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  1. KnifeInUrNeck

    Germans are about to be back baby!

    It’s in the 8.6 dev diaries. 2ndaries penetration boosted to 25mm from 17 on T8 and up BBs and German cruisers with 105mm guns.
  2. I don’t know about you guys but I’m really excited about the German secondary buff. On the test server my secondaries are about a 3rd of my damage. I was going up against a Moskva and Yamato, put my 2ndaries on the Moskva, and focused the Yammy. Moskva melts over time and I nearly got the yammy too. I love the play style as it favors aggressive play. This was a good call. When it hits main server it’ll be time to dust of the Tirpitz.
  3. KnifeInUrNeck

    USS Ohio first look

    Yeah I was just wondering how they compare
  4. KnifeInUrNeck

    USS Ohio first look

    Any of you fine lads know the penetration values on those secondaries? I was playing the German lines on the test server and it was sensual with the 2ndary penetration buff.
  5. KnifeInUrNeck

    Odd game ban and WG response.

    Must have been a mistake. I’ve gotten chat banned for days a couple times but never a game ban. Glad it works now. Pro tip: try not to target specific players or be constructive in your rage
  6. KnifeInUrNeck

    The Ship Gamble Giveaway

    Yeah I edited it for clarification. The slot machine part weirded me out. I read the description a couple times but how it worked didn’t entirely become clear until dropping the doubloons.
  7. KnifeInUrNeck

    The Ship Gamble Giveaway

    That’s a good point. I’m going to edit to reflect that so it doesn’t distract from the other questionable feature.
  8. KnifeInUrNeck

    Public Test 0.8.6 - Feedback

    Round 2: Game played well but I’m concerned about the “random” bundle chain in the armory. Having 30 random bundles with a possible ship reward and each bundle costing doubloons seems nothing short of gambling. Is this going in the final version? The implications are kinda spooky.
  9. KnifeInUrNeck

    The Ship Gamble Giveaway

    The ship was only a mild concern but the mechanic of the 30 “random” bundle options with a chance of any ship should raise red flags. That mechanic was never on the test server for the previous line events. The closest was the lunar new year but that lacked the gambling aspect. If they change course I’d like to think it’s because people made enough noise about it and not everyone is on the test server.
  10. KnifeInUrNeck

    The Ship Gamble Giveaway

    There were no event specific loot boxes to buy with tokens on test server but maybe because they aren’t letting the test server try the French DDs. I would assume there’d be premium crates for the French DDs but who knows. So it’s either both or just slots.
  11. KnifeInUrNeck

    WNN 53: Diapering!

    Best WNN post yet! I giggled
  12. KnifeInUrNeck

    The Ship Gamble Giveaway

    So I was on the public test server and I saw something new that I wanted to get y’all’s thoughts on. There was a bundle chain that looked a tad....interesting. The first 4 parts of the chain are acquired with event tokens. No big deal and nothing of note besides coal and signals. The final phase gets weird. There are 30 “random” missions where each reroll costs 500 doubloons. Most of the items are signals and resources such as coal or money but oh yeah there’s a chance of a Gearing as well, which is probably a place holder for a premium. On the test server it took me about 15-20 “random” chains to hit the ship. Edit: As others have pointed out the Gearing was probably a place holder for a premium I removed that info. My main concern was with the new 30 random bundle mechanic. Seems a tad sketch.
  13. KnifeInUrNeck

    Tech Tree Ships for Sale? No Big Deal.

    Tbh I was interested in the booster alone to sit on for NTC but I don’t want the ship. I’ve had a wooster for at least a year but I’ve been meaning to get around to DM for a while. But it was just a passing thought. I could also get premium but mehhhh.
  14. Roma. I find everything about her beautiful and with the CV butchering I can take her out again. Can’t wait for the Italian line as I’ll most likely love it.
  15. KnifeInUrNeck

    How do people do it...

    I feel powerful in every ship I’m in except some cruisers. When I’m in a truly capable ship I feel kinda bad for the other team. Experience and skill make it so.