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  1. What is good FPS and MS delay ?

    In spite of the vintage 2014 passive cooling device, the stock graphic card is what kept me in the game. I was surprised to hear about liquid cooled CPUs--I though that was for mainframes. Astrosaint
  2. What is good FPS and MS delay ?

    I cannot even imagine FPS above 30. I know it exist based on WOWS videos Astrosaint
  3. What is good FPS and MS delay ?

    I am limited to a Satellite link because I have no DSL or Broadband. Astrosaint
  4. What is good FPS and MS delay ?

    Fascinating. I will have my machine run as low as 19 FPS and the MS is around 350 to 401. Optional is no higher than 30 FPS. I play WOWS using a vintage, standard Mac computer, not a gamer's special. I am trying to find out how slow can you go without game shutting down. I have no mods nor do I play high tier, stream games to You-Tube, or even use the talk setting when playing in division. I have graphic settings on low. I have played Tier 8 but the machine does get warm after a few matches at low Tier. More Feedback please. Thanks. Astrosaint
  5. This is the most general of general questions. What is a good FPS and MS delay rate ? It varies by computer setup and whether you use Broadband or Satellite. I suspect older computers and satellite links are slow compared to Broadband and dedicated gaming computers. Feedback please. Astrosaint
  6. Passing the Torch: Article Comments

    While the change will cut down on relevant comments, the commentary will no longer have as much visibility as it did on the News Page. Astrosaint
  7. What 24 hours will do to WOWS--The game has recovered stability ! I noted when I tried to play it yesterday, I received a list of 20 PC error messages followed by one Mac Wrapper error after game shutdown. I did nor record the errors because the alpha numeric code was never the same from crash to crash. Today, I played 12 games in a row without problems. I am clearing out the Pink penalties as I test. I did notice small WOWS updates being put in every time I logged on. Given some of the other feedback that was coming in from PC users, WOWS may have been fine tuning the servers since release. I do have to wonder about the reliability of Public Test Server. It does not seem to have computers logged on that represent the actual gamer computers. It certainly is not tested for Mac. I seem to do that for you. No thanks needed, I am doing a public service without as much as premium time. I may be owed a Tier 3-4 BB or CA for this work. Video footage of the Developer's computer labs in St Petersburg, RU do not show any Macs in use, just PCs. Code Weavers in Minnesota are the people keeping Macs in the gaming world. That boosts the size of the gaming community by 11%. Astrosaint
  8. Well, uh, I could issue a trouble ticket but once the word "Macintosh" is read, everyone abandons ship
  9. Sadly, I believe my account may have been suspended due to AFK penalties wrongly issued and accrued over time when I logged into Update 7.9 WOWS and the program crashed within 5 seconds of starting a match. I had collected 20 pink penalties and had not played a single game. I trust the pinks will be removed and the account reactivated when the bugs have been removed from Update 7.9. I will check back and try to log on in a few days for a match. Astrosaint
  10. Just before I shut down for the night, I should point out that crashes during matches leave you pinked for a number of games. You are treated as AFK due to pulling out of a match. Too many pinks can lead to account suspension. WG has created a mess. Your account is suspended because their program crashes. This did not happen with Update 7.8. I hope that the pinks are erased from my record when and if the problem is fixed. Astrosaint Signing out.
  11. Well, after 3 crashes in a row, I can pretty much declare WOWS as not very usable for Macintosh computer users. Update 7.9 is not compatible with Mac Wrapper. I will just have to wait until Code Weavers bring in Mac Wrapper Version 22 and try again. The game crashes about 4 seconds after the match begins. I miss the Version 5 Series. It was rock solid and I could fire the cannons using the left mouse button rather than the wheel button. The newer patches seem to require even PC players to do full reinstalls. Astrosaint signing off for now.
  12. The age of the Mac does not seem to be the issue. I am using a 2014 vintage mac mini with Yosemite. I too have an occasional crash every 6-10 games but so do PC users. I do use a satellite link since broadband is not available in all parts of the US. Satellite is not a responsive as broadband. WG passes the Mac issues to Code Weavers in Minnesota. they are the unsung heroes of Macworld Gaming. None of us would be playing without them. Astrosaint
  13. The problems do not seem consistent. Some Macs (those emulating PC) get off with few problems as best as I can tell. Those using the Wrapper trade stability for memory and other resources. Some Macs with Wrapper run fine. Astrosaint
  14. Let see now: My machine NEW cost $512 with educator discount. I do other more important jobs besides gaming with it. Game players spend that much just on a NEW, mid level, VIDEO CARD. I will get a new Mac when funds provide but I found my purchase to be a very wise one. Worse case, I will stop gaming. Astrosaint