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  1. I paid for a Kaga, not whatever this new cannon fodder simulator is. Hell even outside the change in tier and power level I paid for an RTS CV, I want an RTS CV or my actual money back, that's way more useful to me than VC in a game that's a hot mess right now. Giving VC instead of real cash is just a way to give refunds without actually giving money back.
  2. gunfighter24

    I'm having so much fun!

    Gameplay is just as boring and repetetive as I remembered from testing. Definitely does not scratch the same itch as RTS did, it just feels kinda braindead...
  3. gunfighter24

    Anniversary Crates are the Last Straw

    I swear I've gotten the same one about 8 times now. Probability is a #$+!@.