these decisions over there needs to GTFO.
  15. Enjoy your sinking ship OP. Next year when the requirements are double this years you can talk again about how everything is fine. Many of us won’t be here to enjoy your profound insights.