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  1. It is quite normal when you have (most of them) average days, with some 50-50 win and loses (especially solo) and very very very rare days where you win 2/3, but this shot proves the extreme rare "lucky day" with many, but a lot of s*** teams and s*** players, where you give your max to the team, you play nice to win and sum for your stats and everyone, but the players just can't think to play at minimum the ok for winning. It's just proving (among other things) the definitely the MM doesn't work at all, put the good ones on one side and s*** ones on the other side, it really pisses me off... to not say, the VERY common thing of putting 1x (or max 2) t8's vs an almost entire team of t10's, making it totally unplayable, forcing yourself to play defensively because you just can't face them (even if a s*** player with a tough ship, shreds you in a half aimed shot). IMO the MM should make an average calculus of the stats of the players for a real average team, before matching them for battle, not like it seems to be, picking the ship tier, putting on each side, balancing the numbers of classes and f... up the rest, the results may be like my today's top day.