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  1. KnifeInUrNeck

    Quick Cut: Tier X Premium French Destroyer Marceau

    I’m a big fan of the French DD playstyle. I still play my Kleber as ambushers/kiter even with detection nerfs. I plan to grab this baby purely for the pew pew.
  2. KnifeInUrNeck

    Hayate WIP last minute change hopes

    I’m going to pass on Hayate and grab Smaland. Hayate just looks meh.
  3. KnifeInUrNeck

    Random Toxicity: How do YOU do it?

    Ah yes, the WoWS learning curve. It can be brutal. I’ve been playing this game since launch I think or close to it. I deleted and reinstalled multiple times out of frustration. I watched videos and read guides but it still wasn’t clicking. It took me about 2 years with no help, playing off and on to get decent. I consider myself entirely capable. My stats are ooook but would be way better if my early years weren’t included which is why some start new accounts I think. Now I’ve been playing WoWS Legends on xbox. I brought my buddy in who never played. He is now where I was at after two years and he’s only been playing a few months. That’s due to having a guide and live input on his mistakes. He will be very good very soon. I’m jealous that it’s so relatively easy for him to get it but happy as well. What you speak of OP is 3 different beasts. Clan battles require far more patience and exceptional map and enemy awareness. Such as knowing where an enemy is by knowing where he’s not and more now tanking. Co op is the complete opposite. If you want to get any score before the teammates then you have to play more aggressively and dangerously. While random is in the middle. If you play like clan battles then you’ll get the camper complaints and if you play like Co op someone might say “seeet yolo bro”. Randoms encourage safe, aggressive play. There’s no real damage if you lose every now and then. Plus it teaches you a lot. I started getting good when I saw what other people were doing. I’m in a BB and that guys in a BB. Why am I getting mopped and nothing happens to him?? Oh he’s angled. And on and on. Randoms make you good by the very nature of having to adapt to weird or suboptimal situations. Computers have logic while humans are good for a surprise. Keep at it OP.
  4. KnifeInUrNeck

    Special CV squadron for cap (Rumor about REAL change)

    I mean, if it were charge based like the fighter and you only get 1 or 2 it might work. But there are lots of ways it could go bad.
  5. KnifeInUrNeck

    Unfun vs Overpowered

    I agree for the most part but Smol can be pretty fun when the smoke runs out and you’re having to dodge hundreds of shells. But yeah, the sit in smoke and pew pew thing isn’t super dynamic.
  6. KnifeInUrNeck


    From the bullet points on Poltava it looks like it’d be better at range than Sinop. Small guns but better accuracy with better conceal. But that’s just what I’m seeing.
  7. KnifeInUrNeck

    2 Million FXP for the Hayate and Smalland?

    That seems too high by a significant margin. I plan to pass on Hayate anyway since Smaland and Marceau will probably scratch my DD itch.
  8. You know, I wasn’t a big fan of RN CLs for a long time. But lately I’ve been playing Legends on console where they just released the RN CL line. It’s grown on me. Pure damage wise the CAs seem better but the CLs have more utility. So it’s down to play style I suppose.
  9. KnifeInUrNeck

    Thunderer, Georgia, Yoshino, or Marceau

    If you can handle the French DDs, Marceau will be a monster. Default fast reload with more range and actually has AA(instead of reload booster) on a Kleber hull if I recall correctly. It’ll be hard to kill while spewing fire.
  10. KnifeInUrNeck

    kraken unleashed

    Congrats bud! Soon they’ll be coming more and more.
  11. KnifeInUrNeck

    Game still unplayable

    For all the complaints, the game seems to be doing fine. Even the console versions are experiencing growth.
  12. KnifeInUrNeck

    Anyone still playing Kleb?

    I still play mine. The ambushers build still works you just take more damage diving. I still find her a blast.
  13. I swooped her and she’s pretty solid. The only other UK CA I have is the Hawkins and I find that miserable mostly due to the gun angles. London has reasonable gun angles. AA is pretty good but I’m not really kitted for AA. First game in her was a kraken with 88k damage. Nothing crazy but decent. Her alpha came in handy finishing ships late but the range is a big yikes. If you can hang close range and have spotting she’s capable.
  14. I love the roma and have never really understood all the hate she gets. If you happen to get a game in her with no CVs(rare these days) then she is a nimble ninja with cruiser level stealth. She uptiers well due to her shell velocity and you get less overpens with her when uptiered. I’ve never really had dispersion problems with her. I get dev strikes regularly in her but I use her closer to mid range. Plus, I think she looks lovely. Honestly, if her AA were better I’d use her more frequently.
  15. KnifeInUrNeck

    Changes to IFHE and plating

    Wow big changes! Chaos will ensue. I love it!