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  1. Woah you're alive :O (thought you and k9catforce went ded from WG games)

    1. MexicanPanda


      Can't speak for k9catforce, but I still get dragged into these terrible decisions every few months at the least.

  2. MexicanPanda

    How to USN DD?

    Ok, so a while back I asked what lines were worth playing in the current meta. I believe one of the lines was the USN DDs, but I am not seeing why unless it is only the higher tier DDs that are worth it. I am starting with the Wickes, and it is driving me up the wall. I try to shoot enemies and my shots just bounce off or do a pittance of damage, and maybe if I'm really lucky, I'll start one fire before dying. If I try and be sneaky and get close using islands to use my torps, I either get spotted or my opponents aren't [edited]and don't come out around the islands at close range. Is this ship just a pile of [edited]or is it just me? And when I look down the road at the Clemson, I don't see things getting any better. Same tiny guns, with an even shorter range and only slightly better torpedoes. I had heard the Clemson was great, or did it get [edited] with a nerf bat because it was as good as it's russian counterpart? When I look even farther down the road the Nicholas, I just get really confused because there is nothing to that ship at all. Hardly any guns, still really short range torps, and it has to sacrifice a main gun if it upgrades it's hull. What is so great about these ships?? What secret am I missing here? Or are the russian DDs the only ones worth playing because WG says they're the best because Stalin says so?