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  1. KnifeInUrNeck

    CV still king

    But it did change it. WG didn’t even go a full week to collect data and give time for the player base to adapt before gutting CVs again. Squeaky wheel gets the grease I guess.
  2. KnifeInUrNeck

    CV still king

    CVs are worthless now unless top tiered against mostly BBs or DDs. I enjoyed the update, the challenge it offered, the freshness of it but, with the constant uptiering and planes now deleted, it’s garbage below T10. Without even letting the base adapt we go back to worthless CVs because of people complaining about having to adapt. They might as well remove them from the game. Flooding was one of the only sources of damage and now that goes away. And what CV benefits from two floods when only able to double drop? Haku maybe but it really benefits DDs....again. So meh, I came back today to see the changes and I’m going to leave again for a long while while WG figures out what it’s trying to accomplish.
  3. KnifeInUrNeck

    The real reason DD dont like the CV rework

    Right so play another ship or better yet try CVs. Solo ships of any type are easy prey. Should they change F key spam and RPF? Sure. But DDs are effectively countering and surviving CVs it’s just not you guys apparently. Drive a Worcester or something and watch how the good DDs have adapted. Or come here and complain about having to work with your team. Good luck!
  4. KnifeInUrNeck

    The real reason DD dont like the CV rework

    Single ship flak = no problem. Overlapping flak = devastation. Do what you will with that.
  5. KnifeInUrNeck

    Thinking of dumping my CV's

    I started out in my T6 doing 3k dmg. By the time I moved up to T8, I was doing between 70-120k dmg. It just takes practice in aiming and dodging. I do prefer IJN though, I find the aiming easier for torps.
  6. KnifeInUrNeck

    The real reason DD dont like the CV rework

    Yep, but a good DD captain will slam on his brakes and bait planes into AA. Those dead planes take minutes to refill. And a good CV captain can land a hit or two and a bad one will waste his time losing planes while focusing one ship. Planes aren’t gps guided bombs, after a strike the automatically continue straight into whatever is there. AA or no AA. This is where patience plays in. Why rush the cap? Why rush after those BBs? What’s the hurry? You teams CV spots their team just like theirs spots yours. As far as attacking with impunity I don’t feel bad as that’s literally what DDs did to BBs without cruiser support. As for your second point, he can find and focus you and you can find and focus them. And CVs don’t have smoke which is basically invulnerability. It’s being done all over the place but if you refuse to see it, I can’t help you out.
  7. KnifeInUrNeck

    The real reason DD dont like the CV rework

    Oh the irony!
  8. KnifeInUrNeck

    Who Says That DDs Can't Do Anything Since 8.0?

    I do too at first but if that DD is in a bubble I try to find the next or just make a quick Attack and switch armaments. Any CV focusing DDs all game vs BBs is not going to have juicy numbers.
  9. KnifeInUrNeck

    Who Says That DDs Can't Do Anything Since 8.0?

    Maybe that’s because it’s only been one week and there is a huge gap between people learning to work within the new system and those trying to solo cap and hunt BBs like nothing changed.
  10. KnifeInUrNeck

    Who Says That DDs Can't Do Anything Since 8.0?

    Yep smart DD captains are learning they need to adapt. The others are coming here to complain about not being able to move and strike with near impunity.
  11. KnifeInUrNeck

    The real reason DD dont like the CV rework

    Yeah RPF is stupid on planes and launch times, flight times, and dmg can all be adjusted. But that is t the problem. The problem is now they will always get nuked solo with the new system.
  12. KnifeInUrNeck

    The real reason DD dont like the CV rework

    Right, you shouldn’t go beyond 7.5km of most cruisers unless you have smoke to pop. If the CV isn’t focusing you, you can go anywhere you want that won’t draw his attention. I personally don’t give any [edited] if CVs are pulled from the game forever. They’re more dynamic than before, sure, but they’re not necessary. But I do get disgusted by all the whining with zero effort put in to adapting. DDs we’re capable of deleting BBs with impunity and now that it’s much harder to do the sky is falling. instead of trying to find a new way to be successful, and I’ve seen it with my own eyes, let’s just kick and scream and forum post until they give us back the old way. Sorry about your stats.
  13. KnifeInUrNeck

    The real reason DD dont like the CV rework

    OP is not incorrect in that the DD was king and now is relegated to a more traditional role. CVs now spot more efficiently than DDs which changes the dynamic of DD play since DDs are now spotted by something that most can’t strike back. There’s smoke and AA from smoke no longer spots but most DDs don’t do much. So now the DD that caps usually dies the first unless supported by a friendly CV as any cruiser on cap at the same time would melt. So basically DDs that play as they used to before 8.0 get violated. They should. Not for being DDs but for not adapting. The best DDs I see now are patient. The team that usually wins now is the one that doesn’t rush caps and utilizes the CV and DD spotting to soften a team. The move in battle groups with cruisers on the flanks, BBs down the mid, and DDs out front scouting while still inside the AA bubble. Overlapping flak patterns and auras melt planes of any tier. People still haven’t picked up on how this update promotes team play and less solo warriors. I don’t feel bad for DDs since I do still see good/smart DDs dominate games with smart play instead of trying to rush caps as if there aren’t a bunch of flying machines with rockets trying to kill them. I feel bad for the BBs that can’t defend themselves at all. OP is not incorrect about a simple observation that can be made by anyone of any skill level. I find stat shamers and elitist to be far more toxic to the game than any ship or update.
  14. KnifeInUrNeck

    How to Saipan?

    Ah yes I feel ur pain. I finally got the Haka and now all is well until they nerf it’s stupid torps with long range and quad drop. I’m not sure what features set apart the Saipan from the other T8 CVs but the first part of any strike is flak dodging. Yes at T10 flak and the DoT can eat planes. For now, flak is what melts whole squadrons. If you’re planes are red, don’t bother because the DoT will kill them. I also take armor, HP for my planes and speed, all skills necessary to strike and survive and repeat. Now, depending on Saipans gimmick, it’ll be about picking targets. T10 cruisers will melt you. Some aren’t so bad but until you get familiar with which ones are meat grinders, stick to BBs and DDs. Recall planes if they start getting munched. Having an empty carrier is like having your [edited] in your hand. It often will be rough slogging but understand that beyond the Haka, the T10 CVs aren’t super noticeably different. Planes are a little faster with more HP and planes per squadron. Haka gets the dumb area denial torpedoes as an option but I don’t use those. I learned how to really dodge flak well in my T8 vs T10 AA. Now in my T10 Haka I get Worcesters mad that they can only shoot down a couple planes while I strike repeatedly. That’s due to most AA damage coming from flak and not the DoT aura. Good luck!
  15. In my opinion, no. XP is minuscule comparatively and teaches bad habits. Just work on dodging flak and landing hits. I started out in a T6 IJN CV at 8.0 start and now I have the Haku. I started out doing 3k dmg in my T6 and by the time I moved up to T8 I was doing around 100k dmg. Stay the course. Use premium and flags but master the controls. Dodging flak is what separates the wheat from the chaff.