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  1. gunfighter24

    CVs: The Worst Gameplay Experience Of WoWs

    Insert "bring back RTS" post here
  2. I paid for a Kaga, not whatever this new cannon fodder simulator is. Hell even outside the change in tier and power level I paid for an RTS CV, I want an RTS CV or my actual money back, that's way more useful to me than VC in a game that's a hot mess right now. Giving VC instead of real cash is just a way to give refunds without actually giving money back.
  3. gunfighter24

    I'm having so much fun!

    Gameplay is just as boring and repetetive as I remembered from testing. Definitely does not scratch the same itch as RTS did, it just feels kinda braindead...
  4. Well, looks like one last day of playing my Kaga is in order before the butchery of CV's begin. Everyone hated on RTS so hard but given all the obvious issues that remain with the new "action" gameplay" and how they have been completely ignored to get this rushed out the door I wouldn't be surprised if people find the new gameplay even more boring and frustrating than they did before. Im honestly afraid that once the newnes wears off even less people will be running CVs than there are now.
  5. gunfighter24

    Anniversary Crates are the Last Straw

    I swear I've gotten the same one about 8 times now. Probability is a #$+!@.