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  1. Astrosaint

    WOWS moves on, so do CPUs

    Something is up with the server: Rest my case. Astrosaint--WG, please do not banish me.
  2. Astrosaint

    WOWS moves on, so do CPUs

    I have upgraded my Mac Mini to 2018 grade OS. No difference in performances. Since I do not pay WOWS competitively, I can live with the quirks that come with the platform I use. Navalpride33--"You have more patience than Mother Theresa"--Being an educator for 5-6 grade USA students, one needs to have such patience
  3. Greetings: I have only been able to play 4 matches before the server goes down on the 3rd or 4th match. Collected 15 disciplinary warning for not participating due to this while entering a match. Astrosaint
  4. Astrosaint

    WOWS moves on, so do CPUs

    I have upgraded my Mac Mini to 2018 grade OS. No difference in performances. Since I do not pay WOWS competitively, I can live with the quirks that come with the platform I use.
  5. Season's Greetings: After a number of co-op matches at various tiers, I have come to the conclusion the Macintosh computers built in 2014 using Yosemite OS becomes very unstable when playing a match at Tier 5 or higher. The program is often prone to crashes at any time during, before, or after a match. I do not observe this phenomena at Tiers 1-5 playing co-op. I also noted that the CPU does not get hot enough to warm the aluminum casing at the lower tiers. It get warm enough to maintain coffee temperature at high tier gaming. It appears that the time is right for a computer upgrade to Macintosh Mini 2019 standard and OS. I choose not to go the game computing PC route because I have too many job related applications on the Mac that do not transfer to PC (I am an educator). You can play a Tier 8 match in co-op as long as you do not play more than 2-3 matches. The processor cannot handle all of the parameters for the match for a long period of time. I hypothesize that random matches with 12 ships per team, scenario matches, and Tier 10 Clan battles overwhelm the vintage machinery after 1-2 matches. Tier 6 Co-op is playable for perhaps 7-8 matches before WOWS has to be restarted. I have been testing this hypothesis for about 5 months and I believe my findings are accurate. I will probably upgrade the Mac over the x-mas holidays using a little bonus money from work. Cheers, Astrosaint
  6. I believe the way to win 5 stars in the Tier 3 Halloween event is as follows: You need to have DDs stay as healthy as possible because their torpedoes do the most damage to the Zikasas and Rasputin. The armored cruisers work best to burn the Zikasas and Rasputin. The BBs work best with AP taking out the catapults as well as speeding up the sinking of the Zikasas and Rasputin. The Nassau from which the Halloween BB is based was nerfed a month or so back in terms of gun accuracy and it seems to show on the Zikasas. It is not much of a problem with Rasputin and Catapults. Get the Transylvania moving ASAP using the closest ship (usually a BB). Top off on health for all 3 ships but do not crowd the Trans. with too many ships. Pick off the Catapults early with BB' APs and Armored Cruisers with HE. Keep the Zikasas out of secondary range when feasible. With the catapults out of action, only the secondaries of the Zikasas can damage the cargo ship. Keep the Transylvania moving to portal. As long as damage is minimized to less than 50% on Transylvania, you should succeed with 5 stars. Happy sailing ! Astrosaint
  7. Astrosaint

    Should I sell the marblehead?

    Having a Marblehead, I keep it because it can be used for HE long range shelling and the torpedoes do go a long way. Astrosaint
  8. Astrosaint

    Pre-Dread Battleship vs WWII Cruiser

    There is one engagement that may be of interest to the discussion. During the Spanish American War, The USS Yale engaged the Spanish fort at the bluffs overlooking San Juan, Puerto Rico. Using the breechloading equivilent of the Columbiad cannon, the Yale and the rest of the invasion force had to break off. The USS Yale sailed to Florida with at least 7 holes in the hull. One can count the holes in the photo I pulled of the Web. The gunner received the equivilent of the Medal of Honor from the King of Spain for his gunnery. I had the opportunity to inspect that cannon at El Morro in the early 1990s. British Armstrong design if I had to guess. A Predred would have some issues with plunging fire from those cannon hitting the deck. So would any Cruiser. The 12" rifles would have given the advantage to the Predred but I will note that BB-2 (USS Massachusetts) did not get used for an assault at San Juan. It did participate in the invasion at the south end of Puerto Rico. San Juan was never invaded during the conflict because of those guns. The US had to invade from the Southern end of the Island, which was unprotected and an armistice was made before US forces to reach San Juan. Astrosaint
  9. Astrosaint

    CO-OP 4 haul award :-)

    Greetings : WOWS did a great service to co-op players by setting up an award for sinking 4 ships. I has suggested a 3 ship award a few years back and this 4 ship award with camouflage prize is better than I was thinking. I was very happy to win the award after a few tries at Tier 1 and 2. Not everyone plays random because they want relaxed play or they are running WOWS on vintage computers. I have had fewer computer lockups in co-op and the bots have been improved . WOWS, you did good.
  10. Astrosaint

    What is good FPS and MS delay ?

    In spite of the vintage 2014 passive cooling device, the stock graphic card is what kept me in the game. I was surprised to hear about liquid cooled CPUs--I though that was for mainframes. Astrosaint
  11. Astrosaint

    What is good FPS and MS delay ?

    I cannot even imagine FPS above 30. I know it exist based on WOWS videos Astrosaint
  12. Astrosaint

    What is good FPS and MS delay ?

    I am limited to a Satellite link because I have no DSL or Broadband. Astrosaint
  13. Astrosaint

    What is good FPS and MS delay ?

    Fascinating. I will have my machine run as low as 19 FPS and the MS is around 350 to 401. Optional is no higher than 30 FPS. I play WOWS using a vintage, standard Mac computer, not a gamer's special. I am trying to find out how slow can you go without game shutting down. I have no mods nor do I play high tier, stream games to You-Tube, or even use the talk setting when playing in division. I have graphic settings on low. I have played Tier 8 but the machine does get warm after a few matches at low Tier. More Feedback please. Thanks. Astrosaint
  14. This is the most general of general questions. What is a good FPS and MS delay rate ? It varies by computer setup and whether you use Broadband or Satellite. I suspect older computers and satellite links are slow compared to Broadband and dedicated gaming computers. Feedback please. Astrosaint